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We have just finished National Pain Week 2019! Each year Chronic Pain Australia, the national voice of people living with chronic pain, organises National Pain Week to champion the needs of the many Australians living with some form of chronic pain.

I thought Id share this great review we recently received from Nigel on EMU OIL –
(Emu oil for me has been a very effective aid for treating my osteoarthritis in knee and neck injury, back and shoulders following vehicle accident strangely a day or so after rubbing this product in the pain and inflammation settles right down allowing me to cease tramadol and norflex and anti inflammatory drugs I really believe emu oil is a magic ointment that does work give this a try you might be pleasantly surprised it also doesn’t have any scent or burn your skin like most ointments and doesn’t make you feel sick like voltaren gel can after excessive use.)

This link will take you to all the of the testimonials on Emu Oil from our customers  it real is a wonderful product, people don’t leave reviews unless something is amazing, noone has the time, so we thanks those that have!

Please leave your comments below if you have had benefits from this amazing oil!

You may find these 2 links interesting about Emu Oil .

Emu Oil may be a threat to cancer?

Jaqui from WA sent us this link. We look forward to hearing more about Emu Oil research and it’s benefits. How amazing if it could be a threat to cancer. We already know how amazing Emu Oil is our testimonials and online orders tell us so.

Please click HERE for an article by Yahoo News.

Below are some more useful links to uses for Emu Oil:

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Emu Oil For Intestinal Diseases

Emu Oil for Hair Loss & Dry Scalp and so much more


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Emu Oil For Intestinal Diseases

We know our Emu Ridge Emu Oil is great – here’s some more proof! Its recommended you take 1 tspn a day (for bowel or chemo and for aching joints), and has many uses externally as well.


This is recent research from

The Emu Oil Institute

What Is Crohn’s and Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Crohn’s causes small intestine inflammation and usually occurs in the lower small intestine.  That is not to say it cannot afflict any part of the digestive tract, from the mouth on down.  The inflammation can cause a tremendous amount of pain, diarrhea and other discomforts.

The general name for afflictions such as Crohn’s disease is IBD (inflammatory bowel disease).  The IBD group also includes irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis.  Statistics show that about 20 percent of people with Crohn’s have a relative with some form of IBD.

The most popular theory for the causes of Cronh’s is that the body’s immune system reacts to a virus or bacteria by causing inflammation in the digestive system.  Many IBD sufferers tend to have abnormalities of the immune system but it is unknown if these abnormalities are the cause or result of IBD.

The most common complication of Chron’s/IBD is blockage, which occurs due to the disease thickening the intestinal wall with scar tissue and swelling, thus narrowing the passage.  Ulcers may also occur which tunnel through the affected area to the bladder, vagina, or skin.  Some believe nutritional deficiencies occur with IBD due to inadequate dietary intake, intestinal loss of protein, or poor absorption.  Additionally, many IBD sufferers have associated complications such as arthritis, skin problems, inflammation of the eyes or mouth, gall stones, kidney stones, biliary system or liver problems.

What Is the Treatment for Crohn’s/IBD?

The list goes on and on of the drugs prescribed for this health problem.  Some patients take corticosteroids, however they can cause serious side effects, including a greater risk of infection.  Likewise drugs containing mesalamine are often prescribed and have possible side effects like nausea, vomiting, heartburn, diarrhea and headaches.

How can Emu Oil Help Crohn’s / IBD?

We are by no means physicians here, and cannot give medical advice.  However, logic tells us since Emu Oil studies have shown that Emu Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, and Crohn’s/IBD is an inflammatory disease, it may help reduce the inflammation naturally.  Ingesting Emu Oil dietary supplements will take the Emu Oil directly into the digestive tract, right to the source of inflammation.  The anti-inflammatory component of Emu Oil is unknown at this time.  In a U of M studies  (2001) conducted for inflammation, Emu Oil reduced the degree of inflammation between 42% and 71% in mice with auricular (ear) swelling due to Croton oil.  The Dr. conducting the studies reported the results to be “incredible”.

Effects of Bio-active Emu Oil on Chemotherapy-induced Mucositis
by A/Prof Gordon S Howarth and A/Prof Ross N Butler/ Australian Gov. RIRDC Pub. # 09/31

Intestinal mucositis is a serious disorder that results from chemotherapy for cancer whilst inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is an incurable condition with uncontrolled bowel inflammation. The current study, utilizing a Bio-active Emu Oil prepared by a novel rendering and filtration process, identifies Emu Oil as a product with the capacity to decrease the severity of intestinal injury from these conditions. This Emu Oil has also demonstrated the ability to improve growth of the damaged intestine, extending to effects in the inflamed colon (large intestine). These findings suggest a new mechanism of action for Emu Oil, expanding the spectrum of bowel disorders for which Emu Oil may have therapeutic application.

The Australian Emu Industry should benefit greatly from this research since there exists the opportunity to value-add significantly to the Emu Oil market. These findings could extend to international markets in which Emu Oil could be indicated as a simple dietary supplement for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. The international market for cancer sufferers undergoing treatment is substantial.

The current study provides encouraging information to support expansion of the Australian Emu Industry in order to expand applications for Emu Oil. The new market for Emu Oil could include oncology patients and sufferers of inflammatory bowel disease.

In conclusion, in the current study, Emu Oil partially ameliorated intestinal mucositis and
promoted recovery of the intestinal mucosa following 5-FU induced injury in the rat. Emu Oil has
the potential to increase the rate of recovery following chemotherapy-induced damage and act as
an adjunctive therapy in mucositis. Potentially, Emu Oil could be used in conjunction with other
agents, such as KGF-1, which has previously demonstrated a protective effect. These results
represent a new direction for research into treatments for mucositis, and provide hope for
thousands of individuals suffering from the debilitating symptoms of mucositis, in the ongoing
fight against cancer.

This project was funded from RIRDC Core Funds provided by the Australian Government.
This report, an addition to RIRDC’s diverse range of over 1900 research publications, forms part of our New Animal Products R&D program, which aims to accelerate the development of viable new animal industries. Most of RIRDC’s publications are available for viewing, downloading or purchasing online at

We can only suggest that Crohn’s/IBD sufferers “give Emu Oil a try” 3 – 10ml per day.

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Emu Oil has also been used to treat tumors pains and similar conditions. Here is a testimonial from the lovely Lesley, Thank you for sharing your experience and take care.

TESTIMONIAL: “A lovely friend of mine seeing my twisted rigid neck (terminal cancer tumors) thought some Emu oil might just soften the skin and give me some relief. She slathered her sample bottle over my lumps and bumps and whilst we chatted she noticed I was turning my head to talk to her.
Not too long after, I was nodding my head like and Emu, and feeling much more comfortable. Since then I have finished her oil she purchased from Kangaroo Island on a holiday and ordered more. My oncologist said go right ahead as this oil is anti-inflammatory, so out of some grim times there are some lovely little moments of joy, for which I thank Emu Ridge and the poor emus.”
Lesley Sykes

No information contained within the pages of should be construed as medical advice. We are not doctors. Please contact your physician for medical advice. We make no medical claims, expressed or implied. 

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Emus and Aussie Sheep Dogs = Emu Oil

Recently, there has been a great amount of talk about emu oil in the media. A Current Affair Quotes: “It promises to treat aches and pains, soothe sunburn and even repair skin” and “now celebrities are turning to Emu Oil in their search for a flawless complexion”

Demands for our Emu Ridge emu oil are increasing and we love receiving orders from our great online customer base. We found this adorable story about an Aussie sheep dog, who is a very talented emu herder, and thought we would share it with you.


Not just a sheep dog: Chip deals with all the emus at one farm

This Aussie sheep dog herds 8,000 emus every day


Chip the 8 year old kelpie is a third generation emu dog.

When it comes to mustering, it probably looks like emu dog Chip has one ruff job. But owner Jeff Long says the third-generation working farm dog’s daily efforts in rounding up the more than 2000-strong flock is an invaluable labor of love which keeps Longview Emu Farm running without any ruffled feathers.


Jeff says Chip has a soft mouth and has never hurt one of his valuable birds.


Chip plays at Kerang in northern Victoria.


Jeff chained the keys of the bike to the handle bars after one of the birds stole them.


It used to take Jeff and his partner Bev hours but with Chip they can be tucked away in ten minutes.


When the chicks are four months old they are ready to leave their pens and taken to the paddocks where they live for two years.


Once in the paddocks the emus can no longer be herded.


Organizing 8,000 emus is all in a days work for Chip and Jeff.

The eight-year-old kelpie can be found in the paddock of the northern Victorian emu farm — one of the biggest in Australia — ducking in and around emu chicks, herding up to 2500 of them each morning and night. If not on the ground, he is usually on the back of Mr Long’s quad bike, guarding both farmer and vehicle from the pecks of adult birds.

What he can do in ten minutes, Mr Long said would take he and partner Bev Littlejohn hours.

“He’s a really top dog actually, a really smart dog, he’s a good mate,” said Mr Long. “It would be nightmare to do it without him, we’d need two or three people without him.”

He said the hardworking dog had a natural affinity with the birds — he’s gentle with the chicks, who can be herded until they reach four months, and firmer with the older birds who have been moved out into the paddock.

But it’s not all work for the playful pooch, who plays his own tricks with the birds, running to the wire fence to poke his feet under for the birds to peck.

“He loves them pecking at his feet,” he said


Chip is not imune to the emu’s pecking – but won’t retaliate.

This adorable story was written by  the Daily Telegraph on the 18th of October, 2014