Eucalyptus and Honey Sweets

Our Eucalyptus and Honey Drops have no artificial colours or flavours. They are a favourite all year round, refreshing and soothing to help ease coughs and a sore throat.

We sell these all over the world!
Gluten free made in SA from our 100% pure Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus oil and Honey. For more info on our sweets go here 

200gm .



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NEW PACKAGING! Now in resealable bags.

You don’t want to catch a cold, so always keep that bottle of Eucalyptus oil handy or Eucalyptus and Honey Drops.


We sell these all over the world! 

Gluten free made in SA from 100% pure Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus oil and Honey.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, Gluten Free, Kangaroo Island honey (3.4%), Kangaroo Island eucalyptus oil (0.5%), food acid (330).Â

3.4/5 (20 Reviews)

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Weight.250 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 cm
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31 reviews for Eucalyptus and Honey Sweets

  1. Emu Ridge

    Eucalyptus and honey sweets provide excellent relief if you have a cough or sore throat or cold.

  2. Deidre

    I bought some of the E and H sweets when I visited your property in April! Now I have had a cold for 2 weeks with a nasty cough and your sweets have helped tremendously in soothing the cough and helping me sleep, cough free! Thank you!

    • Emu Ridge

      Thanks Deidre. So glad they are helping. Kind regards, Nicole

  3. Toni

    The eucalyptus and honey sweets are always kept in the pantry, ready for winter coughs and sore throats. Recent visitors very much appreciated the relief brought by these sweets.

    • Emu Ridge

      Hi Toni, So glad our products are helping you. Kind Regards, Nicole

  4. Judy

    The eucalyptus lozenges have long been our preferred go-to help to ease a “ticklish” throat whether that be in the night, after dust irritation or when down with a snuffly cold.

    • Emu Ridge

      Hi Judy,
      That’s great to hear our Eucalyptus Sweets are helping you! Thank you for taking the time to share with us and for your support 🙂
      Warm regards,

  5. Ozzie

    I first came across your eucalyptus and honey sweets when we visited Kangaroo Island in May this year, as when we did a tour of your place we were offered some and I then bought a packet before we left. As I have an extreme health problem re throat and lungs, when I have severe coughing bout, the honey and eucalyptus sweets definitely help my throat and ease the coughing. To me that’s a real positive and in the future I will keep ordering them and I’m very grateful that as least have something which is a natural product that helps.

    • Emu Ridge

      Hi Ozzie,

      Thanks so much for taking time out to write these lovely words about us! Our sweets are great for coughs and sore throats! We are happy they are working for you. We look forward to packing your future orders!

      Thanks again,
      Hannah 🙂

  6. Linda

    Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Honey Sweets are very good at suppressing annoying coughs.

    • Emu Ridge

      Hi Linda,

      Yes these sweets are great for coughs! We are glad they’re working well for you 🙂


  7. Melissa

    Sweets the whole family enjoys when ever we have a sore throats

    • Emu Ridge

      Thanks for your review Melissa 🙂

  8. Marilyn

    The eucalyptus lollies are great & come highly recommended by my local electrician.

  9. Pam T

    Our family just love your sweets. Thanks for your great service.

    • Emu Ridge

      Hi Pam thanks for taking the time to review us we are glad you love our sweets. Kind regards Bev

  10. Susan

    I am very happy. Good communication and fast delivery. Honey/Eucalyptus Candies are so good that I even ordered them from Switzerland 😊

  11. Robyn

    Lovely Australian products. Easy to order and delivered to my door. Special favourite is Eucalyptus and Honey sweets. Soothing but yummy as well. Hand Sanitiser dries instantly and is not sticky.

  12. Terry

    Emu ridge products are excellent and are used by my family.You can taste the pure ingredients in the Honey and Eucalyptus sweets which are very handy during winter !
    We are also loving the Eucalyptus hand cream for our dry hands.


    We first went to Kangaroo Island back in 1994 and it has grown since. We love the eucalyptus oil and body mousse as well as the honey eucalyptus sweets. When we had visitors from interstate or overseas we would go to K I and explore the island and always went to the eucalyptus farm when it opened would recommend it to everybody who goes to K I

  14. Diane

    Australian natural healthy products, the eucalyptus oil is natural and non toxic and has a multitude of uses, house smells very clean after using it for floors furniture bathroom and kitchen sinks. The honey and eucalyptus lollies taste amazing and soothe a sore throat. Love natural products.

  15. Judith

    The honey in particular is absolutely wonderful I could not stop eating it. Soaps are beautiful, silky and lovely perfume and sweets also wonderful.
    Hope you are all staying safe and well.
    Kind regards, Judith

  16. Laura Vignolo

    I can always count on your quick delivery and amazing customer service! I never have a problem choosing what I need online. We love your products so you can count on us as loyal customers. Your honey and eucalyptus oil lollies are the best. We also love your honey and of course your eucalyptus oil. We wish you and your employees all the very best in these tough times and hope to keep enjoying your products for a long time to come!

  17. Judith Langton

    Products are lovely. Soaps I purchased have a soft fragrance not overpowering. The lollies are also great and the hand cream from Maine Beach is also great, it is a pity they are closing down.

  18. Merylyn Russell

    Easy to use website.
    Your eucalyptus lollies. They taste great.

  19. Maria Geary

    Eucalyptus & honey lozenges are wicked. I ran out whilst in the middle of a cold/cough.
    but they are on standby now!
    Visited your great part of the world in August & purchased the above. Love all the products purchased on the day as well as the ones I got online

  20. Jennifer Purss

    Love your Emu oil and eucalyptus oil . Also the eucalyptus honey sweets are very effective for a sore or dry throat
    very lovely customer service

  21. Maryanne Clasohm

    The Honey and eucalyptus drops are sooooo good. Love the taste

  22. Margaret Rasmussen

    Great service and very efficient. We love the eucalyptus soap- gentle on the skin- and the honey and eucalyptus lollies (unfortunately so do the grandkids!)

  23. Elsie Smith

    Yum we love the Honey and Eucalyptus Lollies.
    My 97yr old mum just loves this product and we send packets to friends in India

  24. Lynne

    I purchased the Emu oil for my mother for her arthritis and she absolutely swears by it.
    The eucalyptus oil I use for cleaning as i try and move away from the more chemically based cleaners.
    I have a very sad addiction to the eucalyptus and honey drops as they’re pretty delicious.
    It’s so important to support local Australian owned businesses and I like to do my bit in making sure that our local manufacturers/producers survive. I will continue to support Emu Ridge as they produce a quality product and one that is fully Australian owned.

  25. John

    Don’t miss this place when you visit KI. An interesting history and a unique range of Aussie products. I particularly enjoyed the Eucalyptus Honey sweets and was pleased to find I could easily get these online.

  26. Laura

    My husband and I visited your distillery 4 months ago and we were introduced to your amazing eucalyptus oil!
    I use the Eucalyptus oil for just about everything! It also smells great!!! I also love the eucalyptus and honey sweets; they are sooooo yummy!!!!!Thank you for making such wonderful products which I will keep ordering in the future!

  27. Felicity

    Thanks so much for the gift – it is very much appreciated. The order arrived today and in great condition. I’ve been so looking forward to the eucalyptus & honey lollies especially as I was on the last dregs in the packet I’d bought on my Kangaroo Island visit in January with the John Howie/Travelrite Music Cruise group.

  28. Ann

    Love the Ligurian bee honey especially as it is only found on KI, also love the eucalyptus honey sweets, we took 4 packets on a 10 week caravan road trip, they were a great pick me up on the long drives

  29. Margaret

    I have many favourite products in your line.Love the eucalyptus sweets. First came across your business while visiting K I. Was so impressed I nearly bought the shop out.

  30. Neil

    Really really like your Eucalyptus Honey Sweets. Never had a cold or sore throat since enjoying these sweets. Everyone travelling to Kangaroo Island should visit.

  31. Erika

    I love your products – particularly the Emu Oil and the Eucalyptus and honey drops are delicious!