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What our customers say about Emu Ridge and our Products:

We love to hear back from our customers. Nothing pleases us more than to hear the wonderful ways that our products have helped and what our customers think. Since our inception in 1991 we are proud to have earned a reputation of producing excellent quality pure natural Australian made and produced products on beautiful Kangaroo Island.

And a very big “thank you” to those that have taken the time to share their experience about Emu Ridge or our products we really appreciate it. We would love to hear from you to.

Larry, Bev & staff

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553 Replies to “Reviews”

  1. Sibylle Faeh says:

    Absolutely love all your products and try to visit every time on KI. I’ve discovered your laundry washing liquid and buy it whenever I can visit your shop. Unfortunately my trip in April was cancelled so I “had to” shop online for Eucalyptus oil, soap and Emu Oil. The service, communications and delivery was excellent, very fast and a great experience! I tried Emu oil for the first time and couldn’t believe how quickly a cut healed. I will use this oil for my first aid from now on. I also tried your recipe for hand sanitizer and it works a treat! Eucalyptus oil is used on any stain and for cleaning. Can’t wait to come and visit again in the not too distant future. Keep well in the meantime.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Sibylle, Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us all, we really appreciate your thoughts on our business and our products. We hope to see you again in the not too distant future to. Stay well. Kind regards Bev

  2. Joanne Villani says:

    Bev and her team were so helpful, nothing was too much trouble

    I first found these wonderful products after visiting Emu Ridge in KI, I had a small sample of the emu oil in my medicine cabinet, but had never tried it. After an accident my son had playing hockey, we tried the emu oil, as nothing else had given him relief. 20 minutes later he comes out and says , mum what was that stuff, it worked, we have been using it ever since, that was 17 years ago, my kids called it the miracle cream growing up. We are never with out it, it’s great for aching body, scrapes and scratches, for sun burn, ulcers, you name it, it works 😊

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi, Joanne, thanks so much for sharing you thoughts on Emu Oil and Emu Ridge. So glad to hear how helpful its been, and yes my kids and their friends have always asked for it, when they ave dry skin are sunburnt etc. It is a miracle product. Thanks again and stay well. Kind regards Bev

  3. Judith says:

    The honey in particular is absolutely wonderful I could not stop eating it. Soaps are beautiful, silky and lovely perfume and sweets also wonderful.
    Hope you are all staying safe and well
    Kind regards, Judith

  4. Kylie Schmitzer says:

    I absolutely adore your Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle oils!! They bring me pure joy!! The quality of your products are exceptional. I use them for cleaning, in the oil burner, laundry and on myself. Excellent service from lovely people at Emu Ridge. I highly recommend Emu Ridge. 👌

  5. Hayley Nicholls says:

    I just can’t live without your pure Australian EUCALYPTUS oil! When covid hit I jumped online to order a couple more big bottles to get me through this uncertain year before you sell out. I love the natural smell, it is quite unique from store bought euc oils. I use it to disinfect, and love adding it to my wash bucket when mopping, it clears my nose and smells fantastic while doing a great job cleaning. I also use it in my natural potions to keep the family well. I love knowing that is all natural unlike most household cleaners. Highly recommend this fantastic product!

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Thanks Hayley, we appreciate your on going support and sharing with us all, you are a great ambassador for us. Stay well. Kind regards Bev

  6. Rhonda says:

    I ordered and received my order end last week and very
    happy with my products and the way they were packaged
    very carefully. I heard about your fabulous product on
    Gardening Australia 2weeks ago you have an amazingly great
    range and hope everything stills goes very well for you and
    your wonderful family business in these terrible times.
    All stay well.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Rhonda, thanks for your support and for sharing with us. Gardening Australia was aired just at the right time to help us with our online orders. Thanks again. Stay well. Kind regards Bev

  7. Margie says:

    Thank you Larry, Bev and Team,

    Your products look wonderful – and “real”, in a world where so much is “unreal”, particularly in food and supplements.

    I look forward to getting them.


  8. Bob and Ibolja Novakovic says:

    Great quality soaps 👍
    Great products and excellent customer service. Highly recommend to everyone to use ‘Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Oil Distillery” online shopping.

  9. Judith H says:

    To all the Emu Ridge crew, I love your products and order whenever I have some spare cash. Thank you for having products that are of a consistent high level. Your customer service is exceptional and I thank you again for all your time and effort and for exceptional products. I wish you all the best during the trying times we have ahead of us.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Judith, thanks very much for your lovely review and your support during this time. All the best, Ella 🙂

  10. Fiona Ludbrook says:

    Recently visited Emu Ridge and was really impressed by your wonderful, locally produced Australian products, friendly, knowledgable staff and informative video about eucalyptus oil distillery history, production and more. Loved all the historic displays; quite a unique local museum, in many senses.
    Cider tasting was also great and bought some. Great quality ciders.
    Have commited to never again buying eucalyptus from any other source than direct from Kangaroo Island.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Fiona, thanks so much, we appreciate you sharing your experience with us. Take care and we look forward to hearing from you again. Kind regards Bev

  11. Wendy Ottley says:

    I visited the magical KI this time last year and just loved the tour of your place with Larry and want to support a family AUSTRALIAN business. Love your products. All the best!

  12. Raeleen says:

    I love your oil, I’ve used it for years and wouldn’t use any other brand.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Raeleen, thanks for sharing with us take care regards Bev

  13. Anonymous from survey says:

    Your website was awesome as it gave me all the information I needed and I did not need to contact you which was great!
    Your eucalyptus oil is the best I have ever bought, it cleared the nose and throat very effectively when I recently had a cold. Your pure emu oil is also great as it heals my skin very well.

  14. Barb P says:

    Thank you for your email, but why wouldn’t I trust you with my business when your products and service are top class.

    Your Skin Repair Cream is wonderful and has helped with my on-going skin condition.

    Having had breast cancer it is difficult to find a good deodorant and the one I have been purchasing from you is the best.

    With my most recent order I got some eucalyptus oil and have just opened it to put some in with my washing. I couldn’t get over the perfume. Being a fan of our beautiful country and the smell of gum trees I was staggered at how you have managed to put that exact smell into a bottle. It is fantastic. I have now put a few drops into my air freshener and now I have the wonderful smell of gum trees in my lounge room.

    Thank you so much. You will have another order from my shortly

    Kindest regards, Barb

  15. Mary says:

    I have purchased eucalyptus oil from You a few times now .. love the product! I use it in the Laundry and cleaning around the home . The service is excellent.. quick delivery always . Have recommended you to all my family and friends. Thank you for a great product !

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Thanks Mary for the wonderful feedback. We are glad you love it just like we do 🙂 And thanks for recommending us, the support is amazing. All the best and kind regards, Ella.

  16. Elke Schramm says:

    Emu oil, such a unique product that really works.
    Superior quality products. I don’t buy any other Eucalyptus oil or Emu oil now

  17. Ingrid Prell says:

    BEST OIL I HAVE EVER USED, will never buy from supermarkets again after trying yours!!

    I brought your eucalyptus and Tea tree Oil – Great Quality and even better its an Australian produce.

  18. Jonet Ford says:

    Fast efficient service, very happy to do business with you…I will certainly buy from you in future.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Jonet, thanks so much for your support and stay healthy regards Bev

  19. Maria Geary says:

    E veryone
    M ust
    U nite as

    R eal support needed now in KI
    I nstructions online &
    D elivery service & more are
    G reat
    E njoy all the products everytime!


  20. Gabby Hough says:

    We are very fortunate to have visited your business several times not only do you have a great product, your commitment and dedication to your family business is exemplified by the pride you show in great products along with the wonderful welcome we all receive when we visit. Wish you continued success. Cheers Gabby.

  21. Gayle says:

    It was so easy to order online and the Eucalyptus oil is wonderful for home cleaning. I received my order promptly, and even better, it was packaged with recycled and reused newspaper/boxes for shipping. Would happily buy from Emu Ridge again.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Gayle, thanks so much for sharing your experience about our business with us all, we really appreciate it. Stay healthy. Kind regards Bev

  22. Edward Plant says:

    Very happy, i ordered emu oil and was surprised at how big it was when it arrived.. Our son has had warts on his elbow for about 12-months, within 5-nights of using the Emu Oil on these they have disappeared. Fantastic

  23. Diana Scott says:

    Love all of your products and the people of Emu Ridge. First visited you guys as a tourist and purchased some of your products, which i loved and now shop online. I wish you well for 2020.

  24. Tianna M says:

    Thank you for your email reply, its great to be able to speak with you! I used the solid shampoo and conditioner first time today, and I am really impressed, you said that the shampoo doesn’t ‘foam’ there is some foam there, but its luxurious and spreads easily with a couple of rubs, so I can see already that the product is going to have longevity and conditioner is nice too, as I have partially permed hair that needs that extra conditioning but as some have said that they either do not need conditioner or don’t use too much of it on shorter hair, oh and I only had to wash my hair ‘once’ due to that lovely lather!!!! I cannot thank you enough for producing such a gorgeous local product that is of high quality and allows me to have SOL (Support our Locals) in our state and give back to you after such a devastating time.
    I may have to purchase more in the future for when I do go away, my current supply is going to be my home one!!! 🙂
    Love and gratitude to you Larry and the rest of the staff at Emu Ridge!

  25. Mark Cairns says:

    Great products, great service and the best part is 100% Australian products and a great Australian business

  26. Peta Cottrell says:

    Happy customer here, your conditioner bar smells wonderful and works very well
    Will hear from me again when i need more 🙂

  27. Laura Vignolo says:

    I can always count on your quick delivery and amazing customer service! I never have a problem choosing what I need online. We love your products so you can count on us as loyal customers. Your honey and eucalyptus oil lollies are the best. We also love your honey and of course your eucalyptus oil. We wish you and your employees all the very best in these tough times and hope to keep enjoying your products for a long time to come!

  28. Barbara Bell says:

    love love love
    Emu Oil is just the best, great for massaging into my arthritic joints. Works amazingly!
    Would highly recommend Emu Ridge , fabulous products, fabulous service, and delivery so prompt.

  29. Carol Peake says:

    Recently I purchased you Eucalyptus & Lemon Myrtle barrier balm.
    It reminds me of bush walking after rain. It’s delicate and softens my hands. I am a cleaner so my hands get dry even wearing gloves.
    I also use Wild Bushland Eucalyptus Hand & Nail Cream.
    I love this product, also, I love helping out a business that has gone through tough times in bush fire season.
    I will buy again.

  30. Lynette Hicks says:

    I have always used Eucalyptus oil for cleaning and steam inhalations (I suffer from sinusitis) – after the bush fires and
    seeing the devastation on the Island (I was on the Sun Princess that docked there January this year), I wanted to do something to support the community and remembered a previous visit to you five years ago. I was happy to see that you deliver to WA – I’m finding oil stronger and superior to the usual one I purchase at the supermarket and buying the 1 litre bottle works out the same price. I use it for washing floors, in all my clothes washing and a room deodorizer.

  31. Jeffree says:

    I have, and will continue to recommend your products as Australian and pure.
    Thank you so much.
    We loved the video, the service and details explainations we received when we visited you company. The experience was amazing.
    I will now continue with my new order which will be going to Townsville, Queensland. Definitely spreading the word!
    Keep you the good work and thank you.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi thanks so much for your kind words and sharing your thoughts with us, we appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you again. Kind regards Bev

  32. Beatrix Wenzlow says:

    After visiting Emu Ridge, I have been very happy with all products that I have purchased and will continue to do so thus supporting KI.
    In particular your eucalyptus oil was my favourite – I use it for cleaning, colds, air fresheners – its become my “all natural helper”

  33. Leah Hall says:

    Extremely likely to order through you again..
    Very happy with my products and the oils in particular were my favourite, I bought the eucalyptus, lemon myrtle and tea tree oils.
    All amazing smells!!!

  34. Catherine King says:

    Very happy with all aspects of your quality products and excellent customer service.
    Easy to use website and quick delivery! Thank you team

  35. Noel Gear says:

    Your 100% pure EMU oil & all natural SKIN REPAIR cream are fantastic
    I have sensitive skin problems & find that the products above very soothing

  36. Kylie Meikle says:

    This was my first order.. And absolutely love your lavender Oil. I have been using it for bedtime
    i will certainly be back!

  37. Cynthia Mollet says:

    Hi Emu Ridge, I’ve been using your Eucalyptus oil for more years than I can remember-I think that I was recommended to give it try by Doug Seton, a dear friend of ours who used to be Curator at Kelly Hill caves, way back when the world was young, and I was an active member of the Cave Group of S.A. ( CEGSA)- I am talking nearly 60 years ago! As to what uses I have for it- well- it’s wonderful
    as a head clearing product for head colds- and having Leukaemia, I always make sure that I have it on my collar when I go out amongst people- it seems to keep me safe from infections. It’s good to put on a pillow when I have a cold, or stuffy nose- clears the head a treat! Around the house, I have 3 little bottles stashed- one in the laundry, one in the bathroom, and one in the kitchen- great for removing Texta labels from jars and pots!I always buy it in bulk, and pot it off into the little jars as needed,as the shops only seem to have imported rubbish, which may be cheaper- I don’t know- but doesn’t smell right. I love the stuff, and use it every day for something!

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Cynthia, thanks for sharing with us. I was inspired by Doug Seatons honey label when i was designing my own, many years ago to! Some handy uses there. Kind regards Bev

  38. Angela Loram says:

    No need to improve, you’ve got everything right!
    Very easy to purchuse from your website… Very quick delivery, thank you
    Prompt service & quality products! WELL DONE EMU RIDGE

  39. Andrea Smallman says:

    Prompt professional service. Beautiful packaging. Products bought for overseas family gifts.

  40. Janet BUCHANAN says:

    You have great EUCALYPTUS oil, and i love it for its antiseptic properties.
    I especially love the Eucalyptus & Lemon Myrtle Natural Deodorant. Easy spray bottle, smells divine & it really works.
    We wanted to support Kangaroo Island after the bush fires, take care!

  41. Ibolja Novakovic says:

    Hi Larry and Bev,
    We bought a few of your great products when we visited you in December, and we love the quality… decided to order some online.
    And we’re still talking about the best coffee and carrot cake we had at your cafe.
    Keep up with the great work!
    Hope to go back to KI in near future.
    Bob and Ibolja Novakovic

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi, thanks so much for supporting us and for sharing your experience, so glad you enjoyed your visit, the cake and coffee are a treat we love to share with our visitors 🙂
      Kind regards Bev

  42. Jenny Murchie says:

    Dear Larry, Bev and team,
    I’m very happy to be able to praise your eucalyptus oil. I can assure you we wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of ordering from you if I hadn’t found the small bottle we bought when we visited your business last year so superior to any in the supermarket.
    I mainly use it as a rinse aid when I wash our towels. It is also a great anaesthetic on bites, takes the itch out almost immediately.

    We really enjoyed visiting your business and I loved the clothing items you had in store. We were so devastated to see the havoc the fires have caused there and hope that recovery will soon be underway. It truly is a beautiful, pristine place.

    Oh, and thanks too for the wonderful packaging! From Kangaroo Island is a long way and it arrived beautifully intact!

    Best wishes for a prosperous future,
    Jenny Murchie

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Jenny, thanks so much we really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. And some great tips there to.
      Kind regards Bev

  43. Nathalie Bocherens says:

    We made our purchases online from Switzerland just before Christmas, thank you so much for your e-mails and help everything was perfect!

  44. Geoff says:

    Your Emu Oil is wonderful for my dry skin, wouldn’t hesitate recommending to friends and family….. Great stuff

  45. Helen Walker says:

    I purchased a few Eucalyptus items from you recently & just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love them. The little Koala hugging a small bottle of Eucalyptus oil enclosed in a little bag, is very cute & will make lovely Christmas Stocking filler gifts…yes, I know, it’s a long way until Christmas, but you can just call me “Miss Well Organised!”

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Helen, thanks for sharing, and good on you for being organised and thanks so much for your support. Kind regards Bev

  46. Maria says:

    I saw the Eucalyptus lozenges/lollies on the Today Show when they went to your area and I thought I’d give them a try.
    They are delicious and definitely helped when I had a sore throat.
    I have yet to use my oils but am looking forward to it.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Maria, thanks for your message, thats lovely to hear, thanks for your support and we hope to hear from you again. Kind regards Bev

  47. Frances Woods says:

    Emu Ridge eucalyptus oil is my favourite product because I use it for cleaning just about everything including making my own washing liquid for washing machine.
    wonderful products and great service!

  48. Michael Cole says:

    very happy customer, purchased a great product called EMU oil. Good for healing facial blemishes and is a good all round massage oil.
    Good products, excellent service and staff are very friendly and helpful

  49. TREVOR BARLING says:

    Easy to use website and fast delivery. Recommend Emu Ridge emu oil as it dose not irritate current skin condition, psoriasis.

  50. Elaine Tebbutt says:

    Fantastic products!
    The lip balm is by far the best – I live near the sea & it’s perfect in the wind. No more dry lips now!

  51. Andrew Ballard says:

    Extremely happy with the emu oil skin repair cream which has really helped with my Sun damaged skin. A local natural range of quality products, keep it up!

  52. April says:

    Online shop was simple, fast and easy to use. So far my favourite product is your insect repellent. It feels great on my skin and has kept the mozzies at bay! I also bought sunscreen for my Mum, she is sensitive to other screens and so far she loves it.
    When I saw the devastation on Kangaroo Island I wanted to help and found your products. This way money went directly to people who needed support. Cmon Aussie!!
    Love my first purchase and i will definitely be back

  53. Jenny Ireland says:

    I am in love with your Emu oil, it is great for my skin, and mixed with your emu ridge eucalyptus oil, it’s great for aches and pains.
    Loved my visit and will be back

  54. Jenni says:

    Great products. Very prompt service and I really liked the fact they used recycled newspaper to pack for shipping rather than lots of useless plastic. Keep suporting Australian product.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Jenni, thanks for sharing your thought with us all. Yes recycle and reuse that’s what we are all about. Thanks for your support. Kind regards Bev

  55. Judith Langton says:

    Products are lovely. Soaps I purchased have a soft fragrance not overpowering. The lollies are also great and the hand cream from Maine Beach is also great, it is a pity they are closing down.

  56. carolyn says:

    I bought Emu Ridge honey to take overseas to provide to conference participants after the bushfires. They all heard about what was happening in Kangaroo Island and were pleased to receive a sample each of honey.
    The product arrived to me in plenty of time, the service was outstanding, with my initial enquiry by phone answering all my questions.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Carolyn, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us to others. Thanks so much for your support and we look forward to hearing from you again. Kind regards Bev

  57. don phillips says:

    I first heard about you guys through word of mouth.. but now an extremely happy customer… Your lemon myrtle is the best, i mix it with baby oil and it is the best midge repellent going

  58. Deb batty says:

    I purchased products when we were there Easter 2019.
    So happy with them, now purchasing online.
    Keep up the good work

  59. anonymous says:

    My favourite product is the Fragonia + Neroli face cream as it is so soft, not greasy and a lovely scent.
    Also use your Eucaylptus Oil as a disinfectant and stain remover.
    Love the products, and the fact that they are produced on site using natural ingredients and traditional methods.
    A small business on Kangaroo Island which needs to be supported, especially now in the midst of such devastation brought on by the massive fires in Australia.

  60. Helen Booth says:

    I love ALL your oils .. They ALL have a long lasting scent!!

  61. Judy Tscharke says:

    After the devostating fires I searched the internet for Kangaroo Island online businesses to support… Beautiful products fabulous customer service and quick delivery GREAT – will recommend 😊

  62. Rita Shepherd says:

    Bev, Larry and the team run a fantastic operation. Products are top quality and our online purchases were dispatched quickly and it was great to see them using all recycled material for transport. Definitely recommended. Great cafe and tour if you are visiting KI.
    Quick efficient online purchase. Great quality products that make terrific gifts

  63. Pamella Armstrong says:

    I love the quality of the products and the packaging and the lack of wasteful packaging. I ordered online and the produce was delivered with in days. Quick and easy!

  64. anonymous says:

    Never an issue when dealing with Emu Ridge, always receive what we expect.
    Maine Beach with eucalyptus oil from Emu Ridge is the best ever. Non-greasy and you need just a little to be effective.

  65. anonymous says:

    We were recommended to go to the farm when we visited Kangaroo Island 2 years ago, we were so glad we did. I now order online as I use the Eucalyptus oil when I am cleaning also in the rinse cycle of sheets and towels its so versatile!

  66. Anonymous from survey says:

    A must visit! Gorgeous shop and captivating tours. See how eucalyptus is produced. Delightful hosts with eucalyptus and local products to titillate the senses. And a Divine café to sample the best of local produce. Possibly the best spot on KI. Try the eucalyptus and Emu oil packs for firm and moisturised skin than smells Divine. All natural, value for money and the friendliest of service. Stay for a few hours, sit in the horse and cart to watch the historic film and lunch while watching the wildlife and wallabies with a KI wine in hand. Simply, don’t miss this wonderful spot.

  67. Patsy Fraser says:

    A friend gave me a tube of the Wild Bushland Eucalyptus Hand and Nail Creme and I liked it so much I decided to take 12 tubes overseas to give to Spanish and French friends with whom we will be staying.

  68. Christina Lynch says:

    I just love your eucalyptus scented candle. I light it when ever I am at home and it just fills the house and takes me into the Australian bush. I also bought your products not just because they are so beautiful but also because we want to help get kangaroo island businesses get back on track. I am from south Australia and we do what we can to support locals. Thank you!!

  69. Barbara Philippe says:

    Since my first visit until my last internet purchase the service and the products have been outstanding highly recommended. No need to improve you are already quick, prompt & efficient.

  70. Anonymous from survey says:

    I first found out about you guys by watching the television of the destruction by the fires and appeal from residents asking for people to support Kangaroo Island businesses made me carry out a search on internet – that’s where I found you. I love your massage oil, it smells beautiful but it also really does give pain relief.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful products and just love the thought of supporting a family run business in a small rural community 🙂 Love it!!

  72. Tracey Klobas says:

    Just wanted to thank you for sending my order so promptly. I love your products, in particular the body and hand wash and the beautiful soaps which smell divine and look great.
    Great products – keep up the good work

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Tracey, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Much appreciated enjoy our products. Kind regards Bev

  73. Gwenyth James says:

    Extremely happy with my first order and already planning my next one.
    Website was easy to use and parcel was packed well and arrived fast.

  74. Suzanne Langberg says:

    I heard about you guys through my son, he’s in the CFS and was over on KI fighting the fires. I love that the oils are locally made, stunning quality !
    The eucalyptus oil is wonderful, using it cleaning medicinal etc, will definitely grab some larger sizes next time!

  75. Carrie says:

    The eucalyptus and emu oil lip balm is by far the best because my son has sensitive skin/food allergies and often gets a red irritated rash that starts on his lips. This is the only product that will calm the inflammation down and actually stop it from spreading to his face. Thank you

  76. Anonymous says:

    I love all the Maine Beach products and its sad they are discontinuing the range.. I have now stocked up on lots of them to last me a while. It’s nice to buy local and to buy stuff from KI..

  77. Anonymous from survey says:

    I have shopped online but have also visited your beautiful shop several times. I love the Maine Beach hand cream, diffuser, soap and most of your products. Have sent quite a few overseas too which they all liked aswell.

  78. Cathy Cameron says:


  79. Kate says:

    We first heard about your from the campaign ‘Buy from bush’
    We love your Eucalyptus oil, we add to our floor mop mix and the house smells wonderful.Your Lemon myrtle oil we are cooking with and wearing as perfume!

  80. Shelley says:

    Online shop very easy to use.
    Inlove with your SKIN REPAIR CREAM with emu oil and neem
    Fantastic on my eczema!!

  81. Helen Fraser says:

    Exceptional service, love all of your products and very lovely friendly staff.

  82. Maree says:

    Love the story and business values of emu ridge. I have been using your pure emu oil on my arms and legs and have been loving that.
    Very sure you will hear from me again soon when i run out

  83. giovani maia says:

    My name is Giovani Maia and I live in Brazil. I would like to have information about Snake Repellent. Very interesting publication. I needed to know how to use and how long the product lasts. Because here in Brazil we don’t have products intended for snake repellent. Thanks

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi all the info we know is on this blog, it will only last until it evaporates from the heat which could be 1 day or 2 weeks depending on the weather, or if it rains. I hope this helps the Emu RIdge team.

  84. Morena says:

    I bought your 1 Litre bottle of eucalyptus oil from your shop on our road trip last October and it is divine. I do all my cleaning with it and it leaves my house smelling fresh. I recently bought 2 more litres on line and it was delivered promptly. I would have no hesitation in recommending your products to family and friends. Thank you

  85. Carolyn says:

    It was so easy to use your site and I love the products I have already opened.
    Love the properties in your CLOVE BUD OIL. I use for mould and love the fresh fragrance it leaves in my bathrooms, laundry for weeks.

  86. Chandler says:

    I tried your Honey and Eucalyptus drops at Kaffee’s Garden spa and thought they were great. Thanks

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Chandler thanks thats great to hear. They are available online if you ever feel the need for some more. King regards Bev

  87. Mary-ann Forshaw says:

    Wonderful staff at the shop and very easy to buy online. We visited the distillery last year and purchased a variety of items and lots of gifts.
    Very pleased with everything

  88. Jeannie Woollard says:

    just love your products. friends comment on the lovely fragrance my house always has. it is because I use Eucalyptus Oil for cleaning, especially wooden floors. I have just purchased some of your products as gifts for friends and family because I know they will love them, and it is a way of supporting the Island during this devastating time. pleased to hear you have had some rain.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi, thanks so much Jeannie for your support kind regards Bev

  89. Zena Meaney says:

    Beautiful products and such wonderful service! I will certainly be shopping with you again.
    Thank Emu Ridge

  90. Alicia Critchley says:

    Extremely happy customer here, your lip balm is great… very moisturising and feels great on.

  91. Sue Storey says:

    Great products. Loved the recycled packaging for postage.
    Your Lemon myrtle oil is relaxing and smells lovely

  92. Jeanette Brennan says:

    Thank you for your prompt service and the great products I will be purchasing from you again.

  93. Christine says:

    Can’t decide what i like the most. Have used your emu oil soap and both your shampoo and conditioner bars and love them all.
    So impressed with the efficient delivery and the quality of the product. Will definitely but again.

  94. Barbara Rudd says:

    Easy to use your website and prompt delivery.
    I love my new red scarf with kangaroos and my gloves with koalas. Looking forward to winter to wear these beautiful woollen garments.

  95. Sue Bateson says:

    Great service, fast delivery, well packed with recycled products that i too can reuse.
    Very happy with your Tea tree oil for it’s natural antiseptic qualities
    Thank you

  96. Margaret Mohan says:

    Everything is straight forward when you order your products and delivery is very fast and efficient, No worries at all.
    We hope you are all well and we are so pleased that the bushfires didn’t touch your special trees
    Kind regards, Margaret Mohan

  97. Anonymous from survey says:

    Your website is easy to use, if it is not frustrating for me to use it must be good…
    My favourite product is your Fragonia face cream. It goes on light but really does the job. Use it morning and night.

  98. Sharyn Raffa says:

    I love my products especially the insect repellent it’s amazing much better than using aeroguard and i love that it doesn’t leave yucky residue and is chemical free. I’ll definitely buy again soon.

  99. Vickey Payne says:

    I am located in WA and can’t get to Kangaroo Island in the near future. Ordering my favourite Maine Beach Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus fragrance diffuser for myself and gifts for my friends interstate gives me a way to help support a small business suffering the impact of the bush fire crisis in a tangible way.

  100. Margaret Hudson says:

    Extremely happy, could not fault your customer service. We ordered online with no problems at all.
    Very impressed with your 100% Pure Emu Oil. Skin is smooth and not itchy…a good improvement in just 3 weeks.

  101. Dianne Macey says:

    Have been one of your happy customers since living on KI, many years ago. We knew your family and our children were at school together. Love your eucalyptus oil because it is so versatile and genuinely Aussie.These are amazing products and we have been super impressed to watch your business grow and grow.

  102. Karen Kowalick says:

    Purchased your 100% pure Emu oil. It has been brilliant for my dogs allergies and for the arthritic pain in my hands.

    My order was processed and delivered very quickly, so keep doing what you are doing

  103. Pam Field says:

    Great little family business with great products. My favourite was the Maine Beach hand and nail creme which is no longer available. I will find something else. So happy to support this little business. Well worth a visit for anyone on Island.

  104. caroline broughton says:

    I love everything that I bought. The emu oil is divine and the Eucalyptus oil is great for cleaning and freshening the air. A little bit in the washing machine makes the clothes smell so fresh and clean and I can not stop eating those eucalyptus and honey sweets. Your products are beautiful and the best quality. Thank you.

  105. Kim says:

    Love ALL your products……Great to buy Australian products, supporting local small businesses……. Great quality……
    Awesome job guys keep it up

  106. Gemma says:

    These products are amazing and it is so nice to buy Australian made and owned products. Love that this company use recycled packaging. Everything was well wrapped and delivery was quick. Will definitely be buying again

  107. Bronwyn Collins says:

    Have fond memories of your beautiful shop and love your products. I will always buy Australian products but especially from a family owned business. From my first visit many years ago I have loved your products.
    Well done for supporting your community after the fires.

  108. Karen Gayler says:

    Absolutely loved the wild berry sauce – have it on everything. Also use the insect repellent everyday – love the smell and the fact it is not sticky
    Will definitely hear from me again soon!

  109. Potter says:

    The products I have tried from Emu Ridge have been wonderful. The Skin Repair has helped with an itchy rash that I get. As I have had breast cancer I cannot use a deodorant with aluminium in and it is hard to get one that is effective and reasonably priced. The Emu Ridge one has been very good.

  110. Rita Shepherd says:

    This is really interesting place to visit. The eucalyptus hand cream is very good. Highly recommended.
    Support this KI business when you visit the Island

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Rita, thats lovely to hear thankyou regards Bev

  111. Anonymous says:

    We have purchased through the web site and directly from your premises. All contact with you folks is simply amazing. The quality of your products speak for themselves. We love the emu oil. It has so many uses and always delivers the result needed. Every time we have had contact with you both directly and through the website, you have exceeded our expectations. We wish you all the best, especially dealing with the aftermath of the bush fires. Out thoughts are with everyone on your beautiful island.

  112. Kylie Paskett says:

    As a CFS firefighter who has been on a couple of deployments to KI, I knew how important it was so support local business so wanted to purchase from your store. I have shared your website on my Facebook page and posted my purchases in the hope of encouraging more people to get behind businesses from KI.

    Good luck in the coming months!

  113. Jodie Waite says:

    I love the Eucalyptus oil. I use it in my washing and it removes clothing stains as well as making my washing smell wonderful.
    My son daps it on annoying pimples and they clear almost straight away.
    I also put some drops in our toilet to keep it looking and smelling fresh.
    Please continue providing the fabulous service and products. I love reading the Testimonials with comments on what Eucalyptus oil is used for in other homes.

  114. Emu Ridge says:

    A beautiful card we received in the mail that reads “Having visited your Beautiful Island recently. We are deeply disturbed by the devastation you have endured in the recent fires. We want to let you know we are thinking of you at this very difficult time. From: Pam & John Bell”
    – Thank you very much for this wonderful card and words, we really appreciate all the support from our amazing customers. Thanks The Emu Ridge Team.

  115. Mark Gates says:

    I am happy that i visited Emu Ridge and was introduced to your emu oil which has really helped with the arthritis in my hand. Great product, good price & excellent service

  116. Lyn Farrand says:


    I am actually very glad to hear from you. When my eucalyptus oil arrived I couldn’t help but wonder if your business was still standing. I have watched the fires in absolute horror. Your bottle of eucalyptus oil suddenly felt very precious.

    As for the eucalyptus oil, I really like it. It is softer in smell to the ones sold in the supermarket. I use eucalyptus oil for cleaning and deodorising in the bathroom, loo etc. and love the fresh, clean smell that lingers.

    It pleases me to buy from a family business. It pleases me also to buy something from Kangaroo Island particularly at this difficult time.

    I wish you and your island well.

    Warm regards,

    Lyn Farrand

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Lyn, so lovely of you to write to us. Thanks so much or your support, we really appreciate it. We are so lucky to be spared from the tragic fires. But its going to be a tough time for a while. Thanks again. Kind Regards Bev

  117. Shirley Gourgaud says:

    Skin Repair with emu oil and neem is the best night cream I have ever tried. Nothing can beat this product for moisturising in dry conditions. You have put together an excellent combination of ingredients

    The skincare range is beyond peer. It does what it claims. The range of ingredients show that a lot of thought has gone into producing an excellent product

  118. Len Riseley says:

    You guys have the best Eucalyptus Oil
    Because it’s cleaning properties

  119. Nathalie Bocherens says:

    We made our purchases online from Switzerland just before Christmas, thank you so much for your e-mails and help everything was perfect!

  120. Gwen Vitiritti. says:

    Hi Bev, Hope you are safe from the fires, also hope you are improving health wise. I just love the skin repair and the scrub with sea salt, I have such dry skin on my legs and creams really work.My last order was delivered safe and promptly.Thank you . I wish you a happy healthy safe new year Gwen

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Gwen, thanks for sharing your thoughts on your favorite products its always great to hear from our customers. Thanks i believe im healing well and we are all safe and far enough away from the tragic fires. Kind regards Bev

  121. Erica Schofield says:

    Hi Folks

    My name is Erica Schofield (Schoey and Bec’s niece) I live in Brisbane and have a small Apothecary store and I’m absolutely heartbroken about the fires and so wanted to do something to help….. I heard that you’re ok at the distillery and still shipping orders?

    Well I wondered if perhaps I could stock your beautiful oils in my store to help with trade and jobs and business for the island?

    Do you offer wholesale or something like that? I’ll put the word out and I’m just sure people will love to have your oils in theirs home, not just to help but to experience your oils! We’re only a small shop so the orders wouldn’t be huge but like I said I’m sure if I put the word out people will want to help.

    Take care and stay safe. Also no worries if you can’t!

    Lots of love Erica
    0406 676 676

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Erica, thanks for your lovely message. Yes we are so lucky the fires are not near us but it is so sad and devastating for all of us. We will send you an email re selling our products. Kind regards Bev

  122. Gwen Vitiritti says:

    Great products, value for products.Service is prompt love the creams etc. because they are made with natural ingredients. Keep up the great work & I hope you business grows and continues for you as a provider to us your customer

  123. Paula Burns says:

    My whole family Love the natural products.
    Easy to order & receive
    You need to visit This unique place.

  124. IVAN HOFFMANN says:

    I like your products. Do uyou still have an outlet in Adelaide?

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Ivan, Thanks for your message, Im sorry at the moment we only sell in our own shop or online, we just cant produce enough yet to start wholesaling. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards Bev

  125. Andrew Field says:

    You had a specific product I could not find elsewhere, EMU OIL.. your website was very easy to use and your processing of my order and delivery was smooth and efficient
    It is a strength of the modern age that the internet has brought access to the Emu Ridge shop on Kangaroo Island and its products to people all around Australia (and to a Melbourne buyer in this case). Well done on a very customer friendly operation.

  126. Rebecca Ristic says:

    I love using the eucalyptus oil for cleaning, the house smells amazing afterwards. I’ve used it for years. On line ordering is so quick and delivery hsppened a few days later.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts about our eucalyptus oil and our service. We really appreciate it and we look forward to hearing from you in the future. Kind regards Bev

  127. JUDITH GILES says:

    Judith December 30, 2019 at 1.45pm

    I received both packages safe. Thank you. Your Emu oil is amazing and have been using it for about 5 years. My daughter Cheryl ordered it for me when I was in Sydney and when I moved up to Mid North Coast I decided to order it myself. I love the Lip Balm, Barrier Balm as well. The other products I purchased I haven’t tried yet. Will let you know soon. Could you please let me know when you will have the skin repair cream available. Thanking you again and Best Wishes for A Happy & Healthy New Year 2020.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Judith, thanks for your message. We always love to hear feedback. The skin repair is available? Enjoy our products and we look forward to hearing from you again soon. Happy New Year to you to. Kind regards Bev

  128. Lorraine says:

    I was on tour with out back spirit tours
    It was an informative tour of the distillery
    Meet and greet was warm welcome.
    The products on offer a bit expensive but after using hand cream and face cream was money well spent.

  129. Liz and Chuck says:

    Hi Larry, Bev and Emu Ridge Team,

    I just want to let you know that I received my package from Emu Ridge today.

    My husband and I originally came to Kangaroo Island from Arizona when I retired in January, 2015.
    We purchased a number of Items from Emu Ridge at that time before our tour of Kangaroo Island.
    Returning to the states and trying the products we were very impressed with what we purchased.
    Since then we have enjoyed reading your emails and following what’s been happening at the store.
    You once had a recipe for those annoying flies. We tried the recipe and it worked great.

    When you provide the discounts I try and stock up on products. Postage
    to the US is pricey but your products are worth it and for my special friends I will provide them with a
    gift from Emu Ridge.

    We were sorry to hear about your surgery and we wish you a speedy recovery.
    Take Care
    Liz and Chuck Bortkun

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Liz and Chuck thanks that is lovely to hear and makes it all worth while. Thanks re my surgery I’m very happy and am improving a little bit every day. Regards Bev

  130. Jeanette Baker says:

    My favourite product would be the Wild Bushland Eucalyptus Hand and Body Creme, because it is just heavenly!
    I also love the Eucalyptus Oil for my cleaning and colds

  131. Stephanie says:

    I visited Emu Ridge last year (2018) and purchased hand creams, soaps and many other products. And love them all!!!
    My favourite products are the eucalyptus vapour rub and the Wild Bushland Eucalyptus hand and nail cream. The smell and quality of these products are excellent.

  132. Karen says:

    I purchased the Eucalyptus Oil in the aluminium container. I love the scent and it is absolutely perfect for cleaning and laundry. It cleans and disinfects very well. Just one swipe will do. Your online shop is super straight forward and user friendly. Easy to browse your different products.

  133. Vivienne says:

    I love your products and and I hope that I will again experience your wonderful country. The whole family loves your soap because it feels comfortable and smells good and the skin repair cream because it’s the only one that has worked on mine and the kids dry hands. I was very happy when I learned from you that you are sending packages to Sweden.

  134. Frank says:

    I just love your products. After visiting your establishment I was very impressed.

  135. Joan says:

    An excellent website and easy to negotiate to purchase. My package arrived in a very timely manner and well packed.

  136. Robyn says:

    We use the Hand & Body Wash. You don’t need to use a lot. It leaves your hands clean, fresh smelling and not dry.

  137. Bronwyn says:

    This wonderful face cream feels great, non greasy and smells good.

  138. Penny says:

    We found the hand & body cream & body wash at our accommodation when staying on Kangaroo Island and loved them. We hunted around to find where to buy it and now purchasing online. A beautiful product.

  139. Elizabeth says:

    This is my first purchase and I was impressed with the quality, cleansing and conditioning properties of the sheep’s milk soap and conditioner bar leaving my scalp and hair soothed and sweet smelling, shiny and not tangly. I love having the option of having such a environmentally friendly option to keep my hair shiny clean and healthy as well as supporting a South Australian business which is very important to me.

  140. Ron says:

    My order was extremely well packed and fast delivery.

  141. Lucia says:

    We use a lot of eucalyptus oil for diffusers, cleaning, inhaling etc

  142. Barry says:

    The Skin Repair Cream has improved backs of hands after years of sun. I visited with a Probus group from Christchurch. Enjoyed the lunch and the tour to learn about the Oil making process. I bought some cream and have gone back for more as it is very beneficial.

  143. Daphna says:

    This body creme has the best fragrance so far from anything else I tried.

  144. polly Adams says:

    First heard about you guys through Atlas Obscura article about Ligurian Honey…
    Ordering online was a breeze! PayPal option was used and converted to my currency. Communication on international shipping fantastic! All my honey got to Hawaii intact!
    These are wonderful gifts for my family, friends and clients!

  145. Lin says:

    Emu Ridge produces high quality products that are well priced. I have been using the eucalyptus oil as an antiseptic solution for viruses, cuts, abrasions, and general household cleaning for a couple of years now and won’t use any other brand.

  146. Lin Jennings says:

    Emu Ridge produces high quality products that are well priced. I have been using the eucalyptus oil as an antiseptic solution for viruses, cuts, abrasions, and general household cleaning for a couple of years now and won’t use any other brand.

  147. Lydia says:

    Two years ago, I received my first bottle of Eucalyptus oil from a friend. It proves to be the best (purest, most stable and best smell) eucalyptus oil I have ever used. On my shopping tour two days ago, I bought the shampoo and conditioner bar, just for the light weight to travel with. I just tried tonight, they are supper brilliant!!!! especially after blow drying! my hair touch like silk!!! I am so glad I am still on the island and I will come and buy some more tomorrow morning!

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Lydia, that is great to hear, we look forward to your visit. Kind regards Bev

  148. Maria Geary says:

    Eucalyptus & honey lozenges are wicked. I ran out whilst in the middle of a cold/cough.
    but they are on standby now!
    Visited your great part of the world in August & purchased the above. Love all the products purchased on the day as well as the ones I got online

  149. Barb Wilde says:

    Love the skin repair cream – I use it ever night on my face – hoping it will stall the signs of aging a bit!!!
    Our visit to Emu Ridge was great and very informative about the history and the products. We even got to have a yarn with Larry

  150. Jennifer Purss says:

    Love your Emu oil and eucalyptus oil . Also the eucalyptus honey sweets are very effective for a sore or dry throat
    very lovely customer service

  151. Pieter Glasbergen says:

    Thank you, quality local Australian family produced Eucalyptus oils at a fair price.

  152. Ruth says:

    I have never use lotions on my face as i have very sensitive skin but I purchased some Emu Ridge Fragonia & Neroli Face Cream to give it a try, thinking I would give it to my mum if I didn’t like it. This product is amazing, my skin feels so soft & doesn’t leave a greasy feel. I also use it on my neck – I have to say I have fallen in love with this product – I don’t normally review products but this is simply the best. Thank you Emu Ridge.
    We also often purchase Emu Ridge Skin Repair which my husband uses frequently.
    We were so lucky to visit this beautiful place & being able to purchase products over the subsequent years with ease.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Ruth, thanks so much to taking the time to share with others the products you love and why we really appreciate it. We look forward to hearing from you again.
      Kind regards Bev

  153. Helen Ware says:

    This company ticks all the boxes. They are Aussie, prompt and communicative, and so easy to deal with And the products!!! Aussie made. How good is that!!!

  154. Sue Griffiths says:

    Great original Australian products, very quick delivery, great service.

  155. Val Young says:

    I bought eucalyptus oil when on a visit to Kangaroo Island a couple of years ago. I needed more so went online and was very happy with the purchase & the fast delivery. Thank you!

  156. Terry Clark says:

    Very good and easy to use website and fast delivery. we love to use your Eucalyptus oil for just about anything.
    been a customer for 3 or more years now! keep up good work

  157. Josephine OToole says:

    Emu Ridge’s Eucalyptus Oil is the very best quality for the very best price – I find it indispensable for laundry and general cleaning – pairs wonderfully with soap to get almost any stain (or stench ) out of just about anything – and nothing can beat a steam treatment with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a basin of hot water, towel over the head and basin, for a miserable head cold. The 1 litre bottle represents amazing value, and an investment in healthy living.
    saw an advertisement somewhere stating that you were SA’s only remaining eucalyptus oil distillery WELL DONE!!

  158. Brigitte says:

    Good morning,
    Your website is easy to use, your products are incredible, and your communication is outstanding. Thank you. Look forward to receiving my products.
    Warm regards Brigitte

  159. Dot Chapman says:

    Extremely happy customer
    I love your products because they are pure
    Went down there on holiday little while ago.
    Love the emu oil and as I said it is all pure

  160. Karen Certeza says:

    We visited Kangaroo Island few years ago, toured Emu Ridge, seen how they produce and manage and tried their home grown products. Since then, we have been ordering yearly (love the emu and eucalyptus oils!) and appreciate how quick and easy it is to order online. Great products from a family owned business and a great team!!

  161. Elsie Smith says:

    Yum we love the Honey and Eucalyptus Lollies.
    My 97yr old mum just loves this product and we send packets to friends in India

  162. Julie Wichgers says:

    Your Eucalyptus Oil is the best. I love supporting a small business and this smells great. Flu’s – use it, washing – use it, cleaning – use it…
    I love the products I have purchased and used from the Emu Ridge store, in store and on line. I have found all I’ve used to be of top quality. Owners and staff are a pleasure to deal with.

  163. Cheryl Fielding says:

    I love your pure eucalyptus oil. I use it in my rinse washing water and my clothes smell amazing, fresh and clean and I know there are no nasty chemicals, great product

  164. Alison Linford says:

    All great products, but I particularly like the oils and hand and body lotions.
    Great products and great friendly service, in person and over the phone. A real winning business. Keep up the great work.

  165. Veronica Spry says:

    i am extremely happy with the customer service i got from the lovely staff at your shop and my favourite product is the Skin repair cream. I use it as a moisturiser on my mature skin and love it. i now buy it twice a year which is awesome value!!

  166. valerie spear Spear says:

    I have only used the Fragonia & Neroli face cream so far, and I am very impressed. It sinks into the skin rapidly and makes a very good foundation and night application. My parcel was extremely well-packed and a fast delivery.

  167. Karyn says:

    When I visited KI in Jan 19 we did a tour and tried some of the amazing products. My absolute favourite is the Eucalyptus Hand & Body Wash….can not get enough of it. My skin is no longer dry & I don’t have to moisturise as much. I really enjoy the fresh smell of the Eucalyptus too. Easy website to order from & fast delivery.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Karen, Thanks for sharing with us all your thoughts about the eucalyptus bodywash and our service, we really appreciate your time. Kind regards Bev

  168. Nick Ploumatos says:

    Amazing products and very reasonably priced. My favourite product is Eucalyptus oil which is very high quality
    Great products and great service from this family owned business.

  169. Karen says:

    Everytime i order my goods come fast and always in secure packaging. Your Eucalyptus oil is unreal as it is so useful for many things. Please keep me updated on any new products or promotions.
    please keep up your EXCELLENT customer relationship

  170. Terry says:

    The Eucalyptus hand cream is a great product to help with dry,cracked hands-but the body wash is very good as well
    The Kangaroo Island products are of an excellent quality and my family have tried a few of the products (hand cream, body wash,lip balm & lollies)and are impressed.

  171. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE the Eucalyptus oil as I use it a lot for stains etc Works wonders..
    I visited your shop last year and found it a great experience. Well Done

  172. Karen Pater says:

    Wouldn’t buy my oils from anywhere else. Bev (Owner) is one of the nicest people that I know. Emu Ridge has the best customer service. And their products are high quality. Especially the Honey, Eucalyptus oil and Lemon Myrtle Oil. Wonderful staff.

  173. Melanie Brenton says:

    I absolutely love using your Eucalyptus oil for EVERYTHING. However, my favourite oil would have to be lemon myrtle – the smell is divine and reminds me of my mum’s house. I also love receiving the newsletter info, and hearing what the farm/family is up to. Keep it up.

  174. Terri Finn says:

    The products at Emu Ridge are excellent quality, natural ingredients and are made right here in SA. What more can you ask for!
    My favourite product is their All Natural Hand & Nail Cream. It smells so lovely and really moisturises.

  175. Denise McLarty says:

    I like the Fragonia & Neroli Face Cream, it feels nice to use and is a good moisturiser.
    Excellent online service, prompt and well packaged delivery.

  176. Adrian K Hitch says:

    Each time I have visited I have always found the staff friendly and helpful.
    When I have ordered over the phone – likewise and when my last order was damaged by Australia Post – I was contacted by a staff member to let me know this and was assured a new order was on the way – this was much appreciated.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Adrian, Thanks for letting others view your thoughts about Emu Ridge, much appreciated. Kind regards Bev

  177. Tom & Kaz says:

    Hi Emu Ridge I have 3 fav products, I Love your honey, beautiful smooth & fresh, also your honey eucalyptus lozenges are great for colds. The chest rub is great for my grand daughter (& us) & we know its a natural product
    Great natural products, you know you can use/eat with confidence. Service is outstanding, with quick delivery of goods. Highly recommended

  178. Genevieve says:

    Our goods were very well packaged, shows a care and respect for the customer. Arrived extremely quickly. A very happy customer.

  179. Tamika says:

    I absolutely love the skin repair cream, it works amazingly for my 18 month old son who has severe reactions with food chemical intolerance’s. He gets an awful red rash around his mouth and bottom small amount of this cream clears him up almost instantly, also works wonders for his eczema. Would highly recommend this skin repair cream over the steriod creams given by doctors, so gently on the skin its affordable and a small tub goes a long way

  180. Nick says:

    Fast friendly customer service before and after purchase.

    Courtesy information and process/delivery nicely done. Got ds arrived quickly and well protected.

    Very happy with my EMU oil.

    Shopping here is a pleasure.

  181. Jane says:

    Have ordered eucalyptus oil, emu oils & rubs & have found quality to be excellent. As for the honey, well, it’s amazingly good so we don’t need to check the supermarket shelves again ! Ordering & delivery has been a breeze…….

  182. Sarah says:

    Lemon Myrtle essential oil it smells so good. When I put it in the bath the whole house smells fantastic.

  183. Susanne says:

    Shampoo and Conditioner works really well with my demanding hair and lasts a long time. And the bar it is so much better for the environment than a sturdy plastic bottle. I definitely will buy again.

  184. Sharon says:

    Hand and body lotion. I love it, feels and smells so beautiful.

  185. Jo says:

    Thanks for the parcel Bev & Co. It arrived in Townsville in 6 days. The lemon myrtle is great. Mel really likes the Emu Oil. Catch ya Jo

  186. Lynne says:

    I purchased the Emu oil for my mother for her arthritis and she absolutely swears by it.
    The eucalyptus oil I use for cleaning as i try and move away from the more chemically based cleaners.
    I have a very sad addiction to the eucalyptus and honey drops as they’re pretty delicious.
    It’s so important to support local Australian owned businesses and I like to do my bit in making sure that our local manufacturers/producers survive. I will continue to support Emu Ridge as they produce a quality product and one that is fully Australian owned.

  187. Ben says:

    I enjoy and appreciate buying natural products from local communities.

  188. Glenice says:

    Fregonia and Neroli face cream. This product has a good “feel” to the fingers, keeps my face moisturized and smooth. Has a delightful fragrance too!

  189. Kevin says:

    I found that the eucalyptus soap lathered pretty quickly, as with our water here that’s not an easy thing usually.

  190. Karen says:

    Excellent customer service. Did not realise that I had double ordered and was surprised to receive a phone call to sort out the issue. Both women I spoke to were extremely helpful and even sent a photo so I could confirm which product I actually wanted. Loved how recycled materials were used to ensure my items arrived safely. Thank you!

  191. Linda says:

    Hand cream is amazing. It has helped with my brittle fingernails.

  192. Helen says:

    I ordered online and made a mistake in my delivery details. Fortunately this was discovered and with in 24hrs I received a personal call from a concerned staff member to ensure the correct details. Very impressed and thankful customer.

  193. Maureen says:

    Found sm unique inexpensive Aussie gifts to take overseas. Easy online purchase and quick delivery.

  194. Mudit says:

    Hi Tricia,
    Thanks for your email. We liked your product when we visit your business in September 2017 and since then Have been using the Barrier Balm. It is a great product and we all like it at home.
    Cheers, Mudit

  195. Anne Rosewarne says:

    Thank you so much for the superb packs I received promptly from your online shop just prior to Christmas 2018. I cant remember the name of the products but there were 2 or 3 items in each bag which were very classy looking for gifts. I bought them as gifts for each of my 4 daughters whom I don’t buy a great deal for at Christmas anymore due to the 8 grandies. Ill be purchasing from you again this coming Christmas. I love Emu Ridge products and presentations…..

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Anne,
      Thanks very much for your wonderful comment. We look forward to hearing from you again in the future and hope your daughters loved the gift. Thanks, Ella

  196. Bryn says:

    Greetings Ella, The shampoo that I purchased when we visited you during our stay at Stranraer is absolutely fantastic. It has almost cleared up a slight scalp infection that has been worrying me. I look forward to going back to using it! Good luck, Regards, Bryn.

  197. Sibylle says:

    I often come to ki with friends and customers and emu ridge is always on my list of places to visit. friendly people working there plus great products make a very nice combination. i can thoroughly recommend all your products – especially the shampoo bar and the washing liquid. The shampoo bar, leaves my hair very manageable (got wavy/curly hair) and the laundry washing liquid – great product and as we let grey water run straight into garden even better as it is all natural! will stock up again in november 🙂

    take care sibylle

  198. John says:

    Don’t miss this place when you visit KI. An interesting history and a unique range of Aussie products. I particularly enjoyed the Eucalyptus Honey sweets and was pleased to find I could easily get these online.

  199. Jane says:

    The products are wonderful i clean everything with the eucalyptus including my carpets and spot clean my lounge to, i also love the eucalyptus lollies great for coughs and a sore throat. Wonderful place will definitely be back.

  200. Sue says:

    Love your products, great little Aussie business and I will definitely be buying again.

  201. Hubert says:

    The Eucalyptus oil is useful for so many different things.
    I never have got a oil in this quality here in Germany.

  202. Sylvia says:


  203. Moira says:

    My favourite product is eucalyptus oil because I use it a lot for washing and cleaning.

  204. Laura says:

    My husband and I visited your distillery 4 months ago and we were introduced to your amazing eucalyptus oil!
    I use the Eucalyptus oil for just about everything! It also smells great!!! I also love the eucalyptus and honey sweets; they are sooooo yummy!!!!!Thank you for making such wonderful products which I will keep ordering in the future!

  205. Diana says:

    Emu Rides Products are pure, wonderful and so many uses. I loved our trip to Kangaroo Island it is so natural and untouched that alone along with Emu Rides rich products keeps me a happy customer. Emu Rides products are not just a quick process (factory driven) much love goes into these products and you can tell.

  206. Beatrix says:

    Had a great experience when my husband and I visited recently. I was very impressed to learn about your products and ways that they could be used, that I never knew. I made my first purchase and received it very promptly. I also purchased the Recipes and Uses book compiled by Bev Turner which is a very handy and informative little book and well worth buying. I know that I definitely will be back as I love the products and I am supporting a SA local business.

  207. Felicity says:

    Thanks so much for the gift – it is very much appreciated. The order arrived today and in great condition. I’ve been so looking forward to the eucalyptus & honey lollies especially as I was on the last dregs in the packet I’d bought on my Kangaroo Island visit in January with the John Howie/Travelrite Music Cruise group.

  208. Jennifer says:

    I bought Eucalyptus Oil and am very happy with this product. I would recommend Emu Ridge products as they are of a very high quality and the service was excellent.

  209. W. Leung says:

    I called to confirm my online order as it was the first time I used online shopping in your website. The lady on the line was very helpful to check for me immediately and confirmed the purchase had got through and the products would be on the way, The Australia Post is very good to inform me the status of the parcel.

  210. Joy says:

    Two products I love are Skin Repair which is the first cream I have tried that prevents cracked quicks on my fingers, and it doesn’t stay greasy. The next is Face cream which has no sunscreen in it and it is nice to use.

  211. Heather says:

    I’ve discovered how useful eucalyptus oil is and love the little booklet you produce. I’m converted.

  212. Janette says:

    We visited last year and was very impressed. We bought a few things and will continue to do so. Customer service very good. Our favourite product is the Hand wash because we use it a number of times a day.

  213. Janelle W. says:

    Emu Ridge is so happy to help and post things out. My orders always seem very personal. And Im happy you don’t send too many emails advertising etc!! I like using a family owned business and the Eucalyptus oil can been used for such a variety of uses.

  214. Wai Jong says:

    I bought some gift packs of emu oil, tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil and I tried the product when I got arthritis pain, it really helps to ease the pain, so I bought a larger size for myself and my family online.

  215. Monica says:

    Hi Bev,

    I wanted to thank you for the delivery of the Emu oil, Lavender oil and Clove oil that I had ordered. I have been very satisfied with the way they are packaged and the high quality of these beautiful products. I ordered small amounts to start with but will order more in the future.

    It is also very positive to reuse boxes from around the island. Keep up the good work.

    Kind regards,
    Monica Urbina

  216. Brian Hurrell says:

    After visiting in 2018 when on holiday we saw first hand the environmental care and quality products. When looking for gifts, or personal use, Emu Ridge is always high on our list.
    Brian Hurrell

  217. Brian Hurrell-Canberra says:

    After visiting in 2018 when on holiday we saw first hand the environmental care and quality products. When looking for gifts, or personal use, Emu Ridge is always high on our list.

  218. Jan says:

    Favourite Product – Eucalyptus Oil, I use it for everything.
    Best products ever, great family business.

  219. Allyson says:

    I first received your products as gift, then ordered more! Absolutely love this product!

  220. Sue H says:

    We have a septic system and rely on rainwater so we use a high efficiency washing machine and eco washing powder with no chemicals. A teaspoon/capful of eucalyptus oil per load makes the washing smell good, keeps the machine clean and (reputedly) kills mould and bacteria. I love this natural product. One litre lasts us a year.

    We visit Eucalyptus Ridge when we can – it’s a great place to visit – but mostly I purchase on line. The service is excellent.

    It’s crucially important now to use natural products. Cutting down on chemicals is one small way we can contribute to the on-going battle against environmental pollution. Not all products labelled ‘pure’ are, in fact pure. Eucalyptus oil from Emu Ridge is 100% pure: you can smell (and feel) the difference. Please extract anything else from my comments to use as a testimonial on your website.

  221. Bev Turner says:

    Favourite Product – Eucalyptus Oil because I want it made in Australia from Australian ingredients by Australian farmers.

  222. Joe C says:

    Since we have been using the massage oil for or pains & strains it has helped to keep swelling down create a more comfortable endurance.

  223. Anonymous from survey says:

    We had a last minute idea for a christmas gift and rang to place an order over the phone for urgent delivery. It was an easy process and it arrived by express post within a few days. The person who took the order was friendly and helpful solving our dilemma quickly and easily. Would definitely recommend to others.

  224. Anonymous from survey says:

    Can not fault product or service so cannot suggest any improvements – very very very satisfied – by the way goods arrived earlier than promised and that was very close pre Christmas and I was kept well informed of tracking movement of the delivery -such service a rarity these days and with such pleasantness. Thankyou

  225. Anonymous from survey says:

    I love the smell of the products. The reeds are very long lasting and the packaging is very elegant.

  226. Anonymous from survey says:

    The Hand & Nail Cream is excellent and has been a God send to me as my hands are dry and cracked and they are so much better since I have been using the product.

    Emu Ridge is a fabulous authentic Australian family business located on wonderful Kangaroo Island. The products are genuinely world class and have many benefits without the issues associated with chemically based products. I think that this family business is outstanding and I will choose their oils and creams over the so called big brands. Well done Emu Ridge.

  227. Anonymous from survey says:

    Loved seeing first hand where you are, what and how you do your stuff. Love small business. Love seeing how you keep up with technology to conduct your business.
    Most of all your products are made with real Love.

  228. Anonymous from survey says:

    I purchased some items as a Christmas gift for my Auntie who loves your products. Staff were extremely helpful offering me a choice of patterns for the heat pack that I chose. Speedy postage and arrived beautifully packaged. Thanks!

  229. Stefan from Berlin, Germany says:

    I visited your company the first time as a tourist in 2004. A phial of eucalyptus oil have been helping me since this time against cold. This year I used the last drop and found your webpage to order a new one. Thank you very much.

  230. Anonymous from survey says:

    Not only are the products very useful and reliable, I also like to know I’m helping an Australian organisation to grow.

  231. Anonymous from survey says:

    Love the shampoo bar! The conditioner also is amazing, although quite expensive for the size bottle (100ml), and the fragrance is divine. Re the eucalyptus oil – I didn’t like the smell to begin with – it’s quite different from the familiar supermarket brands. Following advice from Bev, I bought some Emu Ridge lemon myrtle and added that to the vinegar cleaner recipe together with the euc oil. Less euc is more in this case, and I love the combo. Using it to clean everything in my house! Postal service was excellent also.

  232. Anonymous from survey says:

    You company produces a variety of natural products of great quality. People with allergies and sensitivity (like myself) can benefit by using them. Thank you!

  233. Phil Wellsteed says:

    I loved reading about your “new” harvest of the Eucalyptus and can relate to how that happens and the process involved in processing the oil from the leaves. Our trip to Kangaroo Island in February this year, and visiting your family business and seeing how you operate was most memorable.
    Thank you and congratulations on being so committed and genuine and proudly Australian, despite the many bullshit hurdles that are put in your way.
    I have placed an order for my families enjoyment.
    Merry Christmas.
    Phil Wellsteed
    Hillarys WA

  234. Terry Verrall says:

    Good communication and fast interstate delivery. Well packed and eucalyptus oil delivered prior to estimation. Highly recommended and would buy again.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Terry, thank you very much for your wonderful words and taking the time to give us feedback. Have a safe and happy festive season. Thanks, Ella

  235. Anonymous from survey says:

    helpful staff,& wonderful service, good products

  236. Anonymous from survey says:

    Skin repair and Bodycare Collection they work beautifully on my skin and nail and the fragrances are delightful!

  237. Anonymous from survey says:

    A great place to visit and buy authentic Australian produce that shows who we really are!

  238. Anonymous from survey says:

    Repair cream, I use it each night after cleansing my face. My face is very sensitive and I have had no issues with the cream. Really great ingredients, good for people with sensitive skin

  239. Anonymous from survey says:

    Stay 100% Aussie!!!! keep on with the great work!
    I’m an Aussie farmer on Yorke Penninsula and I love that you guys are processing in Australia from the raw product right thru to the consumer – and the products are of fantastic quality and value
    Very impressive !

  240. Anonymous from survey says:

    Wonderful products. Made in Australia. Excellent customer service.

  241. Survey says:

    Your products are good to give to overseas relatives when looking for something that is Australian

  242. balenci47 says:

    Love the various Emu Ridge products and appreciate the speed with which they arrive after being ordered online. An excellent South Australian business.
    Mary. Country SA.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Mary, thanks very much for your kinds words. We really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. Thanks again, Ella.

  243. Karen Miles says:

    Emu Ridge’s Eucalyptus Oil is a wonderful, pure product.

  244. Christina says:

    Fantastic products, service etc

  245. Tamika says:

    Great online shop very easy to use and find your way around.
    Skin repair cream has been fantastic on my little 9 month old baby boys eczema.. i would love to see if theres other products from you suotable for sensative skin such as soaps ect.

  246. Jonathan says:

    Eucalyptus soap – it makes great suds. My wife likes the smell.

  247. Julie says:

    Oh Hi Bev, I really love the massage cream. One of my friends bought it for me when she was there and I use it in my Reflexology Clinic. I’m going to be on KI in March 2019, travelling with an American friend who is visiting. We will be sure to drop in and say hello.
    Regards, Julie

  248. Jenny says:

    I am impressed with your prompt and professional service. I like the hair conditioning bar, and especially like it NOT being wrapped in any form of plastic. You even recycled an appropriately sized box in which to send them.
    After researching products on the net, one of the main reasons that I selected your company is that you are a family business.

  249. Shane says:

    The lemon myrtle smells beautiful. Fabulous unique pure products.

  250. Jo says:

    Firstly, thank you for creating such pure products, I have heard about the healing powers of emu oil and can not wait to try it! We love kangaroo island and have property there also, so we want to support the locals there as much as possible.

  251. Anonymous says:

    Favourite Product – Banksia seed oil pot. Pretty, practical and plastic free.

  252. Graham and Joyleen Sampson says:

    Hi Larry, Bev and staff,
    Just wanted to say thank you. I have received my order that was placed on Thursday. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service and the gift. I have been using the Eucalyptus oil for many years.

  253. Kimberlee says:

    Thank you for the prompt delivery of 200ml eucalyptus oil that was received today.

  254. Ann says:

    Love the Ligurian bee honey especially as it is only found on KI, also love the eucalyptus honey sweets, we took 4 packets on a 10 week caravan road trip, they were a great pick me up on the long drives

  255. Holly Black says:

    Just wanted to say I got the soaps and honey yesterday in the mail. Thanks for the super prompt postage and for calling me to confirm the order – great customer service as always!
    And thank you for your book, it has some terrific tips inside, especially as our daughter has just been diagnosed as allergic to dust mites and there are some great ideas on how to kill them.
    I always appreciate the personalised service and after over 10 years of crossing the country and buying soaps for many small businesses, we still can’t find any as good as yours. My husband has psoraisis and says yours is the only one he can use on a continual basis.
    So thank you again xx

  256. Jo says:

    Thank you for the prompt delivery of our eucalyptus oil order We visited some years ago to your business and still have great memories of your place and happy to be able still buy your product Thank you Jo

  257. Anonymous says:

    I was born and bred on Kangaroo Island and 40 years later I took my wife over to the Island. The Emu Ridge experience was Wonderful. The staff were so helpful my pocket was a lot lighter much to the delight of my wife.

  258. Judy says:

    Love the moisteriser and also the Eucalyptus oil.

  259. Kylie says:

    Under 48 hours from order to delivery – Outstanding!! The 20% off covered delivery costs, and my mum loves the emu oil so got and extra on of those for her!

  260. Margaret says:

    I have many favourite products in your line.Love the eucalyptus sweets. First came across your business while visiting K I. Was so impressed I nearly bought the shop out.

  261. Christina says:

    Face cream very smooth and readily absorbed.

  262. Leigh says:

    Really love the shampoo and conditioner. I have extremely dry hair due to medications.
    My hair feel lovely and soft.Highly recommend.

  263. Anonymous says:

    I use Emu oil for muscular aches etc. Seems to help.
    I like to support our Aussie small businesses and found your product was helpful. Love the suggested recipes for glass cleaner etc. Thanks for lots of ideas for use of your products.

  264. Sue says:

    Eucalyptus hand & body lotion is non greasy & softening. Beautiful scent- not too strong. Happy to support this business as the products are superior to many overpriced high profile brands.

  265. Janet says:

    Hand cream – my hands love it ! Great family, great business, great products.

  266. Lee says:

    Fast, efficient service and great natural products. The company are taking care of the environment too.

  267. Ellyn says:

    I visited Emu Ridge in February 2018 and I just love the products I purchased.
    Luckily I have friends who live in Point Cook, Victoria who can bring the products to me when they visit me in Canada in August. ?

  268. Owen says:

    I use it in the workshop and for household use. It is a very good cutting oil in metal work and leather work.

  269. Jocelyn says:

    A wonderful family owned business with exceptional products. Once you purchase your first item you will need to continue and try many more. I hope the word spreads and the rest of the world becomes aware of the benefits of these natural ingredient products. An absolute must to anybody is to make the effort to visit and stay at the beautiful and natural Kangaroo Island with a priority visit to Emu Ridge. You seriously won’t be disappointed 🙂

  270. Erin says:

    I mainly purchase the eucalyptus oil by the litre. I use it for so many things and I know the quality is superb. Also, I like to support small businesses, and after travelling to Kangaroo Island, fell in love with the place. Happy to support the business, and thankful for their personalised customer service and purchases are received in good time.

  271. Gale says:

    Great products Great service Quick response when online orders placed.

  272. Peter says:

    Great products. Great service. What’s not to love!

  273. Stephane says:

    Favourite Product – Eucalyptus oil. Because I have never seen another oil as good as this one. Simply amazing. Great service, great communication, great products. I live very far away but ordering from Emu Ridge is as easy as if we were neighbours. Will order from you again for sure. Many thanks

  274. debra beaupeurt says:

    I bought 3 bars of Emu ridge Eucalyptus soap to take as a gift to give to the people who allow me to rent their apartment in Italy. The smell coming out of the wrapping is beautiful. I cannot leave a comment until the gift is used and they let me know what I think. A great price and great delivey times was also a bonus.

  275. Gus says:

    We love your products and bought some other stuff when we were there. It is the best lip balm I’ve ever used in my 68 years, it actually suppresses cold sores, as soon as I get the tingling I put it on, especially in the dry winter with the westerlys blowing

  276. Jan says:

    Very happy with the service. I have told a few people about your products.

  277. Jennifer says:

    I recently purchased some Eucalyptus Oil and Pot Pourri. The oil is high quality and the pot pourri is prettily packaged and smells beautiful. The native leaves and flowers make it special.

  278. Antarpreet says:

    We really liked products purchased at really good price. Extremely happy with customer service offered.

  279. Anders says:

    I find the Skin Repair Cream very useful for my skin problems.

  280. Stephane says:

    I just received the Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils.
    Thanks a lot for the very fast shipping and the carefully protected package !

  281. Glenda says:

    We use a drop on the back of our tongue for stopping a cough, and always do the same when on any public transport/air craft/cruise as a preventative measure to kill off nasty germs.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Thanks for your comment Glenda, it’s a wonderful natural way to kill germs. Kind regards, Ella

  282. Peter says:

    The efficiency is outstanding from order to delivery in less than a week. Great service, great people and great products especially the honey and eucalyptus sweets ( A magnificent sore throat remedy)

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Thanks Peter, its always great to hear, from our customers. Regards Bev

  283. Anonymous says:


  284. Lisa says:

    We have been visiting Emu Ridge Distillery for years and buying the skin cremes
    We love the skin products because they work,they are easy to apply and smell divine
    The products represent real value for money
    Be of our favourite gifts to give

  285. Anthea busch says:

    Want tobulk buy eucalyptus oil

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Anthea,
      Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately being a small family owned business and in line with our current production capacity, we don’t have any retail outlets outside of our own shop here on Kangaroo Island. We do not wholesale any of our products or sell in bulk. We are however able to offer the majority of our products online with competitive postage costs to anywhere in the world. Kind regards, Ella

  286. Anonymous says:

    Amazing eucalyptus oil that is like no other. I use it to create my famous hair and shampoo soap.

  287. Anonymous says:

    Continue on doing what you are doing and keep up the Customer Service as it is a winner.

  288. Henry says:

    It is great to see a local Australian family owned business doing a great job, keep up the great service.

  289. Helen says:

    After using face cream for a couple of days day and night and only using a tiny amount I had noticed an improvement in my skin

  290. Jules says:

    Favourite Product – Eucalyptus oil, I use it in lots of ways, know it is pure.

  291. Kim says:

    Australian Made Eucalyptus Oil. Use it for cleaning and laundry. Also love Lemon Myrtle oil, a couple of drops in floor washing water leaves the house smelling fresh.

  292. Anonymous says:

    The eucalyptus soap Make Me Feel clean and fresh all day long.

  293. Anonymous says:

    I felt the service was very good. Its very hard to get 100% strength products so Emu Ridge definitely good. Tea tree oil – Cant reach toes to dry them so use tea tree, and stop fungus on toe nails.

  294. Anonymous says:

    Emu feathers. Use for cultural playgroup, making Aboriginal damce costumes and jewellery

  295. Yvonne says:

    The banksia oil diffuser. Ideal for gifts when travelling overseas. Very good prices. Outstanding service and delivery was within days.

  296. Judy says:

    Congratulations on your well run and friendly business.
    The product Skin Repair with emu oil & neem is very restorative for the skin, seems to deeply moisturize and repair sun damaged skin.

  297. Kate says:

    Favourite Product – Eucalyptus oil because its used for all sorts of cleaning/laundry jobs around the house and property. And cos it smells of the wonderful Australian bush.

  298. Anonymous says:

    Like the body mousse. Has a really lovely smell and love it on my skin. I received my order within 2 days. Was so quick.

  299. Denise says:

    The face cream – lovely fragrance and not greasy, works really well. Hand cream also very good, moisturises extremely well.

  300. Anonymous says:

    Maine Beach Body Mousse. I have very dry skin, especially my hands and I find this product to be an excellent hand cream for overnight to leave my hands soft and hydrated. It is also good value for money.

  301. Neil says:

    Eucalyptus Honey Sweets. Never had a cold or sore throat since enjoying these sweets. Everyone travelling to Kangaroo Island should visit.

  302. Anonymous says:

    My husband uses Emu oil as it helps with a condition that he has in his wrist. Very helpful and caring staff who give of their best with every order. These are delivered well packed and as quick as the mail service will let them be!

  303. Cynthia says:

    Lip Balm – It just seems to work better than other conventional ones. This is my first online order but we visited the shop in 2009 and purchased products at that time as well.

  304. Cindy says:

    Thanks for getting back to me about my order. We visited Emu Ridge in January 2009. I’ve been trying to find a picture of the baby kangaroo you had in the shop in a little basket. All he wanted to do was sleep and I kept petting him! If I do finally find it I will email it out to you.

    It has actually taken me all this time to use up the lip balm and other items we bought when we were there. The lip balm is the best thing I’ve ever tried for my lips and I was going to panic if I couldn’t reorder it.

    We absolutely loved every minute of our trip to Australia, including Kangaroo Island, and wish we could visit again. It’s a long trip to get out to you all so it probably won’t happen again as we are getting older but we have great memories of your beautiful country and amazing people. FYI, now that Starbucks sells a Flat White, I can always dream.

    Best regards,

  305. Dana says:

    Lovely people to meet and pleased to support an SA business.

  306. Laney says:

    years ago someone brought me a bottle of this emu ridge eucalyptus oil. It was like gold. So powerful, it cleaned everything, lasted forever, smelt the best. Its powerful stuff. A little bit goes a long way. I’ve always gotta get some when I go to KI

  307. Helen says:

    I have used Emu Ridge Skin Repair for 4 years now, better than any of the expensive creams on the market & I love buying from a family run business.

  308. Anonymous says:

    So far very happy with your product will recommend to others thanks manfred

  309. William says:

    The service was exceptional. It probably was the worst time of the year (Christmas!) to order anything and to have it arrive so quickly was a complete surprise.Thank you.
    Best wishes to your family and the staff for 2018.

  310. Trevor says:

    Very helpful in sending 2 Emu eggs to the Philippines which arrived safely.

  311. Robert says:

    Extremely good service & top quality products.

  312. Charlotte says:

    I appreciate the high quality of all the products I have used so far: emu oil, Eucalyptus oil, honey and honey sweets. The online order arrived speedily and carefully packaged. Thank you!!! Have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!!!

  313. Julie says:

    Wild Bush land Eucalyptus Hand and Nail Creme. Leaves the hands with a very nice feel, once hands are wet it doesn’t have a slimy feel, very pleasant fragrance.

  314. Anonymous says:

    I have always found Emu Ridge products to be of excellent quality and the staff exceedingly helpful. My orders are delivered promptly, with a personal note from a staff member inside. A wonderful company to deal with each and every time.

  315. Anna says:

    I love all the products that I received in a hamper. The body mousse is luscious!

  316. Trevor says:

    Very happy with your service and follow up.

  317. Suzanne says:

    Listen up Australia Emu Ridge is Aussie so support them, they sell lots of products and have the best Eucalyptus oil in the world 🙂 Mr favorite is Eucalyptus oil because it smells fantastic and has many uses eg: use it in the wash great in a spray bottle with water for cleaning and for colds 🙂

  318. Bev Turner says:

    Ordered from Canada and the exchange rate was very good. Also the delivery cost was reasonable and took less than 2 weeks. Very pleased with the whole process and the products.

  319. liz egel says:

    Great service parcelled arrived very quickly Greatly received by family in Sydney

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Liz, thanks very much for your wonderful feedback. We always make sure the parcels are sent off as quickly as possible. Hope you had a great Christmas and New year! Kind regards, Ella

  320. Jenni says:

    The website was easy to navigate, the product was despatched quickly and the product was as advertised. I have been using the Emu Oil for a couple of weeks so far and it appears to be a good product.

  321. Christine says:

    Ordered from Canada and the exchange rate was very good. Also the delivery cost was reasonable and took less than 2 weeks. Very pleased with the whole process and the products.

  322. Mark says:

    We love your products the service is great cant ask for anything more.

  323. Christina says:

    Just wanted to let you know I received my order today all safe and sound. Really appreciate the speedy service and look forward to using my product.

  324. Robert & Nina says:

    Emu Ridge was certainly a highlight for us and we hope all goes well in the future.

  325. Lindy says:

    Thank you so much for the very informative tour of Emu Ridge. It was a great and we look forward to returning.

  326. Barrie says:

    We really enjoyed our tour at Emu Ridge, we commend you for your determination to make things work. The laundry liquid works well and we’re fans of Eucalyptus oil.

  327. Adam says:

    I visited in 2006 and have been using your products here in Texas since then. They are the best!

  328. Carrie says:

    Great products! If you get a chance to visit Kangaroo Island, definitely worth stopping into the store. My favourite product is the emu oil and eucalyptus lip balm. So glad I can now order their products online.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Carrie, thanks so much for your kind words, we really appreciate you taking the time to write something and we look forward to hearing from you again in the future. Kind regards Bev

  329. Lyndall says:

    The service is very good. I had my products in Melbourne in 2 days!

  330. Jenny says:

    I made up the potion you told me about. It was great. I got one mozzie bite on my leg, but it was before I used the lotion. Thanks for telling me that. I now have a good supply, as I didnt use much.

  331. Fiona says:

    We visited this lovely business on a trip to KI and purchased a few products whilst we were there. The emu ridge eucalyptus oil is so great. When my bottle ran out, it was an easy visit to the website to order another. The product arrived at my door step within 5 days. Happy Customer. Fiona Millard, Port Lincoln SA

  332. Clive says:

    Great service and excellent product
    We use it for are animals and us

  333. G Ellison says:

    Wonderful, natural and authentic products from Kangaroo Island. A must purchase for anyone concerned with quality! Eucalyptus and tea tree oils. Very potent and top quality olive oil far superior to what you buy at supermarkets

  334. Margaret says:

    May I mention how wonderful I find your Eucalyptus Body Wash, the product is pleasant on the skin and the perfume is lasting.

  335. Susan Foster says:

    I have used a few of the body products and love the clean fresh smell. Going to try the shampoo and conditioner next. Always super fast delivery.

  336. Gina says:

    I purchased a leather bookmark in Australia over ten years ago. It travelled everywhere with me, and marked the page in hundreds of books. I recently lost it, and just had to replace it immediately with your leather kangaroo bookmark! I love it so much.

  337. W. MacDougall says:

    Was very impressed with friendly and helpful service

  338. Celia says:

    Your goods arrived safe and sound today.Thanks for such a prompt and efficient service. I liked your ‘ All Natural Hand and Nail Cream’ so much , I bought some as Christmas presents for friends.

  339. Kristin says:

    tea tree and eucalyptus. i am from the states and my friend visited your farm and brought me some oils. i could not believe the difference in quality. i was so happy when you started to ship to the states. i will always buy from your place.

  340. Peter says:

    Emu oil and eucalyptus oil. Very good for arthritic and muscular pains.

  341. Geoff says:

    Great products and good old fashioned Service

  342. Chris says:

    Hard to pick – the honey is just so beautiful & fragrant. The eucalyptus drops are just perfectly sweet but not too sweet. The eucalyptus oil is just so fresh & amazing. hard to pick one.

  343. Chris says:

    I am so impressed with the quality of products from Emu Ridge. Such a great range too. Best of all though, they are all so very reasonably priced. Very friendly service to from this wonderful family owned & run Australian company.

  344. Sandra says:

    I visited Emu Ridge on a tour and bought a little container of emu oil. I used it on my dermatitis (arms and legs) and any inflammation. I love it and had to buy a huge bottle online because I ran out so quickly. The online ordering was easy and I received my oil the next day! Great service.

  345. Thea says:

    The body lotion. When my husband was on Chemotherapy this was one of the few products that helped with the side affects Chemo has on skin

  346. marieskipworth says:

    I ordered via online, could not be happier, the items were well packaged, service was prompt and I love my purchases. Thank you so much 🙂 Highly recommended.

  347. Ross says:

    Thought that I should advise how impressed I am with your organization; ably demonstrated by delivery of a very well packed 1 litre bottle in 4 days.
    I comment from my background as a civil engineering project manager ( now very much retired), and believe that so often people are not thanked when they have done well.

    May your family business flourish.

  348. Chris says:

    Just wanted to say that I love the products I bought from you recently.

    The eucalyptus is so good, I have been using it in the wash, in my vaporiser & also as steam inhalation today because I have a cold. It really helps. I also love those eucalyptus drops – very delicious! It helps to suck on one if my throat is feeling scratchy. I’ll be using the chest rub tonight too!

    I have saved an extra line on its own just to mention the amazing honey! I have tried lots of honey, but yours is so aromatic – almost tastes like sweet blossoms. It is delicious in porridge & in my tea.

    I’ll definitely be re-ordering when I use up my supply of my new favourite things. So glad Nyree mentioned your business & glad that an Australian owned family business can still manage to operate – hope you guys stick around. Where would I get my essential supply of eucalyptus, drops & honey from?!

  349. Mary says:

    Use eucalyptus oil everywhere. Now have all the family using it also now we can guarantee it is Australian. Tea tree oil goes all over the world with me as the best antiseptic.

  350. Joanne Artym says:

    Have recently purchased this hand-cream whilst on special.

    I usually do use good brand hand-cream regardless, yet, this is such a lovely and high quality product.
    1. You apply a small amount and after a short period is absorbs so easily into your skin ( hands ) leaving them silky smooth without any residual.

    May purchase a few more tubes +++ as gifts for friends and try some of the other Maine Beach products.

  351. Edward says:

    I truly believe that the sunscreen has an effect of repelling insects. Although I have no firm data to confirm the effect, it is still a great sunscreen. My wife loves the hand cream because it works and has a great fragrance.

  352. S. Scott says:

    Highly recommend Emu Ridge, both for their products and customer service. Cannot fault either!

  353. Doug says:

    The pure eucalyptus oil is my favourite. I love the smell n I use it throughout the house for cleaning,washing, disinfecting, and as an aromatherapy oil.

  354. Wilma says:

    Best eucalyptus oil I’ve ever found. It smells ‘real’ not manufactured. Best of all it works for all cleaning, washing, disinfecting, etc. I love it n will use no other.

  355. Doreen says:

    I visited your shop on Kangaroo Island and have only bought eucalyptus oil from you ever since – about 4 years ago.

  356. Thomas says:

    We ordered banksia pods with some oils and they’re simply fantastic. Processing our order has been really easy and fast, thank you so much for you kind and professional service!

  357. Ellenore Farrer says:

    Being able to buy easily and pay online makes shopping so easy.

  358. Ellenore Farrer says:

    Great place to visit love it just wish I lived closer.

  359. Lyndall says:

    The service and friendliness at the farm was great and I have been extremely happy with my online purchases.

  360. Janet says:

    Hand cream (Kangaroo Island) smells wonderful and once soaked in leaves hands silky smooth (and not greasy). Best hand cream on the planet in my opinion. Makes hands feel a million dollars, fragrant, smooth and silky. JJ

  361. Joy says:

    I have 2 – the face cream and the skin repair cream. Face cream is nice, good price and doesn’t contain SPF, and the skin repair cream has prevented skin cracks on my hands in winter after years of using other products that did not do this.

  362. Sarnya says:

    Awesome efficiency with getting products delivered. Best price for oils I have found by far.

  363. Lois says:

    No comments other than wonderful information via phone, wonderful product and excellent delivery and tracking time.

  364. Lyn says:

    I wanted a unique eucalyptus product to take to Japan as a gift and your on line information and telephone assistance was excellent…

  365. Joy says:

    The honey is delicious, but it’s difficult to pick a favourite.

  366. Shorus says:

    Thank you for my recent order. The parcel arrived quickly, beautifully packed, along with a friendly note. The parcel tracking couldn’t be better and I am very happy with your excellent service and product (pure Emu Oil). Your website is great too.

  367. Cindi says:

    Customer service was exceptional! Truly rare these days!

  368. Janet says:

    Hand and nail cream – just love it. Just try the hand and nail cream folks, you will not be sorry

  369. Erika says:

    Emu Ridge is one of those special places where excellent customer service and super products just go hand in hand – my favorite place to purchase well-being products! – Erika G. Switzerland

  370. Joan says:

    Eucalyptus oil for treating coughs but also for the variety of other uses of the oil listed in your excellent book

  371. Peter says:

    The bright happy service is always provided and makes for a more happy experience. Very good products which is hard to be topped anywhere in Australia.

  372. Rosemary says:

    Eucalyptus Oil, Love all the products that I have tried,&that they are made with no nasties.

  373. Peter says:

    For people looking for eucalyptus and honey product there is no better place or online site to be your go to number one.

  374. Lynne says:

    Loved the prompt service. Goods were delivered well packed with emails advising on progress of delivery. Will definitely shop on line again.

  375. Rosemary says:

    A must place to visit for great products & to see the history of the Eucalyptus Farm,Owners & staff all very friendly & helpful.Thanks to all.

  376. Kerry says:

    The Lip Balm – better than any other!

  377. MS Terry Haighton says:

    I first started The result using Eucalyptus Oil many years ago, this was after a visit to Kangaroo Island. The resulting comments from visitors to my home, proved the benefits of using this product for all my domestic needs, floors laundry and personal items. One comment being, “How fresh your home smells as we walk in”, Buy the booklet on the many uses and you will not be disappointed.

  378. Narelle says:

    Eucalyptus oil. I know this is pure oil, it’s also locally produced; sustainable, medicinal grade (only need a couple of drops for chest rubs, inhalation etc) a cap full in water for cleaning/ sterilising etc. gets rid of marks on floors, rugs clothing.

  379. Sandy says:

    KI bushland body creme. Being wheat sensitive it is the only one i can fond that doesn’t break my skin out. Very soothing.

  380. L. Watson says:

    Excellent products and service! Well done!!??

  381. Erin says:

    The ordering process is so quick and easy, and I always receive the items in good time, always well-packed so never any damage. I love browsing the shop on the website – everything is well-displayed. Keep up the great service.

  382. Nergiz says:

    Although I am “only” a new customer, the company has immediately received my request and has included a personal wish message incusively a Kangaroocard to my order, which was NOT included in the purchase price. The product is as promised. I am a very satisfied new customer and will only recommend the company! Thank you very much Emu Ridge!!!

  383. Julie Stuttard says:

    I have been using the eucalyptus oil and the tea tree oil for more than 3 years now. There are so many uses for both, they are all natural and smell very fresh and Australian. Recently I have purchased some value added products which are also9 wonderful. Thank you all at Emu Ridge.

  384. Carissa says:

    Eucalyptus and Emu oils. They’re extremely high quality and can’t be as reliably found elsewhere!

  385. Danie says:

    Eucalyptus oil is my most important product. I like that I can buy in bulk. I like the good service.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Danie, thanks for your comments we really appreciate it. Eucalyptus oil of course is our most important product as well and we are glad you are happy with our service. We are always here to help. Kind regards Bev

  386. Danie says:

    Emu Ridge is a reliable and user friendly business which provides great products. I always receive my order quite quickly and I will continue to shop with them. Danie, Qld.

  387. Donna says:

    The hand and nail cream is devine as is the body lotion. I buy it as a gift for my sister who loves the product and as a gift to our overseas visitors.

  388. Victoria says:

    Kangaroo Island moisturiser – decadent and luxe with a strong scent that lasts for a while and replaces the need for perfume. Scent is reminiscent of Australian bush.

  389. The Thomasons and the LaFrinieres says:

    We were lucky to visit Emu Ride and meet Larry and some of his family. It was truly one of the highlights of our trip. Wonderful people, informative and products that are great,

  390. Nina says:

    Hand cream, the best moisturizing cream I had.

  391. Jessica says:

    Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus Hands&Nails Cream for its fragrance and freshness.
    100% Pure Australian Eucalyptus oil: it’s very efficient as decongestant for colds!

  392. Tony says:

    Super fast delivery and a great range of products. You will not be disappointed.

  393. Allan Bargwanna says:

    An Australian Co.making a great Australian Products, why aren’t we Australians buying your product instead of the Overseas ones.

  394. Wendy says:

    I was looking for Native Australian animals for a school project and this was the cheapest and only place I could find native Australian animals from an Australian company. Thank you the kids enjoyed looking at these animals.And have made some fabulous anmals of their own.

  395. Gaby says:

    I’m looking forward to the delivery. I use and love your oil since my husband and I where on your farm while our honeymoon 1994.

    I love the oil for everything in the household or as first aid in case of a cold ( even for my cats). I wouldn’t miss it anymore. Thanks for delivering even to Switzerland.

  396. Gina says:

    I am very happy with the product & the instructions that came with it. I am also happy with how quickly it arrived in the post. Some further feedback includes as follows.

    1. It would be great if future products either give the expiry date or give the information “No expiry date for this one”, so I do not need to request it.

    2. This one is general feedback only, as I was happy with the very safe arrival of my product from Emu Ridge. In the past, I have dealt with companies who insist on posting items by express because they feel pressured by other customers to receive items within a day. My personal preference it that the product is delivered safely as Emu Ridge has done, including a card left in my post box to pick it up from the post, because I was not at home when the parcel arrived. So thank you, Emu Ridge, for posting my product by normal mail and respecting my preference to wait as long as it takes for a safe delivery rather than finding it lying around on common property because it was assumed I was an inpatient customer who wanted an Express post.

    3. Thank you for allowing me to pay offline. Just a reminder to pass on information to other NSW customers (can do via your website) to pay through St George Bank (who will take it for free) and definitely not through Westpac (who will charge $15.)

    Please stay the way you are and please always make all products you have be made in Australia where ever possible. That is the reason I ordered it from you instead of buying it retail.

    Thank you. Kind Regards, Gina.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Gina, Thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts, some handy info their for our customers. Kind regards Bev

  397. Carmen Rassineux says:

    I was in Australia last january where I discovered your products. Now that I am back in Switzerland it seems to me that I’m always on holidays. Thank you for this

  398. Lisa says:

    I bought a couple of the Banksia Oil pots earlier in the year to give to visiting family; they loved them. We are going to visit them in England at Christmas and we have been asked to bring one over for another friend so decided they would be perfect gifts for friends we visit, hence buying a few. Love them.

  399. Jocelyn Johnstone says:

    I visited Emu Ridge while on a tour of Kangaroo Island in 2015. As we were due to fly back to Brisbane, I could only bring home the smaller sizes of your products. Absolutely love your lip balm, it is truly the best and I refuse to use anything else. Also love the eucalyptus oil, the amazing hand cream and your honey.
    My daughter and I recently placed an online order for more products and I was totally surprised at how quick the delivery was. I plan to place another order soon for the larger size of your euco oil, laundry liquid and shampoo/conditioner.
    For anybody thinking about purchasing your products : DON’T HESITATE !!! They are exceptional quality, ordering online is so easy and delivery is safe and so fast.
    So happy to support a fantastic, Australian, family owned business and I wish you all continued success.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Jocelyn thanks for you kind words, much appreciated and we hope you have fond memories of KI and are glad to now have you as one of our online customers. Regards Bev

  400. Anne Shirtliff says:

    Visited your KI enterprise last year and was very impressed. Brought a few small samples home. Love the eucalyptus lip balm and the hand cream. In fact I bought more lip balm for my hubby on line this year for his birthday as he says it is the only brand that keeps his lips moisturized!
    Haven’t used my oil yet, but after reading all the uses for it, am keen to try it out for cleaning purposes.

  401. lorraine houston says:

    I have purchased a few products and could not be happier, will definitely be continuing to use these products and love how fast they arrive when ordering.

  402. Danie Tuckwell says:

    I regularly add eucalyptus oil to my wash to prevent stains. It is more effective than spot cleaning before the wash and the lovely scent is a bonus. I have asthma and do not use cleaning products which is fine because eucalyptus oil is fantastically versatile as a cleaning agent around the house. Your online service is great. Really fast and efficient and backed up by ‘real people’!

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Thanks Danie we appreciate you taking the time to leave this message. We are very happy to have you as one of our online customers. Regards Bev

  403. Craig says:

    Great product, i use it often in my business, It is great for un-seizing rusted parts.

  404. Bob and Tania McLeod says:

    We would like to thank you for sending our goods. They arrived in good condition.
    Looking forward, to when we will be putting in our next order.
    Thanking you
    Bob and Tania

  405. Leone Oakhill says:

    I have used Eucalyptus Oil on and off over the years. However, it wasn’t until we visited Emu Ridge and I bought a bottle, it became an essential part of my first aid kit and cleaning supplies. Love it and love the freshness it brings to my home. And considering we live in the bush it is appropriate. The online ordering is efficient and delivering is prompt. thank you.

  406. Bjarne Andersen says:

    Hi. Coming from the other side of the world, Denmark, we visited you last year in October. It was nice to meet you and to buy some soap and lotion. It was a pleasure to get in contact with you again and you beeing able to send us some more of your products – though it took very long time to come to Denmark and we had to pay extra toll. It was worth it.

  407. Leanne Palmer says:

    Fantastic Aussie oil! Great to be able to support an all Australian company and smells better than any other I have ever bought. I use it on the floor, mixed with metho to clean my benches and polish the sink, add it to my final rinse in the washing machine and put drops in my vaporiser I love it and will continue to order from the “farm door.” I will have to get the recipe for the glass cleaner and try the idea for the toilet cleaner. Thank you for the amazingly quick arrival of my oil too.( Ps I have a new email address)

  408. Marie Hogg says:

    I use Eucalyptus oil for too many purposes to list here, but am always excited to receive my 5litres of the beautiful stuff from this business. There is never any hassle with the ordering or receiving of the order, and it is always packed with care and love. highly recommend this business and their lovely eucalyptus oil.

  409. Janice Woodyard says:

    I use the Eucalyptus Oil for washing the slate floors, the whole house smells nice and the floors are nice and clean. I have recommended the products to a few people

  410. Bruce Scott says:

    Have been using Eucalyptus Oil for many years now. Have purchased at the shop as well as online and never have had a problem with doing Direct Debit or the postal system. We use the oil for breathing issues as well as cleaning, getting glue off or just as an aromatic aroma..(usually buy the 5 litre plastic bottle).

  411. Karyn Stegemann says:

    Emu Ridge Honey is the best I have tasted and I love the honey and eucalyptus cough lollies. I buy online and it is so quick and easy. Great people to deal with.

  412. David says:

    Hi, We love your oil as it is real Aussie stuff. I still have a small bottle distilled at the museum there which I got many years ago.
    We use your eucalyptus oil for cleaning the rollers on our laminating machine. We do printing.
    David Beale.

  413. Olga Pasechnikova says:

    I bought honey and found it of the very decent quality – it is really a challenge to find similar quality on a market and I know what I am talking about. Bought a few bottles of oils and they all are of nicest quality as well along with their prices. Thank you, people for all that you produce and keep going, please!

  414. Paige says:

    Lovely products and had very prompt delivery on an item I needed to replace after it was damaged on my way home from a holiday in KI. Thank you!

  415. Year 12 Seniors says:

    Dear Bev and Emu Ridge staff,

    On behalf of the Year 12 students of 2016, we would like to thank you for having us at your venue for our formal. We all greatly appreciate the help and work that you contributed to make our formal night a special one to remember. We are also grateful for all the work leading up to the formal night, hanging the decorations, etc.
    Once again thank you for all your contribution; we can’t express how grateful we are to have worked with you.
    Many thanks,

    Year 12 Seniors 2016

  416. Marlene Coulson says:

    Love your products, use them all the time.
    Do you have a recipe for a multi purpose spray cleaner for the house and bathroom etc.
    I absolutely love your glass cleaner.
    Thank you,

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Marlene, thanks for your message. Glad you like my window cleaner. For keeping our toilets smelling fresh and sanitized we just use water with about a teaspoon of eucalyptus and lemon myrtle, shake it and spray so easy and cheap. Everyone comments on the clean fresh smell. For sanitising our toilets and vanity we just use toilet paper with pure eucalyptus oil and wipe everything and then throw away. And to clean the toilet we use about half a capful of pure eucoil and clean with the brush if it’s done each morning you never have to use anything else. The window cleaning recipe is also great for benches and just about anything. Hope this helps. Kind regards Bev

  417. Elke says:

    Today I’ve got my second order from Emu Ridge. The drops are delicious and I like all the products.
    The hand cream is excellent. I like it so much. The service at Emu Ridge ist great. Many thanks at the team there. This was definitely not my last order.

  418. anastasi says:

    Nice place , very nice products , rapid dispatch to France ! Thank you

  419. Mary says:

    I have purchased the Wild Bushland Eucalyptus hand & nail creme and the body mousse. I love the perfume and texture of these products.

  420. Helen Bell says:

    I bought the Emu Ridge skin repair while visiting you last year & love it, have since bought on-line from you, great for general use but use mostly on my face at night, beats expensive creams any day.

  421. Anne says:

    Hello! My husband and I were just in Australia for a little over a month. We spent a couple of days in Kangaroo Island (at the Stranrear Homestead – what a wonderful spot) and Graham was kind enough to stop at your store on the way to the airport, so that I could pick up some KI eucalyptus oil. I wasn’t sure how much room I would have in my suitcase so only picked up a handful of items. But I really wanted to give some of your products as gifts, so I was happy to see that you do indeed ship to the US.
    I am happy to support your business and hope to visit again in person!

  422. Frank says:

    Great stuff, bought a half litre bottle of eucaliptus oil on line, nothing else like it, wouldn’t wnanna live without it anymore 🙂 wonderful to read about this family-owned small business succesfully producing such an amazing and unique product. Keep up the good work!

  423. Mitchell Orman says:

    I bought the honey eucalyptus candy as a present for my Japanese father in law. He said it is the best he has had. It is a quality candy.

  424. Deepak Merchant says:

    We are extremely happy with the products bought from Emu Ridge and are using them regularly.
    We will be happy to reorder as we reach that stage.
    We also look forward to visit your place in future.
    With Best Regards to All..:)

  425. David says:

    Their products are great. Have purchased
    3 different types for different end uses & all could NOT be faulted.

  426. Karyn Stegemann says:

    Love the honey, i buy it for us & send it to my daughters. We use the eucalyptus rub when we have colds, and it is safe for kids. My granddaughter (4) loves the smell. I love all of the products & would definitely recomend them. Postage is fast & securely packed.

  427. Elke says:

    Dear Bev,

    I hope, you startet the new Year as well as possible.My best wishes to you. I want to thank you so much. My order has just arrived on Saturday. It was going by AirMail, and I was lovely surprised. I like your products. I visited your shop in October. I was there with a group of Terra Nova. I enjoyed the stay, but the time was too short. I took some products with me to home but it was impossible to buy more because of the weight of my luggage. So I looked for your homepage. Your products are perfect und I will order more of them. I shared the handcreams with my familiy. Mother, sister, sister in law, niece and my aunt, and naturally me too.


    Kind regards

  428. Sigrid says:

    I must admit I have had the Kangaroo Island Body Mousse for over a year which was purchased on our trip to the island in September 2014. I instantly loved everything about it! The light feel and texture, the way it’s instantly absorbed by the skin……I adore the perfume, nothing over-powering, just beautifully gentle and subtle. I really like the packaging, which is a bit unique and even like the writing on the tin! Given all that, I wanted to share it with a couple of friends, hence the double order. I should really try one of the other products next time………
    Thank you, though, for such a gorgeous product.

  429. Brian Gauci says:

    When on my last trip to KI, I had a sore throat and had been coughing for several weeks. I called in to Emu Ridge and they gave me some eucalyptus lollies and added a few drops of eucalyptus oil to them. Within sever hours I noticed the difference with the cough disappearing totally within several days. I highly recommend the company and product to all users. Thank you.

  430. anagha says:

    I visited Emu Ridge this year on the way to kangaroo island tour . really liked the products. and specially eucalyptus oil. it helped me to stop my pimples on face.
    also body scrub and sun cream is good.

  431. Bruce Ledo Whyalla South australia says:

    My wife and I found Emu Ridge on a holiday many years ago. We have been loyal customers ever since. I use eucalyptus oil all the time for everything I can think of. I would not consider washing clothes without it. My late wife was a soap maker and she found the unique scent very marketable. A very special home grown product that cant be beat.

  432. Mark says:

    I have now completed an order for the soap I wanted (after buying two bars in July when we visited). It is the best thing since sliced bread and it fits in my soap holder (I drive trucks so I am away from home a lot).
    Thanks again Mark

  433. Jennifer Simpson says:

    I discovered Emu Ridge Oils snake repellent recipe on Facebook and decided to try it out.
    I ordered the oils, and from time of order to delivery, I was kept updated.
    The oils arrived, beautifully and securely packed.
    The service has been friendly and extremely helpful.
    I will buy from these lovely people again!
    Thankyou, Emu Ridge.

  434. Jan Williams says:

    I’ve used many brands of hand cream in the past and Emu Ridge makes the best. It really is a great product.

  435. Kathleen says:

    I found out about Emu Ridge on a vacation to Kangaroo Island and I have been extreamly happy with the products and the friendly service I have gotten from them.
    thank you!

  436. Maurice & Vivien Brazier says:

    We visited Emu Ridge in May on our tour of Australia. We found our visit very interesting and informative and the products we purchased have been great. We have since reordered and will do so again in the future.

  437. Johanna Swales says:

    product is great, eucalyptus oil wonderful for removing marks as a pre wash on clothes.
    Bought on line, very professional service, delivered in good time and packed very well. would recommend

  438. Marlene says:

    We visited you earlier this year and bought some of your products.
    I have to say I have used your eucalyptus oil for all my cleaning ever since and it is amazing. I cannot use commercial cleaning products because i have Asthma.
    I use your oil in water in a spray and it cleans everything beautifully and actually helps my breathing.
    Your glass cleaner recipe is BRILLIANT.
    I now order from you online.
    Thank you Marlene Coulson WA.

  439. Marlene says:

    We visited you earlier this year and bought some of your products.
    I have to say I have used your eucalyptus oil for all my cleaning ever since and it is amazing. I cannot use commercial cleaning products because i have Asthma.
    I use your oil in water in a spray and it cleans everything beautifully and actually helps my breathing.
    Your glass cleaner recipe is BRILLIANT.
    I now order from you online.
    Thank you Marlene Coulson WA.

  440. Dianne says:

    Hi Team

    For some years now we have been ordering Eucalyptus Oil online and getting you to deliver it to a Queensland address for us to collect, on our next visit.

    This system has worked brilliantly and we are able to bring this oil from there to NZ without any problems.

    It is a great product and my husband uses it in the Men’s sauna at their Breakfast Club, plus I use it for most cleaning purposes!

    Thank you for such great and efficient service.

    Kind regards
    Diane Fortune

  441. luka Marini says:

    Since the 1992 when I buyed my first eucalipto oil , I found the best and naturally products as never seen in my life.
    I carried my first pot in Brescia ,Lombardy, and from that day I never forget the emu ridge.
    Even if I live so far , thanks you for existing…

  442. Donna says:

    Fantastic products. My favourites are the hand cream and body wash

  443. Linda Pollock says:

    We visit our son and family in Adelaide about every 18 months and this time we drove to KI.Visiting your farm was one of the highlights. Every one has loved the presents we brought home and when we come back to SA we will be ordering some more presents to bring back to the UK with us.

  444. Rosemary Lambert says:

    We visited in May & brought products for own use & gifts. All have been great. It was also great to meet Bev & Larry to hear the history of the Eucalyptus Farm & to do the tour. All very interesting & well worth it. Great to be able to buy Australian made products & hope more people learn & hear about these great products.
    We went back to buy more products before returning to Adelaide.
    We will be visiting again in September.
    Bev, Larry & Staff are all very friendly & helpful.

  445. Bernadette says:

    Je recommande les produits de Emu Ridge,
    Cette entreprise familiale élabore des gammes de premières qualités, fabrication artisanale bio.
    L’essence d’eucalyptus est excellente et pratique pour de multiples usages !
    N’hésitez pas – Le sérieux est garanti à tous les niveaux.
    Don’t hesitate to order !
    First quality products,
    I use to order from France, and I am very satisfy !

  446. laura fontanella says:

    I first bought the eucalyptus oil many years ago while visiting the island, during my honeymoon. I love Emuridge eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil. Since 2005 I purchase on line every year (since I live in Italy).
    I would love to come back!

  447. Patricia Dargan says:

    Fantastic products!!! I fell in love with the ‘Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus Body Moose’ when I visited in 2012 and have been buying various products from Emu Ridge ever since. The Emu Oil is divine on the skin all over the body and fantastic for ezema sufferers. The quality of the product is unbeatable and Australia owned!!! I highly recommend their soaps too.

  448. John Van Wijngaarden says:

    We went to Emu ridge several years ago and brought a number of products there we liked the eucalyptus soap so much we came back to buy some more since then we regularly buy about a dozen blocks online to keep us going good product.

  449. Erika Maria says:

    Hi Bev,
    I absolutely love the skin repair cream, especially after working in the garden and in the winter months. Can’t wait to try the Lemon Myrtle essential oil with honey for my bronchitis.
    Kindest regards Erika 🙂

  450. Laura Occhipinti says:

    Fantastic products, serious company, fully satisfied!!

  451. Erin says:

    I’ve been buying your Eucalyptus Oil for nearly two years. I add it to the water when washing floors, but my favourite cleaner is one of your recipes from the Recipe Book – mixing it with pink Handy Andy and water. I have it in a spray bottle and use it for anything and everything. Also useful in the oil burner if we feel congested through winter, and I also make a chest rub incorporating the oil. One of the most useful products available. So glad I can get it easily online. Thanks.

  452. Maria says:

    great products, exceptional delivery time

  453. Cara says:

    Just love your little essential oil wood pots. Beautifully handcrafted and so sweet. Perfect sitting next to my bed – a put a few drops of lavender and petitgrain essential oil to aid a restful sleep. Thank you, so unique and so beautiful how the little pots draws the oils to fill the room with a lovely fragrance of choice. A wonderful bonus to know that they are locally made. Big Smiles! Cara

  454. Moira Smith says:

    I have been buying your Eucalyptus oil ever since our visit a few years ago. My son who is a cook adds it to his clothes when washing because of the odours etc that build up from cooking fat etc. I use it for washing floors to keep a fresh smell in the house despite a dog inside!
    I much prefer to support small and family run businesses else we will have no real choice in the future.

  455. Jane Bluett says:

    Was so impressed how speedily my parcel arrived! Many thanks for such promptitude. Regards Jane

  456. Margaret Rasmussen says:

    After visiting Kangaroo Island and purchasing your eucalyptus soap we became converts. It is the only soap we now use and your mail order service is fantastic.
    We also love the honey and eucalyptus lollies which are always in the car and are great when sore throats come along.

  457. Ruth says:

    We love Emuridge products bought soap & skin repair when visited Kangaroo Is & subsequently purchased online. We would recommend Emuridge products as they are Australia made & actually make your skin feel amazing

  458. Ann Jones says:

    Thanks Emu Ridge for your fast response to my order
    Just received my new pot of Fragonia and Neroli face cream,I adore it !
    Trying this time, Skin reair Cream which is so creamy and soothing.Wondeful for winter chapped skin in cold Victoria
    Thanks to for your easy ordering system makes on line shopping a breeze
    Do you ever ship overseas ?
    Some of the products would make great gifts

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Ann, so glad to hear and yes we do ship most products overseas 🙂

  459. Wendy Myllynen says:

    I have bought Eucalyptus products from Emu Ridge for many years, not only for myself but for family members also. I buy the litre bottle of Eucalyptus Oil and use it for so many things – in the clothes washing, removing all stains from almost anything, cleaning everything in my bathroom, using it with water to wash floors, using as a rub for a chest cold. It is absolutely marvellous.
    I also buy the Eucalyptus soaps and they are by far the best soap you can ever use. My father who is 85 y.o. and my aunt who is 91 y.o. just love them too.
    Being an all Australian company, you cannot get better than products from Emu Ridge.

  460. Cc says:

    THE BEST!! Ozzie owned & made too! My daughter and I share a 5 litre bottle of Eucalyptus Oil – great value. Fabulous in the ‘rinse’ cycle for clothes. Also a very effective, natural product for sinus relief!

  461. Felicity says:

    I love your Eucalyptus Oil – having been to Kangaroo Island many times we always stop in to restock – unfortunately with no trips planned I had to resort to buying online and having it posted – what a wonderful service – fast delivery of the precious oil. We use the oil for many things – disinfecting, removing sticker glue on glass, air freshener to name a few. What a wonderful and natural product – Thank you.

  462. Emma says:

    Received some products as a gift and loved them so bought them online for my friends here in England. All arrived quickly. Good value.

  463. Wilma Cox says:

    First bought the eucalyptus oil many years ago while visiting the island. One smell and I bought the biggest bottle I could at the time. It has the most beautiful soft eucalyptus smell, not hard and chemically like others I have bought, I suppose it is the trees that grow on the island, and their environment. That bottle has lasted ages and gets used all through the house, and in the rinse cycle of each washing load. I love it, can’t be without it. Thank you for such a good product. I was thrilled that my new bottle( big huge one) is still as beautiful a product as my old one. I was worried it might have changed.

  464. Jo says:

    Solid products from a genuine Australian business. Doesn’t get any better!

  465. Jenny says:

    Recently visited Kangaroo Island and went to Emu Ridge Distillery. Loved the shop there and purchased Eucalyptus oil and hand cream. Loved the products so much that on our return home to Sydney I put in an order online for more hand cream and body lotion. The process was very easy and delivery was prompt. Great service!

  466. Bernadette says:

    Je recommande les produits de Emu Ridge,
    Cette entreprise familiale élabore des gammes de premières qualités, fabrication artisanale bio.
    L’essence d’eucalyptus est excellente et pratique pour de multiples usages !
    N’hésitez pas – Le sérieux est garanti à tous les niveaux.

    Don’t hesitate to order !
    First quality products,
    I use to order from France, and I am very satisfy !

  467. I really love the essential oils of Blackboy rose, Rainforest, Boronia and Lilly of the Valley .I use them for influencing the mood of my patients giving them freshness or relief of anxiety and depression. Its really excellent quality!

  468. Bev says:

    Great products and find the shampoo and conditioner especially good.

  469. Sharan van Leeuwen says:

    After visiting the island and its many wonders..Emu Ridge has awesome products bought many ..now I just shop on line..quick..fast…efficient service every time. I love the eucalyptus oil …I use in handmade soaps …wash my timber floors the house smells amazing..dab some on a tissue when my grandies have a cold and put it under their jumpers..great for smelly bins…the uses are unlimited….Keep the the awesome work

  470. masaki kanai says:

    Since I bought the Eucalyptus oil for the first time on Kangaroo island, I am completely happy to have one at home.
    This kind of oil is not available in Switzerland, so I re-purchased a bigger bottle.
    I strongly recommend everyone to have this oil..

  471. Tony Mundy says:

    Each time we visit the island, we restock our supply of eucalyptus oil and have mail ordered if we run out before next visit. We use for a myriad of jobs, it is a great product. Thanks Emu Ridge for your friendly service and taking the time to keep customers satisfied.

  472. Pauline says:

    Love Eucalyptus oil.

    Use it as a cleaning agent as I have a lung condition and other cleaning agents not allow me to breathe.

    Love the washing liquid

  473. Brett, SA says:

    Hi, I used the snake repellent 2 weeks ago after having no success trying Scott’s wheelie bin cleaner (contains phenyl/phenol). I’d read that some people had success using the phenyl. In the meantime I purchased the ingredients from emu ridge for the snake repellent (my big guns). So when the snake (30cm juvenile eastern brown) reappeared 2 weeks ago after disappearing for two weeks (probably under some timber steps all along) I got the big guns out. I unfortunately got some of your repellent on the snake’s side as he poked his head out in-between two sleepers. He then retreated back under the timber steps and I continued to spray around the area (decked out in boots/jeans/jacket/safety gloves and pressure pack). That was on the Saturday at my shack near Mannum, when I returned the following Friday the snake was unfortunately “very dead” and I could even see where the repellent had caused a large wound (chemical burn maybe). The ants and flies did the rest. So now I’m topping up my ingredients in readiness for the next visitor, if and when they arrive or as a preventative spray just before Easter. It’s not my intention to kill them as I think they’re an amazing creature, I think red-bellied blacks are beautiful critters (I’m not frightened of snakes, just their venom) so next time i’ll spray the area without spraying directly on the snake.
    Thank you so much for posting this repellent, it’s been a great help. I don’t feel so helpless anymore.
    Regards and best wishes

  474. Sue, Victor Harbor says:

    Hi, I have had a patch of psoriasis behind my left ear approximately 7.5cm square. I used the Skin Repair Cream for only 3 days twice a day and it has since resolved and I have no sign of it anymore. “Love the stuff”

  475. Loz Fin says:

    A huge thank you to Bev and the team for delivering the most beautiful gift hamper to my parents who are staying on KI for their 40th wedding anniversary. Bev you are so knowledgeable about the products, and were so helpful in making this happen for Mum and Dad. They mentioned that you even took the time to tell them all about the produce when you hand delivered the hamper- you certainly don’t get service like that in the city! Highly recommended!

  476. Glenda Inverarity says:

    I visited your property last weekend and loved it.

  477. Sue Castledine says:

    A great place to remember and have a great experience, great yarns and fantastic products !!

  478. L Mion, Victoria says:

    I find four drops of Eucalyptus oil in warm water and gargle helps my sore throat or even just on a teaspoon of honey.

  479. C Pozsar, Victoria says:

    I love to use Eucalyptus oil on a cotton ball to keep my house smelling fresh. Place it in a vacuum cleaner as a freshener. Or place a few drops on the Vacuum Cleaner bag.

  480. Luka Marinšek says:

    After 22 years (first pot buyed).
    I received your product today.
    And in my mind a dream has becomes a reality.
    Relive the smells of 22 years ago.
    Thank you for existing.

  481. N Parsons, Dondingolong. says:

    To keep cats away from my house and garden, I place Eucalyptus oil on cotton balls and put them around my garden.

  482. The Chair Doctor, Wingfield. says:

    I use Eucalyptus oil for removing marks and stains off my chairs.

  483. Rose Powell says:

    Hi just wanted to tell you the hand cream I had won is so heavenly I really love it my hands are becoming softer thankyou so much

  484. Tamara Diener says:

    Received my Hand cream today, It smells AMAZING and feels great, no oily residue. LOVE IT
    Thank you so much

  485. Karen Beckman says:

    Thanks Bev, I did receive your parcel in post yesterday. Love the scrub… smells so good! Thanks for this lovely gift

  486. Lola Sorrento says:

    Put Eucalyptus oil on fishing line to attract fish.

  487. Sheryl Morris says:

    Thankyou Emu Ridge for my lovely gift. This is just perfect and I can’t wait to use it.
    Keep up the good work

  488. Jan Kutzner says:

    Thank-you for the lovely gift of my Lip Balm, it’s gorgeous and I’ve had to fight my daughter off from claiming it for herself..

  489. Trisha Warren says:

    Put an order in on Monday and received it today. Thankyou Emu Ridge, good job.

  490. Jenny Ockwell says:

    Fantastic place to visit. Friendly, down to earth people who where happy to have a chat. Beautiful produce….loving the skin care products! Our kids loved making bath salts with Bev and taking home their treasures. Make sure you check out the very talented art on the walls by Bev and her daughter. You are a credit to Kangaroo Islands guys.

  491. R Snell, Semaphore South. says:

    Eucalyptus oil is fantastic for cleaning grease stains or any other stains from my suits. I just put Eucalyptus Oil on brown paper, surge with iron until stain removed.

  492. B. Overton, Kangaroo Island says:

    I put on splinters within a day and they will squeeze straight out.

  493. Kylie Jennings says:

    Was there with friends for my 40th. Great place and very friendly people. BTW the Wild Berry Conserve is fantastic with kangaroo. Keep up the good work.

  494. Sherryn Pillans says:

    Bev love your warm inviting atmosphere a must see for all that travelling KI.

  495. Peter Bottnberg, PHD (Dentist), Brussels, Belgium says:

    Eucalyptus oil i used for root canal re-treatment – dissolves old filling.

  496. Sharon Orchard says:

    Love the washing detergent wont use anything else. that means we have to return quite regularly to stock up.

  497. Valerie Hamilton says:

    Lovely place to visit. We were there in 2010.

  498. Tracey Hockey says:

    Just received the box of your Eucalyptus Soap! Thanks so much another lot that should last about 8 months! We LOVE this soap – thank you.

  499. Christine Griffith says:

    Little hint I found in book:- It’s easy to clean perspiration stains on the inside edge of a hat – just rub it with eucalyptus oil.

  500. Sarah Warner says:

    Just wanted to say thankyou for the Emu oil, Was lovely to meet you and look forward to buying alot more

  501. Lucy Asalemo says:

    Hi Bev & Larry,
    Thanks so much for the job you guys have been a joy to work for already excited to come back!! Take care & have fun,safe travels. See you in September until then see you on FB! thanks again
    Lucy & Asa xo

  502. Ehlin Amanda Johansson says:

    Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I sent a bottle of your Eucalyptus oil home. I just lost my voice and since I’m working as an actress now, I really need it. So I poured some oil in boiling water and took a couple of deep breaths – tadaaaa! Voice is back. Well, not perfectly, I still need to be careful, but I won’t have to cancel any shows, because I have plenty of oil left!

  503. Vicki Benson says:

    Hi from Jump Up For Youth .. best Eucalyptus available loving the online shop too great idea

  504. Cindy Sharp says:

    Loved going through here…It was the ONLY place I saw a Kangaroo during my trip to K.I

  505. Ann Jamieson says:

    What can I say, What a clever talented bunch the Turner’s are. Keep up the good work, and making the fantastic products that we all use and need. Such a great K I sucess story !!