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ki coffee post (594 x 420 px)

Kangaroo Island Coffee

copy of diy recipes (594 x 420 px)

Steam Release with Eucalyptus Oil


Barrier Balm All Natural Australian Eucalyptus

Recycled Bubble Wrap from KI Crash repairs

Recycling at Emu Ridge


Fathers Day Kangaroo Island Hampers


FATHERS DAY Kangaroo Island Style

diy window

Homemade Glass Cleaner

mosquito bite

Mosquito Bite Remedies Eucalyptus or Tea Tree Oil!

hello how are you

Hello how are you? There is Hope for all of us!


10% OFF EVERYTHING* Online at Emu Ridge Eucalyptus


Natural Vapour Rub Emu Ridge

Clove Bud Emu Ridge

Clove Oil Uses