Our Environment

Sound Environmental Practices

At Emu Ridge, we have a genuine belief in the need for sound environmental management in every aspect of what we do. Farmland is more commercially viable and ultimately self sustaining through revegetation and farming of our natural resources. This has meant a change in direction from general farming practices (i.e. from wool production and grain cropping to farming our native vegetation which nature has spent thousand of years developing specifically for our environment).

Our main concern is the redevelopment and preservation of the natural environment. Most importantly, we want to farm without the use of chemicals or sprays. Waste products are recycled and re-used throughout the distilling process, helping to preserve the environment. The boiled leaves from the "old cook" are reused as a fuel for the fire in the distillery, and also as sterile mulch. We are also responsible for our own water.

With continued media exposure and guided tours of the site we are increasing awareness, promoting and publicising our ecologically sound land utilization and management. These ideals have ultimately provided a unique experience for tourists and, we believe, benefited the economy, ecology and culture of Kangaroo Island as a whole.

"Emu Ridge believes our natural resources are our greatest assets."

Environment, Emu Ridge Eucalyptus oil Kangaroo Island
Environment, Emu Ridge Eucalyptus oil Kangaroo Island

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision has this statement in mind at all times. What we would like to see is continued growth not only in our business but in the knowledge of our resources and the use of them in a sustainable way.

At this stage Emu Ridge produces its oil from approximately 130 acres of natural scrubland and plantation area. Of our 650 acres of land, only 20% is currently in use. However, our goal is to revegetate the whole farm with not only the native Eucalyptus but also many other species of native vegetation.

At our full potential we will produce:

  • Eucalyptus Oil - Kangaroo Island Narrow Leaf Mallee Eucalyptus cneorifolia
  • Brush Fencing - Broom Bush Melaleuca uncinata
  • Fresh Flowers - Kangaroo Island Thryptomine ericacea
  • Chocolates, Jams and Sauces - Native Currant Acrotriche depressa
  • Honey & products - Ligurian Bees endemic to K.I.
  • Rainwater - Kangaroo Island Rainwater
  • Leather and Meat - Kangaroo Island Wallaby

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  1. Vivian Tsaridis on 8 February 2018 at 6:58 am

    Hi Mr and Mrs Turner,
    I enjoyed reading about your story and would love to visit the farm/ shop.
    I would like to enquire about the emu oil .
    Do you produce it, is it pure and which one out of your range has the most concentrated or pure oil?
    Kind Regards
    Vivian Tsaridis