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Fragonia is Australia’s newest essential oil. It has the ability to work at a deeper level, being extremely mild oil & very rejuvenating as it works wonders used in face cream, as well as having a calming, beautiful fragrance. Suitable for a wide range of skin types. Use day and night.

Available in 50ml size.


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Fragonia is Australia’s newest essential oil. It has the ability to work at a deeper level, being extremely mild oil & very rejuvenating as it works wonders used in face cream, as well as having a calming, beautiful fragrance. Suitable for a wide range of skin types. Use day and night.

Available in 50ml size.


Ingredients: Aqua, Pola wax, Emu oil, Shae Butter, KI Olive oil, Acocado oil, organic Coconut oil, Cetyl Alcohol & Preservative 





Essential oils:  Rose Geranium, Fragonia, Lavender & Neroli

4.3/5 (7 Reviews)

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25 reviews for Face Cream – Fragonia

  1. Amy

    In the past I have struggled with skin breakouts but since using this face cream, my skin has almost completely cleared up. I won’t use any other product on my skin other than this one. The ingredients are natural and leave your face feeling fresh and light, unlike other face creams that are heavy and oily. Absolutely love it, couldn’t recommend more!

    • Emu Ridge

      Hi Amy, Wow we are thrilled that the Face cream is working so well for you. We love it too and love people enjoying it and seeing how good it is for your skin. Thanks for supporting us. Kind Regards, Nicole

  2. emily bowman- Adelaide

    I don’t use anything else on my face now this stuff is amazing, due to all the great ingredients and oils in the cream you think it would be oily, but it is the perfect cream to give you the moisture without feeling something on your skin. Love it :)))

    • Emu Ridge

      Hi Emily, So glad you are enjoying your face cream. We love to see people enjoying our products. Kind regards, Nicole

  3. Janet

    We loved our visit to your business, and I am now hooked on your Emu Oil Face Cream!

  4. Dee Westcott

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the face Cream!!!!

    • Emu Ridge

      We are so happy to hear! Thank you for your review 🙂 Regards, Acacia

  5. Hélène D’Amours

    Love it from Québec Canada

    • Emu Ridge

      Hi Hélène,
      Thankyou so much! We are glad you love our facecream. We look forward to packing your future orders, and hope to see you here in person in the future!
      Warm regards,

  6. Jess

    My sister introduced me to your face cream and I have not looked back since. I dont like scented skin products but this cream has a delicate and beautiful scent, it is not grease and it absorbs into my skin so easily. I have recommended your cream to many other women who also were impressed with it

  7. Anne

  8. Mary

    Really love the face cream. I use it after every shower for my face, and also find it very soothing on a troublesome dry patch on my back. Love that the packaging is recycled from local businesses

  9. Gail

    When visiting your store my sister and I bought some of your products (emu oil, soaps etc) and I have just received my second order of fragonia & neroli face cream and love it. It goes on smoothly and my face is much better for it. I love the healing powers in the emu oil it’s amazing how quickly it works. So thank you shall certainly keep ordering and hopefully soon visit again. Gail

  10. Marion

    I loved the products that I purchased and would definetly purchase them again – The Emu Ridge Fragonia & Neroli Face Cream it is fantastic & Wild Bushland hand and nail cream. Love them both.

  11. Jenny

    I visited your property back in February this year (before the CCV). When there the lady introducing the products mentioned about the Fragonia & Neroli Face Cream. I truly wish to thank you for this. It has been THE BEST face cream I have ever tried. My facial skin has been quite ‘sun damaged’ – This face cream has been the best discovery ever – and the emu oil!!! Amazing. THANK YOU.

  12. Fay

    My favourite product is the Fragonia + Neroli face cream as it is so soft, not greasy and a lovely scent.
    Also use your Eucalyptus Oil as a disinfectant and stain remover.
    Love the products, and the fact that they are produced on site using natural ingredients and traditional methods.
    A small business on Kangaroo Island which needs to be supported, especially now in the midst of such devastation brought on by the massive fires in Australia.

  13. Naomi

    Your website is easy to use, if it is not frustrating for me to use it must be good…
    My favourite product is your Fragonia face cream. It goes on light but really does the job. Use it morning and night.

  14. Donna Callaghan

    I love my Fragonia & Neroli Face Cream – excellent product, love the subtle scent and it is very good value
    All excellent products at great prices.

  15. Bronwyn

    This wonderful face cream feels great, non greasy and smells good.

  16. Denise McLarty

    I like the Fragonia & Neroli Face Cream, it feels nice to use and is a good moisturiser.
    Excellent online service, prompt and well packaged delivery.

  17. Glenice

    Fregonia and Neroli face cream. This product has a good “feel” to the fingers, keeps my face moisturized and smooth. Has a delightful fragrance too!

  18. Joy

    Two products I love are Skin Repair which is the first cream I have tried that prevents cracked quicks on my fingers, and it doesn’t stay greasy. The next is Face cream which has no sunscreen in it and it is nice to use.

  19. Anne Martin

    Love this cream! I have a very dry skin and have found most face creams are either too oily or too dry. Smells good too. Just wish it came in a larger size.

    • Bev Turner

      Hi Anne, thanks very much for your feedback we really appreciate your kind words. Great idea for a larger size, we will have to see if possible. Thanks again and have a wonderful Christmas & New Year! Kind regards, Ella.

  20. Christina

    I love your your Fragonia face cream very smooth and readily absorbed.

  21. Linda

    Both your fragonia face cream and the all natural hand and nail cream are lovely.

  22. Helen

    After using face cream for a couple of days day and night and only using a tiny amount I had noticed an improvement in my skin

  23. Pamela

    Love your face creme, the one with neroli et al. It’s light enough, and feels great on the skin. Very happy to have source for Emu oil, as well as reasonably-sized bottle for clove oil — which I use as base for cleaning spray.

  24. Denise

    My favourite product so far is the face cream – lovely fragrance and not greasy, works really well. Hand cream also very good, moisturises extremely well.

  25. Joy A

    I have been using the hand cream containing emu oil for about the last 3 years after purchasing some when we visited on a tour. Before that I used a well-known skin-repair cream but still frequently suffered with cracked skin on my fingers, especially in winter. Since using the emu oil cream, I have not had a single crack on my fingers. It also soaks in well – the other one I used would be slimy when next I washed my hands, but not the emu oil one. I couldn’t believe it – it is a fantastic product.
    I was also searching for a face cream without SPF, so tried the Emu Ridge one and have been more than happy with it, plus it is much less expensive than the product I used previously.