Emu Oil for Animals, Birds, & Reptiles

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Emu Oil is Safe for All Animals Birds and Reptiles

Our Emu Ridge Emu Oil is safe to use with animals of all types, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, ferrets, reptiles, and more. All the things that emu oil helps humans for will help animals for all the same things.

Our fur babies are part of the family, they can experience aches, pains, skin irritations, rashes, itches from bites and gut issues, just like us.

Emu Oil is the closest oil to the one found in the human skin. It is high in Vitamins A, D, E, F & K2 and Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 oils therefore very healing for the skin. It can be used to help eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis, heals burns reduces scarring and is great for arthritis, inflammation, and aching muscles. Emu Oil is extremely low allergenic therefore ideal for sensitive skin a highly penetrating remedial oil that has multiple applications on animals.

One of the great things about emu oil compared to other treatments is that it is non-toxic. It can be applied externally or taken internally. They love it and will eat it off of the spoon, or you can mix it with their food!

Orphans that leave mums pouch too soon – We have cared for orphaned animals for over 30 years on Kangaroo Island, we find emu oil fantastic to oil the animals that are not yet furred, possums, echidnas, wallaby’s, and kangaroos. Mums pouch is moist and keeps there skin moist, artificial pouches are dry so the animals can get very dry skin, we oil them morning and night until the fur is long enough that they don’t need the moisture anymore!

Signs of Omega Deficiencies in Pets:

Dull Dry Coat, Hot Spots and Cracked Paws or hooves,
Yeast Infections, Arthritis, other Inflammatory Diseases it can also help allergies to inhaled substances such as pollen and moulds, Eye & Heart Problems

Below are some of the things that our Emu Oil may help your pet with.

Inflammation, Joint Pain and Stiffness
Healing Flea and other Bites
Relieving Allergy Symptoms
Muscle Pain
Stomach Problems
Hair Loss
Skin Infection, Itchy skin & dermatitis
Bleeding from Scratching and Wounds
Ear Mites and Bug Bites
Ear Infections Skin infections
Dry and damaged skin, chapped paws
Healthy coat
Strong nails
Brain/eye development

How to use Emu Oil

For skin, joint and muscle issues, heat the oil up by squeezing a small amount onto your hands and rubbing together. Apply it to the affected skin, joints or muscles. You can be apply it up to 3 times a day. For minor skin issues and general skin/coat health, you can add a few drops to your pet’s shampoo and wash according to shampoo instructions. We still recommend spot testing the oil on your pet’s skin and waiting 24 hours for any reaction before applying it to a larger area.

For general health add ¼ teaspoon of oil per 10kg of body weight to your pet’s food once daily.  Build this up over a few days to ensure they don’t have a reaction you can give more. Then you can reduce the amount of oil based on the improvement of your pet’s symptoms. A little trial and error to get it right!

Below are some furbaby reviews from some happy customers from our website!


This is a review from the above image. “Hi Bev, I received my order on Friday and straight away started our dog Coco on the Oil. She has actually stopped scratching! We plan to slowly decrease her medication. I have also tried the oil on my hands, I have osteoarthritis and have already had both thumb joints replaced, a finger joint replaces and a couple of finger joints fused. All I can say is I wish I had discovered Emu oil along time ago. The pain has decreased and the joints feel more mobile. I have halved her medication dose since starting the emu oil, over the next month I will gradually reduce the dose and hope to have her completely off the medication. She loves the oil, just licks it from the spoon”.

We are championing your products – the Emu Oil is really helping one of our dogs Toffee manage his allergy and itchiness. He is now resting peacefully and not scratching himself. He is a rescue dog and now a loved member of our family, however suffers both environmental and food allergies – we are doing what we can to manage. We can control the food – hard to control all the environmental factors in Singapore. Nice to have found that the Emu Oil, being natural, appears to manage symptoms better than anything else we have tried. We don’t like to medicate too much as long term use of the allergy drugs causes other issues.😊 Rick)


sleigh dogs

Hi, I received the emu oil shipment today, up here in Yukon Territory of Canada. That was incredibly fast – thank you! Just to let you know the oil will be used in a mix we make that we put on the feet of our dog team for post-run maintenance and health of their pads. So your oil will be leaving little traces up in the Yukon and Alaska this winter as we travel and race.
Cheers from Jacob

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