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Buy Australian And Support Local Producers

At Emu Ridge we are a proud, family owned business that produces and sells 100% pure Australian Eucalyptus Oil, as well as many other associated natural products.

Australian manufacturers, farmers, fishermen and processors make some of the best products in the world. By purchasing our goods, you’re not only supporting local jobs and our economy, but also getting great products you can trust.

The best way to identify genuine Australian goods is looking at the label. If the label says “Product of Australia” this guarantees that what you are purchasing is something that is truly Australian. Slogans such as “Made in Australia” and many others can quite often be very misleading. Buying locally produced products means you can have the confidence of knowing  that the products have had to meet high Australian standards, so they are of a superior quality and it is also nice to know that we are always only a phone call away if you have any questions.

We are proud to say that all of the eucalyptus oil we supply is 100% pure and 100% produced in Australia. It is produced in an environmentally sustainable manner, in a pristine environment. Did you know that 90% of the worlds eucalyptus oil these days is produced by countries like China and Brazil? They use an Australian species called The Tasmanian Blue Gum or ‘Eucalyptus globulus’and Radiata’. Unfortunately, if you buy your Eucalyptus oil from a pharmacy  or supermarket, it is more than likely not 100% pure and certainly not Australian produced. We don’t use any sprays or chemicals on our trees as they are native to our area, they are called the Kangaroo island Narrow Leaf Mallee or Eucalyptus cneorifolia. We can re-harvest our trees every one to two years, due to the fact that Eucalyptus Mallee trees always coppice new shoots, so  they are always generating new growth which is great for the environment.

So look on the side of the label for Product of Australia, and with Australia’s strict labelling regulations we must also have how many mLs per litre are in 1 litre of Eucalyptus oil, so our label also says 1000mL/l  (per litre) that way you know that it is 100%  pure. If its not on the label who knows what it is, or where it comes from!

Some deceptive brands even go as far as to write Produced by Australian Eucalyptus Trees!!! Yes but where!!

We hope this has helped you understand Australia’s labelling laws and we look forward to you supporting our business.

Click on these links if you would like to know more about Emu Ridge and our Eucalyptus oil Distillery History or our range of pure natural Australian produced products.

Keep Your Farmers Close

7 Replies to “Buy Australian And Support Local Producers”

  1. Jo Gerrard says:

    Do you sell Emu Ridge emu oil anywhere in Canberra

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Hi Jo, thanks for contacting us. We only sell our products online and in store at the moment. You can order our products through our online shop or give us call and we are happy to do it over the phone. Thanks, Ella.

  2. Amira says:

    I would like to ask if you sale live emu I need to send them to egypt please let me know if you can help me with that

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi what a strange request. We have a licence to sell emu eggs as edible or blown or we sell our emu oil all over the world. We dont sell Emus sorry. Regards Bev

  3. Rachael Tan says:

    is Emu Ridge Eucalyptus oil sold in AU pharmacy? i’ll be in Melbourne and Canberra in a few weeks time and wondering if its sold in pharmacy etc.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Rachel, our products are only available online or from our retail shop on Kangaroo Island, we look forward to hearing from you. Regards Bev https://www.emuridge.com.au/shop/

    2. Emu Ridge says:

      Hi our products are only available in our shop on Kangaroo Island or online. We hope you hear from you. Kind regards Bev

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