Merilyn Henderson

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Merilyn is a lovely lady whom I first met as a child but had more to do with her during my childrens Calisthenic years. Merilyn volunteered her time and made countless costumes and leotards for the Kangaroo Island Calisthenic Club, and later the School Rockeistedfod Costumes, I have often called on her to help with certain costumes Ive had to make and mending!
Merilyn first started making our work uniforms, the Vests and Jumpers, she doesnt just embroider them, they are made from scratch. Customers started asking if they could purchase them, so a partnership began over 25 years ago.
You will find them on the website here!
Merilyn is a true blue Islander with a beautiful heart, she has volunteered much of her later years to the Calisthenics Club and KIX FM 90.7 Radio Station, she has worked tireslessly to raise money for different charities and our community over the years. She told me “I started sewing when I was medically unfit to work at the age of 48. I started sewing patchwork jumpers to sell to the tourists as therapy, then went on to make and embroider School wear, that led on to making and embroidering Jumpers and Vests among many other things to sell to the Tourists which I have be doing for 30 years now, I love my sewing and my sewing room” I know that Merilyn also embroids the logos and Business names on many of the local sports clubs and businesses on Kangaroo Island. She is a talented lady!
Jumpers come in sizes sm, med, lge, XL, XXL $60.00
Vests come in sizes sm, med, lge, XL, XXL $40.00
Scarves are available in assorted colors and designs $15.95
Hand towels for the bathroom or the kitchen are available in assorted colors and designs.