DIY Reed Diffuser Refills

A common question, I have an empty diffuser bottle and sticks and it’s to nice to throw away? Can I make my own refill when my Diffuser runs out?  So here are a couple of easy options for you!How To Make Homemade Reed DiffusersThis is a great way to disperse Emu Ridge essential oils around your home. […]

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All Natural Easter Eggs

I love these ideas if you’re wanting Natural food dyes for deep, rich, earthy coloured Easter eggs! Aren’t they beautiful? Anything from wine to onion skins can be used as an all natural dye. All you need to do is put the eggs in boiling water with your desired “natural dye” and boil away for […]

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DIY Hand Sanitiser

The new COVID19 virus pandemic has caused Hand Sanitisers to sell out! Our T/Tree & Eucalyptus oil sales have sky rocketed! People are asking us questions  on how to make your own DIY hand sanitisers, and surface cleaners? Some commercial hand sanitisers contain ingredients as scary as the germs they protect you from, so why […]

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