Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Oil, Natural Treatments for Head Lice (Nits)


Looking for a natural remedy for keeping away Nits/head lice? Look no further!

Emu Ridge oils are Aussie produced and 100% pure, our  Eucalyptus Oil and  Tea Tree Oils  are a great preventive treatment.

  • Add a 2 teaspoons into your shampoo
  • Add a teaspoon of essential oil to a spray bottle, fill with water and shake, then spray onto kids hair and hats before they go to school.
  • An easier way is to dab a few drops behind the ears and at the back of the head when outbreaks of head lice are going around at school.

Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil are insect deterrents they hate them!

These 2 products are  great versatile all natural products everyone should have in there home! To learn more click here What is Tea Tree OilWhat is Eucalyptus Oil?

Did you know that head lice can’t jump, fly or hop!

One of the reasons toddlers and preschoolers have more frequent lice infestations is their tendency to play with their heads close together – this lessens as they get older.  Always encourage your children to keep their head away from their friend’s and tie up hair so there’s less opportunity for them to transfer to a new head of hair.

Many people treat pillows, bedding and hats when their child has lice.  This isn’t strictly necessary – head lice are parasites and will die fairly quickly when not in contact with the scalp.  However, if your children share a bed with you or other siblings, or you just want to treat fabrics for peace of mind, a quick way to ensure all the bugs are gone is to wash on a warm or hot cycle with a few capfuls of eucalyptus oil added to the wash.  It has natural medicinal and insecticidal properties and will leave hats and bedding smelling nice and fresh too.  Leave to dry out in the sun if possible.

Always check your child is not sensitive to the oils try a small area of skin first.