Dog Bed made out of Pallets

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Since 1991  Emu Ridge, has been been building, renovating, up-cycling with anything we can to improve our shop and workspaces. Using second hand supplies and materials for a new use means less waste and more money being saved, plus it adds character! For those who want a simple up-cycling project, a pet bed made out of wooden pallets is a great place to start!

How to Up-cycle a wooden pallet into a fabulous pet bed…

Creativity has no limit and that is why a lot of people are tending to learn about the DIY pallet pet bed. Pallets are found easily anywhere for free or at a cheap rate. You can build just about anything out of the pallets if they are clean and free of pests. If you have a dog in your house, which you treat like a family member and want to provide it with a solid and comfortable bed, then I think a pallet pet bed would be the best option for that.

You can decorate your pallet pet bed by putting a comfy pet cushion or blanket in it. That way, the dog doesn’t have to lie down straight down on the hard wood.

You won’t find pallets which are already made in a perfect square shape. All you have to do to fix this is sand them and color them to make them look neat and nice. Your pet is going to love it because it will be very cozy and relaxing.

Don’t forget we make a great natural flea powder. And a  great way to keep their pallet bed smelling fresh and free of parasites is to mix a teaspoon of Eucalyptus oil and with 250ml of water and spray the area whenever you think it needs to deter the fleas and mites.


We can help you if you think you Dog may be dealing with is annoying fleas and other parasites.

Parasites can cause great discomfort for your dog as well as health problems such as skin irritations, allergies, anemia and even death if not treated.

Chemical treatments may get rid of fleas, but they can also cause side affects such as breathing problems, tremors, vomiting, skin irritations and permanent nerve damage. Using natural remedies such as eucalyptus oil is a safe alternative to chemicals, as well as keeping your dog’s coat healthy and vibrant, because the fleas and other insects hate the smell of eucalyptus oil. You may need to apply the oil more often than you would chemical formulas, but it will effectively and safely repel fleas without hurting your dog.


What To Do:

  1. Begin by shampooing your dog. Mix 5 drops of eucalyptus oil into aprox 250 ml of a natural, no-tear dog shampoo. Use an eyedropper to measure the oil and mix well.
  2. Start the bath water to get it to a good warm temperature. Place a cotton ball into each ear of your dog to avoid water and soap getting in, and then wet your dog’s coat thoroughly and completely.
  3. Bathe your dog as you normally would with the eucalyptus shampoo, creating a nice rich lather from head to toe. Be careful not to get shampoo in the eyes. Rinse your dog and repeat with the eucalyptus shampoo. This time, rinse extremely well.
  4. Towel-dry your dog from excess water and follow with a thorough blow-drying.


For added protection after and between baths, make a mixture of 3 drops of eucalyptus oil in 250ml of water in a spray bottle. Mist your dog lightly with the mixture. Let it air-dry. This is also great to spray the dogs bedding as well.

You can also use a cotton wool ball soaked in Eucalyptus oil and dab behind your dogs ears, along their back and under there arms, this is a great deterrent.

Eucalyptus oil can also be rubbed into your dog’s collar to work as a natural flea collar.

Eucalyptus oil has been proven effective in most cases though you may have to experiment to find the best solution to meet your dog’s particular needs.


To buy our Eucalyptus Oil or Flea Powder, as well as many of our other great products, visit our Online Store and you will find lots of great pallet ideas here at 101 Pallet Ideas

Memorabilia – Did you know farmers used to wipe the rump area of  a female dog on heat with a cloth and eucalyptus oil to hide the scent of the female apparently it worked very well.

I know another story like this to but with Guinea pigs. Apparently Guinea Pigs are very territorial and fight fearlessly if a new comer is introduced. All animals are rubbed with Eucalyptus oil so they all smell the same. By the time the oil wears off they have accepted their new friend with no fights! I bet you didnt know that.