Mosquito Bite Remedies Eucalyptus or Tea Tree Oil!

mosquito bite

A while ago we were lucky enough to  enjoy a trip to Darwin. The weather was stunning, so when we first arrived I forgot to wear my insect repellent and was attacked by midges!! They are Horrid little things that you can hardly see but they are soo itchy!! Away from my trusty oils I googled some other ideas! I gave the hot spoon a try and yes it really works for about 6 hours and then repeat! Amazing! The heat will destroy the proteins that cause the itching.

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Our Eucalyptus and Tea tree oil are a great help too, just put a drop on the bite and it detoxifies the poison and takes the itch away, the sooner you do it after the bite the better! It works for all insect bites too!

You can also use Eucalyptus Oil as a repellent for all insects to! Just put a few drops on your neck, ankles, wrists and behind the ears to stop them biting! If there are heaps around add a few drops to a moisturiser and rub all over the body.

We also make a Natural Insect Repellent that is great for sensitive skin. This repellent  is natural it isn’t over-powering and it works! Just spray over exposed skin and enjoy an insect free outdoors without all the nasty chemicals.

Insect Repellent Emu Ridge

Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Oil

This unique oil is the only one of it’s kind in the world. It is distilled from the leaf of the Kangaroo Island Narrow Leaf Mallee (Eucalyptus cneorifolia). Emu Ridge is the only commercial Eucalyptus Distillery remaining in South Australia.
Distillation of the oil began in the 1880’s and dozens of stills were established, making it one of the Island’s major industries.
One company, F.H.Faulding & Co purchased Emu Ridge in 1923, establishing two plantations in 1938 for the purpose of systematically harvesting it on a rotational basis. (The Narrow Leaf responds well to pruning.) Most success, however, was achieved by individuals who set up stills as a seasonal sideline.
Our oil is distilled in the traditional method at Emu Ridge. The leaf is placed into a pot containing water, beneath which a fire is lit, steam carrying the oil is passed through a system of cooling pipes, the oil separates and is piped off into containers. The raw oil undergoes another refining process to produce the final product crystal clear oil.
Native farming is far better for our environment, no sprays and chemicals, a great renewable resource and natural product.


In and around the house:
A disinfectant for cleaning floors, toilets etc
A deodorizer, a spot & stain remover, e.g. soiled clothing, anything sticky, stickers, chewing gum, paint & ink marks.
Cleans bathroom tiles, brass, ovens, plastic & vinyl. For washing woollens & clothing.
The Body:
For cuts, burns and abrasions, the oil is a natural antiseptic, acne, relieves insect bites, is an insect repellent, soothes muscular aches & pains, a mouthwash, hand & skin cleaner, training oil, in the bath for a feeling of wellbeing, a decongestant for colds and flu by vaporisation, inhalation or embrocation, for sore throats, (adults a few drops with a teaspoon of honey).
In the workshop:
Cleans paint brushes, removes tar & stains & is a penetrating oil for any seized or rusted parts.
For cleaning pets, removing fleas, fly strike