Meet the makers of our Natural Product Range

Sandra making vapor rub

Do you ever wonder how things are made?

Meet Bob and Sandra …. this lovely couple make our range of natural products. We love the expertise and dedication that they put into creating and producing our unique range of handmade, quality, natural products!  

They are a pleasure to work with and are truly essential contributors to our Team!

Sandra and BobHere is a little memoir from Bob on how they started  their natural product journey.

“As any successful small business, ours started out as a hobby that quickly became a passion.

We started out making natural soaps. After many failed attempts we came up with a recipe that we were happy with and we have used ever since.

After the success with our soap, Sandra decided to start making skin care but it had to be natural ingredients, this was in the 90’s before natural products became as popular as they are today. This was before Google, so many hours were spent in book shops & libraries researching recipes, ingredients, methods and the benefits of natural plant based products. Next was the hard part, trying to substitute natural ingredients for the chemicals that are widely used in mainstream skin care. A very difficult process, with many hours of trial and error until Sandra finally came up with a range of products she was happy with.

After decades being involved in retail we were set up at one of our casual leasing sites at Marion Westfield shopping centre, where we had the good fortune to meet Bev Turner (Emu Ridge). Very quickly we realised that she was as interested as we were in the making and use of natural products. This was over ten years ago, since then we have worked together, developing new products and building up a very good working relationship…..and becoming good friends as well!” ~Bob~


Bob making our natural Emu Oil Soap

Before we met Bob and Sandra we tried to make our natural products to the best of our ability.  We couldn’t keep up with our soap making, back then it was made with tallow. Products being produced to be used on the body was a whole new set of rules compared to manufacturing Eucalyptus oil!  Insurance was a nightmare and being new to this area we just started out the best we could. We bought many of our products in bulk, the companies promoted these products as natural and we just added our eucalyptus oil as the fragrance and then bottled and labeled them, I’m sure many small businesses start out like this. On researching natural products and ingredients we soon realized we were not happy at all with the ingredients in many of these so-called natural products we were buying.

In later years, I had also become allergic to perfumes and preservatives and emu oil is now one of my favorite products for the body. Finding new, all-natural options was very important to me, being personally driven to find  better alternatives. We met Bob and Sandra and, as they say, the rest is history.

We now have a genuine natural product range made from scratch and we know they are all of excellent quality, they are unique to us and handmade with love!

Great job Bob and Sandra!


See our All natural Range here.

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