Tiffany Banton Artist


Tiffany Marie Turner (b.1991)

Photographer & Graphic Artist:

Tiffany brings a refreshing style to the South Australian art community.

“I hope you enjoy viewing my art as much as I loved making them.” Tiff

Originally a country girl, Tiffany was born on Kangaroo Island and years 1–9 were completed at Kingscote Area School. A scholarship allowed her to complete years 10–12 at Scotch College in Adelaide, where she could pursue her dream in visual and performing arts; she has a passion for both. Tiff currently resides in Adelaide.

Her Graphic Art began in year 12. Tiffs likes to be different and chose an unusual style something that she could call her own and has continued on from there with the same idea. Her art is influenced by children; their love of fantasy, fun, bright colours and characters, and of course food.

Tiffs art is constructed using the majority of her photographic images, of food and animals. The images are then computer manipulated to create a surreal scene made from edible foods. Tiff’s style could be called naive. She deliberately uses a technique that evokes children’s fantasy books.

“I want people to see my work first as a whole land or seascape and then go, Wow! Look that picture is actually made up of different foods.”

The genuine animals provide a sense of place, while the food scape brings us back to the storybook theme. The conflicting use of reality and fantasy adds another dimension to Tiff’s images as a whole.

Tiffs work is of limited edition only and has been sold to various people all over the world, a local chiropractor has bought all three of Tiffs work for his offices and said they are fantastic, “They give the adults and children something to look at and search for in his waiting room, a bit like “Where’s Wally”, plus her work promotes healthy living being made of fresh fruits and vegetables”.

At present Tiffs work is exclusive to Emu Ridge on Kangaroo Island her parents business. Tiff’s first exhibition was at Emu Ridge for the Kangaroo Island Art Feast 2009 and her first solo exhibition was at Rolf Binder Veratis Winery, Barossa Valley in April 2010.


Tiff is delighted to have donated this one of original piece of work to Kangaroo Island Dolphin Watch exhibition. With proceeds going into this great community-inclusive educational program.

Since 2012 Tiff was busy building up her new franchise businesses in Adelaide, “Bop Till You Drop” and “Dance Till you Drop” childrens entertainment. So not much time for art!

Tiffany married in 2014 and now has 3 lovely children.

At this sad time of COVID-19 Tiffany has decided to give her business back to her Sydney Director and is busy being a fulltime mum to her gorgeous kids. Maybe she will bring out another artpiece!

“Gone Bush” Exhibition at Emu Ridge Gallery

Tiffany’s newest work was included in the 2011 “Gone Bush” Exhibition at Emu Ridge Gallery. Proud parents Bev and Larry Turner welcomed their talented daughter home for the opening of the exhibition. The three are pictured with “Tutti Frutti” on opening night. This piece is available for purchase as a limited edition print in small or large (detail below).

South Australian Member of Parliament at the time, Michael Pengilly MP, Member for Finniss, opened the 2009 Exhibition at Emu Ridge where Tiff’s work was first shown. Michael said of Tiff’s pieces “Tiff has a bright and bubbly personality which exudes out into her work, I have enjoyed Tiffany’s progress and successes as a visual and performing artist. She is a talented young lady.”

If you would like to own a Tiffany Banton digital art piece, you have the opportunity to purchase high quality limited edition prints in two sizes direct from the artist.

Each of the 4 works featured on this page are available as limited edition prints and have been produced in two sizes, however the “Hide and Seek” large print has sold out but is still available as the small print.

“Make a Wish” is a one-off original printed on canvas, no prints available $250.00 SOLD

This striking original is Tiffany’s first foray into a new style. The piece made its first public appearance at the opening of the Gone Bush Exhibition.

“Tutti Frutti “

This landscape is the sun setting on a peaceful oasis of flowers.

Foods used:

Sky – Red Cabbage leaf cut in half, Sun – lemon. Landscape – Almond meal, Broccoli trees, flake chocolate stump.
Flowers are made from, watermelon, and the stems are spring onions, peaches an orange slice and beans for the stems, figs and asparagus for the stems, Strawberries with green chilli stems, Pears a halved plum and red chilli for the stems, paw paw and chives stems. Background foliage is thyme with a bitten fig for the flowers, and bok-choy

Insects & Snails, the realism in my landscape:
8 Butterflys, 7 Bees, 3 Lady Birds, 1 Praying Mantis, 1 Redback Spider, 1 caterpillar, 1 Dragonfly, 3 Snails.

“Great Southern Lamb”

This landscape is the sun setting on a peaceful Aussie Sheep Farm.

Framed Small prints $450.00 and Large $700.00

Foods used;
Sky – cabbage leaf; Sun – lemon; Clouds – cauliflower; Landscape – paw paw; Fence – flake chocolate; House – bread, toast, cheese and rice cracker; Shrubs – lettuce, rosemary, thyme, spring onions; Path – soup mix; Flowers – artichokes; Trees – broccoli and parsley; Grass – spring onions; Bales of hay – Weetbix; Mushrooms – boiled egg, tomato and mayonnaise.

Wildlife, the realism in my landscape:
1 Crow, 5 Galahs, 3 Magpies, Kelpie sheep dog, sheep and lambs.

“Marco Polo “

This seascape is a tropical paradise.

Foods used:
Sea – cabbage leaf; Sand – paw paw; Reef and Sea Anemones– mushrooms; Corals, Weeds and Sponges- Rock melon, Spring onions, Parsley, Ginger, Pineapple, Celery tops, Broccoli, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts

Wildlife, the realism in my landscape:
Fish, Sea snake, starfish and sea horses.

“Hide and Seek”

This landscape depicts a surreal version of the Australian outback.

Foods that make up my fantasy landscape, can you find them all?
Sky – cabbage leaf; Sun – lemon; Clouds – cauliflower; Landscape – paw paw; Fence – flake chocolate and asparagus; House – bread, toast, cheese and pretzel; Shrubs – Lettuce, Rosemary, Carrot tops, Thyme, Spring onions; Rocks – potatoes; Moss – Parsley; Path – Lentils and almonds; Flowers – fried eggs, hundreds and thousands, artichokes, sweet corn; Trees – Broccoli with strawberries and Parsley; Grass – carrot tops; Hay rolls – Leeks; Mushrooms – boiled egg, tomato and mayonnaise.

Wildlife, the realism in my landscape
Bilby, Blue Wren, Cockatoo, Echidna, Emu, Kangaroos, Kookaburra, Lizard, Rosella Parrot, and a Snake.



Tiffany’s prints are printed on Hahnemuhle German paper, Acid free, Archival and Guaranteed 75 years.

Small prints are 500mm x 350mm limited edition 50 only.
Large prints are 800mm x 560mm limited edition of 20 only

Small prints are $150.00 each and the large prints are $300.00 each