Kangaroo Island Olive Oil

We all know that olive oil is great for making yummy dressings, but look at what it can do to tired  scratched leather furniture. Amazing results! It also makes fantastic carrier oil for our Eucalyptus oil.  Mix a teaspoon of Olive oil with a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil and you have yourself relaxing massage oil or a great decongestant. You can order Kangaroo Island Olive Oil Company Wild or North Coast Olive Oil from our Online Store, all grown & made on Kangaroo Island. Buy Australian made today!




Check out the View from the Deck at Emu Ridge


Check out the view from our deck at Emu Ridge! That day, our visitors got a surprise to see more than just a Eucalyptus Oil Distillery and lovely shop! They got to see some of our gorgeous Kangaroo Island Kangaroos that come around every now and again, it was a great experience for our international visitors! As long as we stay on the deck, the Kangaroos are happy to just relax and feed on the grass.







Emu Ridge Celebrates 20 years of Eucalyptus Oil Distilling on Kangaroo Island 1991 – 2011!

Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Oil Distillery, 1991 – 2011, 20 years of hard work! If you have the time this is a photo collage that I put together for our 20th Birthday Celebrations. Its amazing, things have certainly grown. Its nice for people to know how we began! Some great memories. Thanks to all our staff and helpers that have helped make us what we are today 🙂

This image was the Official Opening of our Original Shop the Old MacGillivray Post Office by Don Burke and we featured on Burkes Backyard, our first television experience 🙂 This link will take you to our slideshow. I hope you enjoy our journey 🙂