Lavender Oil Kangaroo Island


We are proud to support other Australian producers who also produce a natural product worthy of promoting, which is of course what Emu Ridge is all about. Sometimes it is easier to buy something you want in one place saving on postage! We believe in farming our natural resources in a sustainable way, and promoting and selling PURE NATURAL AUSTRALIAN PRODUCTS be it ours or others that we believe in!

The Lavender oil that we sell is 100% Pure Bridestowe Estate lavender essential oil . Grown, harvested and distilled from Lavandula angustifolia  in Tasmania, this oil is world renown for its fragrance and purity. There are 39 species of lavender, this oil is distilled from five unique clones of Lavandula angustifolia, these are distilled and blended to produce the world-renowned Bridestowe Lavender Oil, the oil that is in our bottles. This unique oil has been achieved after many years of careful plant selection, combined with the unique Tasmanian climate and appropriate land management. This species has the least amount of camphor resulting in a far sweeter, floral aroma than the other types and more linalool (the major active component of Lavender oil) than any other known Lavender oil. This species is suitable for both perfume and culinary use.


Soothing, balancing and calming. May help with meditation and aiding in stress relief and sleeplessness.
Use: 3-5 drops in a vaporiser or oil burner. 5 drops with 10mL of carrier oil for massage.


anti-depressant, anti-rheumatic, anti-spasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, relaxing, relieving, sedative, soothing, nervine.

anti-septic, analgesic, anti-convulsant, anti-depressant, anti-rheumatic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, bactericidal, decongestant, relieving, soothing, vulnerary, sudorific, rubefacient, hypotensive, emmenagogue, diuretic, cytophylactic, cicatrisant, carminative.

Kangaroo Island also has a  Lavender Farm, Emu Bay Lavender who specialise in Culinary Lavender delights and a range of bodycare products. They have a great Cafe with a relaxing atmosphere if you are visiting Kangaroo Island.

Bridestow Estate