Kangaroo Island Eucalytpus oil Uses


Here’s a few uses for our Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus Oil that have been extremely popular this month. Its all about cleaning and sanitisting! Probably because we have all been stuck at home and conscious  about cleanliness, using what you have and saving money!


All Purpose Cleaner Miracle Spray is cheap natural and works on everything! See more and how to here.


The new COVID19 virus pandemic has caused Hand Sanitisers to sell out! Our T/Tree & Eucalyptus oil sales have sky rocketed! People are asking us questions  on how to make your own DIY hand sanitisers, and surface cleaners? See recipes here.

The best floor cleaner around, a teaspoon of Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus oil and warm water. Great for any floors, no streaks, degreaser, keeps away insects, kills bacteria and smells so fresh and clean, Clean the natural way it’s better for the environment and yourself. See more here

My favorite use for Eucalyptus oil at home is putting a capfull in every load of washing, it removes any oil based stains, kills dustmites and bacteria, gives your cloths a clean fresh smell and cleans your washing machine all at the same time!

You will find more info on refreshing your towels and pillows here.