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Kangaroo Island Cider at Emu Ridge

NEW LOOK: Graham and Mary Jones of Kangaroo Island Ciders with Larry and Beverley Turner at Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery with the launch of the 2016 Season Colony Cove Ciders.

We have had a long association with Graham and Mary Jones, Larry and Graham met at an essential oil seminar in Adelaide in 1993. Graham helped us with our Eucalyptus research. A lad called Adam Steer chose us as his subject and we did alot of research to selectively breed a higher yielding and disease resistant variety of tree, but that’s another story. Through that work Graham and Mary fell in love with Kangaroo Island and purchased a property near us and Kangaroo Island Ciders began with the planting of an apple orchard in 2004.

Since then they have planted over 30 different cider apple varieties including dessert apples, and have over 600 trees.  In 2011, they introduced a medium dry Colony Cove Original Cider and in 2012, the medium sweet Colony Cove Draught Cider. Later introducing a Vintage and a Non Alcoholic. In 2019 the Sparking Cider was introduced.

Come out and enjoy a tasting and a meal while visiting Emu Ridge.


ciders copy

The official launch of Kangaroo Island Ciders was on the 17th of November 2012 at Emu Ridge.

All ciders have won local and national awards. It walks out of our doors it really is a delicious drop!

The cellar door for Cider sales is located at Emu Ridge and tastings are available during opening hours 9 – 4 seven days.                                        TASTINGS ARE AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES



Emu Ridge are proud to have been chosen the Winners for the Best Farm Gate and Cellar Door Experience for    2016, and Best Farm Gate 17 and 18.  Click this link if you would like more info on Kangaroo Island Ciders. 

We have 6 packs and cartons that are offered at a better price than individual bottles.  Graham Jones, has a long history as a lecturer in wine and cider making at Adelaide University and a lifelong interest in ciders. He also has the “onerous task” of being on the judging panel for the Australian Malt Whisky Society.

This professional and commercial interest has coincided with the resurgence of cider in Australia. Many commercial ciders in Australia are made with low-cost apple concentrate from overseas. Kangaroo Island Ciders produces its Colony Cove range from crushing apples from its 600 trees to produce quality, local ciders.
“Our aim in the longer term is to produce a range of traditional ciders made from old English apple varieties.” Meanwhile, you can try the Colony Cove range, including a non-alcoholic Apple Sparkler, at Emu Ridge Eucalyptus.

We use a mixture of apples to make our ciders with most being traditional English cider varieties. The cider is made by Graham Jones who has an extensive history of beverage production as an Associate Professor of Oenology at the University of Adelaide and as a distiller. These days Graham is semi retired and teaches Wine and Cider making at the University.

The Cider labels reflect the many beautiful coves around Kangaroo Island with the originals painted as watercolours by Mary Jones. You will find some of her artwork at Emu Ridge.



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