Janine Mackintosh – Kangaroo Island Assemblages


The lovely Artist – Janine Mackintosh, just dropped off her new book which we are privileged to sell for her!

Kangaroo Island Assemblages. It’s a reference collection of over forty pieces of her truly unique natural art. It also features photographs taken over the years of Kangaroo Island’s inspiring landscapes and unique ecology.

Some artworks sit beside photographs of the plant species from which they were created or show the insects that chewed the leaves or the cocoons they created. Other spreads show two pieces of the same size, arrangement and species but with strikingly different results due to weathering or the impact of other creatures. Janine hopes people find it insightful.

The book was printed in South Australia by Digital Print Australia, using paper manufactured under the strict ISO14001 Environmental Management System. It was then bound by the fine craftsmen at Chasdor Bindery. We sell them in our craft gallery at Emu Ridge for $88.00 plus postage.

If you haven’t seen Janine’s award winning work have a look!