Handcrafted Leather Work

Leather 510x652

Yvonne Twinning Leather work – Designer/maker of de-luxe leather goods using a range of leathers and focusing on colour and design.

We love selling Yvonne’s work, she is a talented craftswomen her pieces are always uniquely different one of a kinds. Yvonne contacted us over 20 years ago to purchase some Emu Leather for her craftwork, once we found out what she was doing with it was have stocked her leatherwork at Emu Ridge ever since.

About Yvonne:

“My fascination with leather began in 1974 when everything was done with vegetable tanned cowhide. The leather could be carved or stamped before colouring and finishing, and  then assembled. Edge laced or hand stitched were the most common forms of assembly. The leather industry has moved forward in leaps and bounds and today we have a myriad of colours and surface patterns to tempt the senses. My emphasis is on the designs of my functional leather goods with attention to sound construction and finishing details. I offer a range of items from small tourist tempters
which include references to Australian fauna in the design, through to large tote bags. There is ongoing demand both locally and interstate for my teaching of lastless footwear and leather bags.
This teaching aspect of my work makes for interesting trips away, and is a great way to share my craft. The medium of leather is very satisfying to work with because it is both challenging and forgiving. Mistakes are creative opportunities”.

We sell a range of  Yvonne’s Handbags, Shoulder bags, Purses, Keybells and Keyrings you will find them here.

If you are ordering, for your satisfaction we will send you an image of the different color options available before we post.

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