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Fires Devastate much of Kangaroo Island

We really are humbled by the prayers & concern received from friends, family, visitors & customers worldwide, we really appreciate you all.

We are still here!  We are open for business! We are one of the lucky ones! Our families, staff, homes, our business & our trees are all safe. We are devastated by the impact the fires have had & will have on our community, parks, farmers, businesses & wildlife. 😢Our hearts go out to all that have had losses 😢

We thank you for your continued support of our products and ‘Kangaroo Island. We all need it to help rebuild what we once had on our beautiful island.

As a result of the Kangaroo Island bushfires that started on the 3rd January, 2020, nearly half of our Island has been affected. Its devastating for all of us in many different ways. For our business without visitors our staff have lost there jobs 🙁 We are hurting! So if you are looking for a way that you can help us and others, you can purchase our products online here.

This link will take you to more of our producers on Kangaroo Island  and their online shops if you would like to support them.

We are Australia’s third largest island so we still have so many beautiful untouched places that are all waiting to be enjoyed.

Our community is open for business and eager to share its treasures; touch nature at our iconic Seal Bay, Raptor Domain Birds of Prey, and KI Wildlife Park. Swim with the dolphins or visit our wineries in Kingscote, Cygnet River and on the Dudley Peninsula who always have a glass at the ready. Our world famous Kangaroo Island Oysters are available for tasting at American River and can be finished off with the most wonderful honey ice cream at Cliffords Honey Farm. Our Eucalyptus Distillery of course and you can also taste our neighbors award winning cider here as well, and you can also go quad biking or fat biking.

Our main townships: Penneshaw, American River, Kingscote, Parndana, Stokes Bay, Emu Bay on the North Coast through to Vivonne Bay on the South Coast remain unaffected. The same can be said for everything to the East.  The Kingscote precinct and the Dudley Peninsula has a lot to offer. The  beaches in all of these areas are stunning.

Total area impacted on by the Kangaroo Island fire 2nd February 2020 Bushfire situation

We are so grateful for the heroic efforts of our firefighters and the many volunteers working relentlessly to help others, and the many amazing acts of kindness coming from people, charities and companies locally and overseas, it is truly humbling.  We are so grateful to the amazing people that volunteered to be in such horrible conditions, and while we are safe, we grieve the losses our beautiful island home has sustained.

The Ravine fire destroyed 85 houses and many more properties, 6 major tourism businesses were also destroyed. Crews are still monitoring the eastern fire edge.  210,000ha burnt, A 638km fire perimeter and an non active continuous fire edge of over 58km. Approximately 420 personnel on the ground across all agencies. At its peak there were about 388  firefighters, 77 firetrucks currently on the fire ground, and 350 Defence personnel, huge!

To keep you informed with whats happening on Kangaroo Island at anytime, The Islander Facebook page updated by the editor Stan is fantastic!

Image credit from at KI local Jen Child

Image credit from at KI local Jen Child

If you are wanting to donate to help the Kangaroo Island Community, you can do so below here are the 3 major ones:-

THE KANGAROO ISLAND MAYORS BUSHFIRE APPEAL FUND. The money raised through the Kangaroo Island Mayors Bushfire appeal will go directly into the hands of islanders that need it most. This will help those directly impacted by the devastation caused by the fires and will help them face each new day with financial assistance to rebuild their lives, homes and businesses. This is the official donation appeal for Kangaroo Island. BSB: 105 094, Account Number: 035 680 540, Account Name: Mayoral Bushfire fund, For international deposits, enter Swift Code: SGBLAU2S. Message from our Mayor as people wanting to donate are concerned where there money will go.

We have also had customers wanting to donate directly to the “Kangaroo Island CFS”, going to the firefighters and volunteers. You can also do this here St George Bank BSB 105 094, ACC 36122 0440,  Swift Code: SGBLAU2S

and for Wildlife to the “Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network”, BSB 015 600 ACC 338361276, Swift Code: SGBLAU2S

These Government websites are up to date and handy if you would like more information about Kangaroo Island.




Im leaving you will one of my favorite beaches on KI that has not been touched by the fires and still looks just like this, there is many more to see as well 🙂

So don’t be a stranger – come and discover our beautiful Island, sample our way of life and chat with our passionate community, we would love to see you! Find out what Kangaroo Island tourism businesses are open here.

Warm regards Bev

14 Replies to “Fires Devastate much of Kangaroo Island”

  1. Anne says:

    So very glad your property and business intact. Devastated though by the amount of destruction caused by the fires to other families, wildlife and the environment.
    Thank you for posting the donation instructions.
    KI holds a special place in my heart. Been there twice now, and hope to go again one day.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Anne thanks, and hopefully we will see you again one day. Kind regards Bev

  2. Phyzzie Page says:

    I visited Emu Ridge from America back in 2010 and have been ordering products from you ever since. I loved Kangaroo Island and especially visiting you and meeting some joeys and emus. I have donated to the fire relief, but I really just wanted to check that you all are safe – and I see that you are. Thank heavens… Stay well and safe and please know, I am sure, that everyone who has visited you is also praying for your continued safety.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi thanks so much for thinking and checking on us. All safe. Thanks for your continued support you guys are VIPs. Kind regards Bev

  3. Anna Bickford says:

    Hello Bev,

    Return online customer. I have placed a recent online order # 23340 on 1/ 10 / 2020. Your system displayed the order number.. When I wrote three e mails to you via your on sight web site link. The message was sent over and over. Yet they have not been delivered / received. Please check your server / web master. If you have this order and are short on help, we are in no hurry.

    We just didn’t want you to loose pending orders.

    Cheers, God bless. Anna

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Anna, we received your order on the 10th of Jan and it has been packed and sent, i will check to see why your messages are not getting through. Our email is info@emuridge.com.au and thanks so much for your continued support. Kind regards Bev

  4. Gab und Andy aus Deutschland says:

    Hallo ihr Lieben, wir sind in Gedanken bei euch und euren Freunden. Auch die deutschen Nachrichten berichten viel über die schrecklichen Buschfeuer, die Bilder machen uns sehr betroffen.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Gabby and Andy, good to hear from you. Yes its a tragic time for us all. Kind regards Bev

  5. Linda Kwok says:

    I’m so glad to know that you and your family is safe Bev. Breaks one’s heart to see the fires destroying so much of the island. God bless.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Thanks Linda lovely to hear from you and thanks for your continued support. We are one of the lucky ones 🙂 Kind regards Bev

  6. Ila Lewis says:

    I have been thinking about KI and the countless lives have been so altered by the fires. Praying for the safety and wellbeing for all creatures…big and small, that inhabit this special place. Thanks for this posting on the KI current conditions.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Ila, Thanks for thinking of us, yes such a sad time and just devastating for everyone. Kind regards Bev

  7. 'The Lavender Clinic' - Silvia Rodriguez-Foord says:

    Dear friends at Emu Ridge, my name is Silvia Rodriguez-Foord of ‘The Lavender Clinic’ Sydney, and I wanted to send our prayers to your beautiful island and wondered if your farm and business has been affected by these hellish & horrific fires. I am a customer of yours as you are my supplier of your beautiful Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil and massage salves for my Aromatherapy Clinic. I’ve left a voicemail massage on your 1800 number and I will be placing an order in the next 2 weeks. Again my thoughts are with you, your family and all the Kangaroo Island community🌿🌿🌿🌿

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Silvia, thanks for your prayers, yes we are one of the lucky ones but we are still weary. Thanks so much for your past support we really need our online customers at this sad time and we look forward to hearing from you soon Kind regards Bev

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