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Emu Eggs and Emu Products

Our mascot, ‘Psycho’, has been busy over winter laying eggs, One Emu Egg made breakfast scrambled eggs for three, one cake and we still had egg  left-over.  It’s the equivalent to about 8 – 10 chicken eggs in one emu egg! We generally sell our eggs blown for $30.00 each, here is the link to our online shop if you are interested in purchasing a blown Emu egg, or please phone our store (08) 8553 8228.  Emus only lay over winter time so they do sell out fast.

Emu Farming is fantastic for Australia, not only is Emu meat very healthy, lean & very high in iron, but Emu Farming helps protect our environment!  The Emu is native to Australia and can live in harmony with our land, thus reducing chemical dependence and land clearance needed for introduced species.  Emu’s are farmed for their meat, eggs, leather, feathers & Emu Oil.


Emu Ridge Emu Egg

Our National parks Permit number to keep and sell eggs is #K15617-11

The color of the eggs range from a medium beautiful turquoise green to a dark green (almost black) with some having a very smooth glass like texture. An average egg weighs between 600 and 700 grams when laid. The ratio of Emu Egg whites to yolks is 55% to 45 % compared to a chicken egg which is 65% white and 35% yolk.


Emu Ridge Emu egg ready to eat

It is said that there are up to 12 different color layers in an emu egg making it very unique. There are three primary layers in the shell of an emu egg. The outside is dark green. The middle layer is teal, and the inside layer is nearly white. Occasionally there is a fourth layer, which is thin and rather gray, between the outside layer and the teal layer. The teal and blue are actually as many as seven subtle layers of color, each about the thickness of a sheet of paper. Very clever artists carve the eggshells that displays the colors of each layer to the best advantage, you do see them painted as well, we do sell them in our shop at times.

Emu Ridge Emu Feathers

The Emu Feather is unique  having 2 feathers per shaft.

The Emu Feather is used in Aboriginal adornments, in many different ways for different reasons depending on the tribe. “The Goodluck Feather”

It was also proudly worn by the Australian Light Horsemen, the slouch hat was often adorned with what became the light horseman’s most distinctive embellishment – the emu feather plume. This plume became the symbol of the light horse, inseparable from its legend.


Baby Emu Chick

This is what a gorgeous little emu chick looks like when it hatches. They are very cute. As they get older the true emu feathers grow and the gorgeous stripes disappear.

Emu feathers can also be used in arts and crafts. Below is a picture of a beautiful basket that has been woven with our emu feathers. This beautiful bowl was created by the talented Leanne Taylor – Aboriginal Artist. How beautiful!

emu feather basket

Created by the talented Aboriginal Artist Leanne Taylor.

Hand Carved Emu Eggs by Lucy

If you’d like to buy our emu feathers click this link we start at 5gm bags and if you would like to purchase large quantities please email us.

We also have emu body leather on our online shop. This beautiful leather is a very soft and lightweight leather, perfect for making into crafts such as handbags, teddy bear feet, clothing, accesories etc.


Here at Emu Ridge, we sell & recommend Emu Oil because Emu Oil is the closest oil to the one found in the human skin. It is high in Vitamins A, D, E, F and K as well as Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 oils, therefore it is very healing for the skin. It can be used on eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, it heals burns to reduce scarring and is great for arthritis, inflammation and aching muscles. Emu Oil is also extremely low allergenic, therefore ideal for sensitive skin. To order genuine 100% Pure Australian Emu Oil, click here.


Our National parks Permit number to keep and sell eggs is #K15617-11



48 Replies to “Emu Eggs and Emu Products”

  1. Keita Nikora says:

    Hi, I am after 2Kg of A Grade Emu Feathers Please!!

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Hi we have nothing at the moment sorry. Try Baramul the processors they should be able to help you. Kind regards Bev

  2. Bahati says:

    I need 4 fertilize emu eggs to incubate am in kenya Africa how can I get them and what is the price in kenya shillings or currency

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Hi sorry we cant help you you also need a special permit and export licence for us to send overseas. Goodluck. Kind regards Bev

  3. Lincoln says:

    Can anyone get me some emu eggs

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Hi Lincoln, what kind of eggs were you wanting? Blown, edible or breeding. regards Bev

      1. Nadia says:

        Hi Bev, I’m also looking to buy edible emu eggs. Do you sell them, and how much do they cost ? Thank you

      2. Emu Ridge says:

        Hi Im sorry we cant help you at present, we have tried to source for our customers but im afraid the service and quality is not like ours so you will have to source them yourself.
        Kind regards Bev

  4. Jade says:

    Hi I work at a native animal sanctuary and have a broody male emu would it be possible to get any fertile eggs for him to hatch as he does this every year but never had access to a female. I can provide name of sanctuary and ask the directors if it okay I’m just inquiring atm. Thanks for any help

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Hi Jade, Im sorry we cant help you. Farming emu licences and wildlife park licenses i believe are different. I suggest you try a wildlife park, we have the Parndana Wildlife park here on Kangaroo Island that may be able to help you. If you can accept eggs from a farming licence i can put you in contact with someone that can help you. Regards Bev

  5. Cameron says:

    Hi , do you sell Emu Chicks or know where i can buy one in the next few months from please ?

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Hi thanks for your inquiry, no we do not sell emu chicks, you do need a special licence to buy them. If you don’t have one the regulations are very strict. Kind regards Bev

  6. Natashia Corrigan says:

    Hello I’d love to purchase a large number of emu feathers for my daughter’s Aboriginal dance group and for some extra cultural activities..
    Could you pls email me with the cost?
    Thank you x

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Natashia,
      Thanks for your enquiry. Below are the prices for Emu Feathers plus postage.
      1kg – $70.00
      500g – $40.00
      The feathers have been cleaned but not sterilised as they have come straight from the abattoirs, the bags have been sprayed with an insecticide to make sure there are no lice etc. Hope this helps.
      Kind regards, Ella

    2. Joel Wackett says:

      Hi, im after eggs for my restaurant, can i get them all year around or would i just be looking at a seasonal menu item

      1. Bev Turner says:

        Hi Joel, Emu Eggs are only seasonal, they lay over Winter, we wont have any available until May, June, July, you can freeze them and they last 12 weeks in a chiller so that gives you a little longer usage hope this helps and we look forward to hearing from you in Winter. Regards Bev

  7. Anna says:

    Looking for an emu claw for a film. Does anyone know where I can get an emu claw from..? Its for a scene in a film and I was going to make one but thought it’d be much easier to see if I can find a real one (hopefully from an emu that died of natural causes!). Can anyone help me..?
    :o) Anna

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi I will see what if i can find one for you. The farmed emus are detoed when they are chickens to stop them damaging each other. Regards Bev

  8. Rosie says:

    Emu feathers. Use for cultural playgroup, making Aboriginal dance costumes and jewellery

  9. Tracey says:

    Hi just wondering the price of feathers, and delivery to inner city Melbourne, I’m needing a couple of kilos for an art project, thank you

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi, thanks for your enquiry, that sounds like fun! We can supply you with bulk feathers. We will send you a private email. Kind regards Bev

  10. Linda Meerman says:

    Hello, I am trying to find out about emu leather, and it’s been pretty much impossible! I looked up the Emu Federation of Australia, wow! Is that a dead loss, it hasn’t been updated in about 15 years! Anyway, I’m wondering if you sell emu hides and if so could you tell me about colours etc and how I would go,about purchasing some. If you don’t sell the hides could you suggest where I might get them. I don’t understand where all the hides are going if no one sells them here. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thankyou for your attention. Regards Linda

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Linda, yes they are not easy to find these days as all the money is in Emu Oil and the best way to process them is to leave the skin on, so noone tans them they are just waisted. Im making enquiries for you and when they are processed next season I will see if I can get some tanned, not much help for you now but Ive contacted some other farmers to see if i can find something for you. Kind regards Bev

  11. Sharyn Lamshed says:

    Do you sell fertile eggs please Bev?

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi yes, we can only sell fertile eggs to a registered Emu Farmer. Hope this helps. Regards Bev

  12. Sally says:

    Hi Bev, Im looking at buying a blown emu egg for a gift for friends that we will be visiting in the USA shortly. Are your blown eggs OK for USA customs?

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Sally thanks for your enquiry, yes they are, we include our permit number to prove its not stolen from the wild. Im not sure of USA rules, you may need to declare it but all will be fine. We look forward to hearing from you soon. We can also post it to the USA to save you carrying it if its easier for you.
      Kind regards Bev

  13. Kat Denyer says:

    Just wondering if your photo shows the true colour of the emu eggs. Turquoise? I am looking to paint them but it might be a hard choice for colours if they are green. Hopefully that was just a sample of a coloured one?

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi there Im sorry but emu eggs are naturally that color. You would need to do an undercoat if you were going to paint them, they are truly beautiful unpainted, many people carve them because of the beautiful layers of color in the shell. Kind regards Bev

  14. Kai says:

    Hi there, just wondering are these eggs raw? Many thanks

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi the eggs we sell online are blown, we do have a permit to sell whole ones but you would need to contact us as there are restrictions. Kind regards Bev

  15. vanessa hewines says:

    hello i am needing some halved or broken emu eggs to use as little bowls for a fundraising meal we are hosting. just wondering how much you would charge me for 10 halves please??

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Vanessa we dont get broken ones very often and i did just have one the other day but i gave it away for someone to make jewellery. Sounds like a lovely idea though, i a going to make an enquiry for you to see if someone else can help you. Regards Bev

  16. Heather says:

    Hi I’m looking at getting some emu feathers can you supply a couple

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Heather Thanks for your inquiry, yes we can it will cost $1.00 to post so you may like a few more than a couple they are 10c each we sell them in 250gm bags for $3.50 and 500gm bags for $6.50 plus postage I will send you an email. Regards Bev

      1. Lesley Young says:

        I would like 500 grams of emu feathers please

      2. Bev Turner says:

        Hi Lesley,

        Thanks for your enquiry. For 500g of feathers it’ll be $40.00 plus postage, we have also sent you an email. Kind regards Bev

  17. che says:

    Hi , I would like to buy some emu eggs for my aboriginal art work.. Can you send some info.. Pls !

  18. Md A N Khan says:

    Hi I live in LIVERPOOL , NSW 2170,Australia . I want to try fresh emu egg .how much it cost including shipping and if I need any permit to eat emu egg how I get the permit. Please let me know.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi unfortunately it is difficult to get a fresh emu egg. You need a permit from the National Parks to keep and sell eggs. All the farmers that i know have blown their infertile eggs so I cannot help you sorry. They taste like a chicken egg but very light and fluffy, some say a bit stronger like a duck egg and they have a very large yoke. Kind regards Bev

  19. Thelma says:

    I need fresh emu eggs for cooking purposes and will require them in 24 hrs – could you express deliver them to me before then?

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Thelma, what is your address and if you want fresh eggs you must hold a special permit? We look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Bev

  20. Thor harris says:

    I run a 300 acre conservation reserve and we would like some Emu’s to be semi wild ? Could you supply me with a pair ?

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Thor, you need to have a Emu Farming license or a Fauna Park license to keep Emus and Im sorry we dont have any to sell to you if you did, you would have to try a different Emu Farm. Regards Bev

  21. Michael says:

    Hello, do you deliver to anywhere in Australia? I live in Gosford NSW 2250 and am interested in purchasing a couple.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Michael, yes we do. You can order through our online shop or give us a call on 08 85538228 regards Bev

  22. Debra Beale says:

    Hi I am looking to purchase emu eggs.

    1. Bev Turner says:

      Hi Debra, Thanks for your inquiry. Yes we do have emu eggs for sale. You will find them in our online shop. I have added the link for your convenience. Kind regards Bev https://www.emuridge.com.au/shop/emu-eggs/

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