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Emu Eggs


Emu Eggs


Emu eggs are naturally green in colour and the shade of colour varies depending on what the Emu eats and the environment. The color of the eggs range from a medium beautiful turquoise green to a dark green (almost black) with some having a very smooth glass like texture. The egg has 7 layers making it perfect for carving or painting. The eggs usually weigh between 600-700 grams when full, however we sell them blown and clean ready for you to decorate, carve paint or display. If you compared an Emu egg to a chicken egg you would need 10-12 chickens to one Emu Egg there is only a small yoke and a large amount of egg white. The eggs are edible making them great for cooking!

(Please note eggs vary in color and may not look exactly as this image) see this link for more info on Emus and emu eggs.

Our National parks Permit number to keep and sell eggs is #K15617-11

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