Australian Tea Tree Oil


What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil is a volatile essential oil obtained by steam distillation of freshly harvested foliage of Melaleuca Alternifolia, one of about 200 species of Melaleuca indigenous to Australia. The oil is clear, colourless to pale yellow, with a characteristic odour.

The Curative Power of the Tea Tree

The versatile use of the Tea Tree has been well known to the Aboriginals for thousands of years. They made healing compresses of the leaf for wounds, cuts and skin diseases. For inside cleaning they ate some leaves, and the women changed their babies in Tea Tree bark to cover them from inflections.

Today the Australian doctors have rediscovered Tea Tree Oil as a cure against skin problems and many more. The oil possesses bacterial activity against a wide number of bacteria and fungi. A broad range of cosmetic, therapeutic, veterinary, household and industrial products include this oil for its healing powers with clinical trials proving the oil’s effectiveness.


Some uses for Tea Tree Oil

In and around the House: A disinfectant for cleaning and a deodorizer. It is an antibacterial and anti fungal oil.

The body: For cuts, burns and abrasions, the oil is a natural antiseptic, acne, relieves insect bites. It is an insect repellent, soothes muscular aches and pains, a mouthwash and training oil, as it is very penetrating. In the bath for a feeling of well being. Used as an effective maintenance for hands and feet athlete’s foot, warts, corns, horny skin, nail abscess, nail bath and foot odour.

Animals: For cleaning pets and removing fleas and ticks.

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