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Winter 2019 Renovations at Emu Ridge

We have been busy here at Emu Ridge over the low season with renovations in and around the shop.

Tristan and Larry with the help of a few people have transformed the look of Emu Ridge just in time for the peak tourism season on KI. Below is a gallery of images with all the improvements including the new brush fence around the bus parking area, which now frames the outdoor picnic area and makes it safer for families. The front deck being oiled, new plant boxes near car park, freshly painted MacGillivray Post Office the new entrance sign and automatic sliding doors.

We would like to thank Alice from Big Quince Print for the new sign at the front of the shop, it looks wonderful!

Thanks to Phil, Leanne and Daniel from Expression In Colour for re-painting the Post Office back to its original colour, just like it was over 100 years ago.

Also thanks to Spanners and Gavin Bates for laying down the marl in the bus parking area and on the paths around the still.


Larry & Tristan with a trailer load of broom bush.

Half way done along bus park.

Fence half done with the top still to be trimmed.

All completed – view from bus parking area.

View of new broom fence in picnic area which is now closed off from bus parking area making a great space for families.


Thanks Alice & Stu of Big Quince Print we love our new sign 😍🍃


See the short video below of Expression In Colour (Phil, Leanne and Daniel) painting the Post Office. They have recently come back to live on Kangaroo Island but many many years ago they painted our toilets and it’s great to have them back here again.


New railing around the entrance.

Front deck freshly oiled by Tristan.

Great space for families with young children to hang out and enjoy some delicious food and coffee from the cafe.

The new plant boxes Tristan built around the reverse cycle unit.

Front deck freshly oiled by Tristan.

Larry loving the roller

Spanners hard at work!

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12 thoughts on “Winter 2019 Renovations at Emu Ridge

  1. Wow that is amazing Bev. You all did a great job of making the shop more beautiful than what it was. Thank you for your amazing products.

    • Thanks Diana -n- Robert, yes it was nice to have a quiet Winter and our son around to get things done. Thanks again for your kind words.
      Kind Regards Bev

  2. Everything looks really fantastic …. a mighty effort by all involved, I was there a few years ago (before the new cafe) and loved my visit then, it now looks fantastic. Looking forward to coming back to see the renovations in person, when able. Great job and can’t wait to see what you get up to next 😀

    • Thanks very much Jocelyn, such kind words. We hope to see you again soon and be sure to try the cafe when you are here next. Thanks, Ella.

    • Thank you Angela, much appreciated and we also look forward to seeing you next time. It will look quite different, thanks Ella.

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