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Tourism Students Internship on Kangaroo Island

During April and May we had the pleasure of a tourism student from Quebec in Canada living and working with us.

We were honoured that out of all the tourism businesses in the world Alexandra chose Emu Ridge on Kangaroo Island. Alexandra is a tourism student at Laflèche College internships in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada. As part of her internship she had to volunteer in another country for 6 weeks, this College has been doing this with their students since 1992. Apparently only 2 other students have ever chosen Australia as their destination of study!

Alex did a wonderful job. It was great to have a French interpreter, and she did very well with our English speaking visitors as well. We hope she learnt some new skills. She has certainly found out how we live and work in Aussie land, we all miss her very much, especially Watarru and Boo our baby Kangaroos. We hear that she has done very well with her exams back in Canada. Congratulations, it was very brave of her to travel so far and it was a pleasure to have her live and work with us.

For more pictures of Alex’s time at Emu Ridge see this link.

Alexandra was a confident young lady and enjoyed giving tours to our visitors in English and French.

No trip to Australia would be complete without a Kangaroo. Alexandra was lucky, we released two hand reared orphan Joeys who were still being bottle fed while she was with us. Watarru and Boo 🙂

Alex also helped out in many ways in Reception, Cleaning, Restocking the shop, making various giftpacks, bottling oil, Retail Sales, Waitressing and a tour guide. I think we all have a great job at Emu Ridge, we have such a huge variety of jobs to keep us busy!

We thank Kangaroo Island Odysseys for giving Alexandra a fantastic opportunity  to do a two day tour with them. We were very happy to pay the small fee for entries and food so that she could see the Island and how visitors enjoy the high end private tours of Kangaroo Island. This picture is from our stunning Remarkable Rocks!

No visit to Australia is complete until you have tried Vegemite, unfortunately Alex did not like it at all!!

For more pictures of Alex’s time at Emu Ridge see this link.

We thank Alexandra’s parents and teachers for trusting in us and we hope she has some amazing memories of her visit to Kangaroo Island. Alex has a bright future ahead in hospitality and tourism!

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Thank you so much, it was a wonderful six weeks on the Island.

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