The FH Fauldings GMC Truck at Emu Ridge


Here’s a wonderful pic of our old GMC truck taken my Michele Williams. I’m sure it’s in many people’s albums, a photographers dream! The truck was origionally purchased and owned by FH Fauldings who used to own our property, once it was sold in 1952 for the soldier settler scheme the truck was purchased by Mr. Randal Turner a local farmer down the road. (No relation just the same same). Once he retired he gave it back to us, to lay to rest where it’s life began. Believe it or not Larry drove it back to Emu Ridge!

We love to share our history here at Emu Ridge. Here’s a short video from when FH Fauldings used to own our farm. This was a documentary produced in the 1930’s. For more history about the Eucalyptus oil industry on Kangaroo Island and Emu Ridge see this link.