Emu Ridge Christmas Staff Party At Zest + Thyme

This year, the staff of Emu Ridge took a bus trip to Zest+Thyme near Cape Willoughby Lighthouse where we all enjoyed our Christmas Party. the night started off with an entertaining bus trip, followed by a lovely dinner, a fun Christmas gift game and a delicious dessert!


Road Trip! In The Back: Jon, Kevin and Marine.  In The Front: Jami and Amber.



Marine enjoys the chili con carne. Yum!



The staff play a fun Kris-Kringle game

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Although it was a celebration for all of the staff’s hard work for the year, it was also a farewell party for our much loved staff member, Madison Lierich. We are going to miss you very much Maddie and we wish you all the best with your new job.


Maddie receiving her special farewell gift from Emu Ridge

Zest + Thyme is located near the Cape Willoughby lighthouse. Specializing in  contemporary and light home-style meals with a twist, they have a wide variety of main courses to choose from, as well as cakes, snacks and desserts.



Their menu changes from day to day, featuring different cakes, curries and desserts. Vegetarian and vegan options are available, but not forgetting those with an intolerance to gluten, they also offer gluten free options for their food.


Zesty chicken curry, one of many delicious choices on the menu

The atmosphere of the café is enhanced by the great sea views, so you can relax and unwind after a busy day of adventuring. During cooler months, migrating southern right whales and their calves can  be seen if you’re lucky. Local kangaroos also frequently appear close to the deck, creating an amazing dining experience.


beautiful views from the deck create an amazing atmosphere

We would also like to say a special thanks to Moss, Liz, Vanessa and Brett, who served us our delicious meals and helped to make it a really fun night!


Left To Right: Liz, Vanessa, Brett and Moss

For More information, go to Zest + Thyme

Meet Lucy!

Meet Lucy! One of our awesome staff at Emu Ridge, she is our bright bubbly caring sales girl, website blogger, artist, sandwich artist extraordinaire and more. As quiet times are here and the cooler weather Lucy and her husband are off till the next busy season enjoying work in the warmer country in Qld. Till next season have fun! Thanks so much for your dedication for the second year to our business. We miss you from all the gang at Emu Ridge! 

Emu Ridge farwells Karla!

Sadly another one of our young staff has grown up before our eyes and is following a new career path. Karla started working for us 5 years ago on weekends and school holidays, she grew into a lovely sales person, with excellent customer service skills, organized, renowned for her beautiful bath salts and nature. We are proud to have been part of her growth and wish her great success for her future from all of us at Emu Ridge.


Fair Well Trudy! From the Team at Emu Ridge

We farewell one of our favorite staff members Trudy. Trudy has worked for us for 8 years. And helped out for many more than that! It has been a pleasure working alongside a sister and a friend. Trudy’s customer service was exceptional and she treated our business as if it were her own, which we much appreciated. Trudy has been part of many events and functions and has seen our business grow over the years. We hope to see her around now and again but hope she enjoys being a Granny and pursuing some things in life for herself!  We will sadly miss you, words cant really express what a treasure you have been and you are!Thanks so much and good luck Bev and Larry and all of us at Emu Ridge! xoxo