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Eucalyptus and Honey Sweets


Eucalyptus and Honey Sweets


NEW PACKAGING! Now in resealable bags.

You don’t want to catch a cold, so always keep that bottle of Eucalyptus oil handy or Euc and Honey Drops.
200gm .We sell these all over the world!
Gluten free made in SA from 100% pure Kangaroo Island Euc oil and Honey.

Sugar, glucose syrup, Gluten Free, Kangaroo Island honey (3.4%), Kangaroo Island eucalyptus oil (0.5%), food acid (330).



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  1. John

    Don’t miss this place when you visit KI. An interesting history and a unique range of Aussie products. I particularly enjoyed the Eucalyptus Honey sweets and was pleased to find I could easily get these online.

  2. Laura

    My husband and I visited your distillery 4 months ago and we were introduced to your amazing eucalyptus oil!
    I use the Eucalyptus oil for just about everything! It also smells great!!! I also love the eucalyptus and honey sweets; they are sooooo yummy!!!!!Thank you for making such wonderful products which I will keep ordering in the future!

  3. Felicity

    Thanks so much for the gift – it is very much appreciated. The order arrived today and in great condition. I’ve been so looking forward to the eucalyptus & honey lollies especially as I was on the last dregs in the packet I’d bought on my Kangaroo Island visit in January with the John Howie/Travelrite Music Cruise group.

  4. Ann

    Love the Ligurian bee honey especially as it is only found on KI, also love the eucalyptus honey sweets, we took 4 packets on a 10 week caravan road trip, they were a great pick me up on the long drives

  5. Margaret

    I have many favourite products in your line.Love the eucalyptus sweets. First came across your business while visiting K I. Was so impressed I nearly bought the shop out.

  6. Neil

    Eucalyptus Honey Sweets. Never had a cold or sore throat since enjoying these sweets. Everyone travelling to Kangaroo Island should visit.

  7. Erika

    I love the products – particularly the Emu Oil and the Eucalyptus and honey drops – delicious!

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