Roadkill Recipe Books


Roadkill Recipe Books


Fancy a taste of Skippy the Bush Vindaloo, BBQ Tiger Snake, or perhaps a Cassowary Rollover?
Roadkill Recipes – A Cookbook for Visitors to Kangaroo Island offers such delights as:
  • Gypsy-style Echidna Baked-in-Clay
  • Leg of Roadkill Roo
  • Goanna Fillets with Blueberry Sauce
  • Feral Cat Fricasse
  • Phad Thai Penneshaw Penguin
  • Fugu-style Tiger Snake Venom Gland
  • Glossy Black a l’Orange
  • Pepper Roo Penis

Contributions from the sale of this book have been used to create the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Zone
sticker campaign.

Roadkill Recipes – Australian Wildlife on the Verge offers such delights as:
  • Tasmanian Kidney Deville
  • Skippy the Bush Vindaloo
  • Cassowary Rollover
  • Curlew Croquettes on a Bush Stone
  • Sauteed Cane Toad Legs
  • Quoll au Vent
  • Coastal Koala Stack
  • Leg O’Mu
  • Baked Mallee Fowl Mound

Contributions from the sale of this book are earmarked for threatened species projects.

If you wish to just purchase the Roadkill Recipe book on its own then please contact us from our contact page as we can send them in an envelope which is cheaper rather than a parcel. The website at the moment only charges for parcels.



Patricia & Tim Leeuenburg

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A Cookbook for Visitors to Kangaroo Island, Australian Wildlife on the Verge

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