Ros Stoldt Art at Emu Ridge on Kangaroo Island

ros stoldt scarf 81 510x652

Ros Stoldt- Kangaroo Island local Artist

I have seen Ros’s work over the decades, she is so talented in all that she touches. We love keeping her Eco Prints, its of course in keeping with us being produced from natural elements which don’t harm our planet in any way.

Ros is an artist based on Kangaroo island in South Australia. She potted for nearly 30 years, making mainly functional ware, but is now a painter and printmaker. She is passionately fond of spinning wool, dying it and knitting. Also felting, fabric dying, textile work, art and printing.

You can view Ros’s beautiful scarves for sale here

Ros is part of the Kangaroo Island Spinners and Weavers who have a small Gallery in Kingscote, and she is also a life member of the Kangaroo Island Gallery – She is the only founding member still exhibiting today. Ros has sold countless works in many mediums as she is not frightened to try her hand at new ventures. Everything she does turns to gold. She has been a stalwart of the gallery serving on many committees, supporting many workshops and giving sound advice when needed. And to her credit to show her commitment. Ros we salute you and all you have done over 30 years. From every member well done and thank you. 

What is Eco Printing or Eco Dyeing?

Eco Printing is a form of natural dyeing where the colors from plant material are transferred  to fabric via steaming or boiling.

Each scarf is unique, these scarves are made by placing eucalyptus leaves and nuts onto the material. Natural dyeing is a very slow process, but that’s the beauty of it. With this direct contact process all of these colors in the scarves are the natural pigmentation that comes out of them, beautiful really! Ros uses a combination of Wool or Silk to make her scarves. You can achieve the most amazing prints and colours just by using natural elements instead of toxic dyes.