Nature Easter Bunnies & Eggs


My Grandchildren may miles away from each other this Easter but John & Maggie enjoyed making Nature Bunnies with there Mum and Aleeya and Bonita made, Nature Eggs with theirs. In this strange time in our lives with COVID-19 and having to stay at home this is a great fun little idea to do over Easter. Kids are our future.  It’s  important that they learn to appreciate the true value of nature.

Sitting in front of a screen is an easy fix, so we all have to think of some other ways that we can keep them entertained.

Kids will learn to appreciate the world we live in by using nature, they just love sticks, leaves, gumnuts, flowers and stones etc, they are all treasures to them! And its another great use for Eucalyptus Leaves!

Have fun and enjoy your time with family this Easter!

Out of Nature the girls have chosen alot of Kangaroo Island Narrow Leaf Mallee leaves, these are the leaves from the trees we make our eucalyptus oil from!

How gorgeous are these nature eggs, what a great job!

Draw a little face on some paper

Glue or stick on the bits to make the face

Eucalyptus leaves sure do make great whiskers and ears.

They did such a great job, very cute Nature Bunnies!

How to make a Nature Bunny or Nature Eggs

  1. Go outside and collect the nature with your children. Collect flowers, sticks, grass, leaves, stems, rocks, seeds and more.
  2. Display your nature so that your children can see all the materials available to them.
  3. Glue or tape into place.
  4. Let your children get creative.
  5. Enjoy there new art displayed around your home.

Educational benefits

Their little minds are growing by

  • Family time
  • Building creativity
  • Encouraging nature appreciation
  • Building fine motor skills
  • Developing sensory awareness

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