Meet the Directors of Emu Ridge Eucalyptus

Emu Ridge Directors photo

Family 💚

Meet the Directors of Emu Ridge Eucalyptus. From left to right – our daughter Melissa, Bev and Larry founders, our daughter Tiffany, our son Tristan and Choppa.

We are proud to be a family owned Australian Business for 29 years. Since they were very little our children have always been working within the business in some sort of way. As they got older they started to venture off working and starting their own businesses. Just recently we have become a company and now all 3 of our children are back involved working with us.

Melissa, works part-time at Emu Ridge and has her own businesses teaching swimming and Balance Beauty & Massage by Mel

Larry and Bev Turner founded Emu Ridge in 1991 and we are still working within the business on a full time basis to this day.

Tiffany is in charge of wholesaling and promotions on mainland South Australia.

Tristan works full time in the business and is a qualified builder and also loves to head out cray-fishing during their season for a sea change.

And lastly Choppa, who loves to meet and greet our visitors 🐾

We and our fantastic team of staff thank everyone for your support.

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