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Kangaroo Island the Novel by Tony Boyle

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A young mans story of love and family conflict, of lives ravaged by a fathers alcoholism, of betrayal, tragedy, redemption and triumph

Australian Tony Boyles powerful story is set amid the rugged cliffs and pristine white beaches of Kangaroo Island, off the South Australian coast. Boyle taps into his island roots to write Kangaroo Island, a story about young love, early loss, and the lessons of life experiences. /br>

Matt Ryan, a young man in love with his childhood sweetheart, Cassie Baldwin, fights to overcome the forces arranged against their relationship and for the lives ravaged by his fathers alcoholism. Despite the dark legacy of this disease and the untimely death of loved ones, the compelling story offers hope and spiritual renewal while questioning stereotypes about alcoholics, addicts and real life heroes. /br>
Matt and Cassie find solace in their love for each other against struggles with an age old family clash, conflicts with local police over an illegal business and disapproving family members.

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