Kangaroo Island Murals

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Ella Simpson from Ink and Ruby Studios grew up on Kangaroo Island, she was one of our staff way back in the beginning. A talented young lady even way back then Ella now enjoys her Mural Art.  In the past year, Ella has completed these 4 lovely murals on Kangaroo Island and has her work in many areas around Adelaide where she now resides.

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The Kangaroo Island Veterinary Clinic. This beautiful mural adorns the entry wall of the Clinic for all to enjoy and is lit up at night it looks soo good.

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The beautiful crimson rosella and KI yakkas were part of  the KI Town Centre’s Project by the Kangaroo Island Council you will find this one in the main street of Parndana.

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These two murals are featured at the Kingscote campus, Kangaroo Island Community Education. Our beautiful orchids and our popular local fish – a pair of snook and a snapper. Later in the year she plans to come back and complete a third piece on the side wall, which will feature a pelican in flight.

You can check out more of Ella’s work on  her website here : https://www.inkandrubystudios.com/