Kangaroo Island History at Emu Ridge

Wind Generator Emu Ridge

The wind generator is joining the steam engine in the history shed

Another piece of our history gone but not forgotten. 16 years of Wind Power.

The wind generator can now join the steam engine in the history shed. One of the blades broke off of our wind generator. We are on mains power now and the wind cant go back into the grid because of power surges. Happy news our new solar is much more efficient than this little wind turbine was, but it did an awesome job over the years. Bye bye, time to move on. Thanks for the pic Lorry from Groovy Grape Tours.

Emu Ridge steam engine

Here’s Larry installing the steam engine in the late 90’s

Emu Ridge steam engine

The steam engine all ready to go.

We were proud to have operated with steam power for over 20 years. This 5 horse power Liberty was designed and build by Rod Muller of Strath Steam and it did an awesome job, pumping water through the condenser and the boiler, also attached was a tractor alternator which charged our batteries as we had no mains power connected, we were totally self sufficient for the first 20 years with Steam, Solar and 16 years with Wind we are now all solar!