Emu Ridge New Website and Branding

Emu Ridge Eucalyptus C New

We are  excited to have had our website updated! We think it looks fantastic and is a lot more user friendly thanks to Peter Monk our IT specialist from Inveress

VIDEO: We have updated our video and thank Gary Bell from KI Digicam for the producing it and Sitar Cohen from Sitar Cohen Voiceovers another local lad who did a terrific job with the voice over, Sitar did this for us free of charge because he knows the island has been through so much. So if you know of anyone wanting a voiceover please look him up, he does a great job. Thanks so much Sitar! You can check it out below.

STAR RATING: We now have a star rating for our products! Prior to this we only had reviews and star ratings were not available. If you have used any of our products and would like to review any of them we welcome your review and most importantly a STAR RATING on our products you have used. We thank you in anticipation as these reviews are very helpful for our customers to see what others experiences are.  (5 being the best down to 1 star being not impressed)!


NATURAL RANGE: Over our quieter Covid time we have also created a new logo and label for our natural range. We are very proud and excited of this “new look”! Im sure some of our customers may have already seen some of their products arriving with our new look, its simple, identifiable & unique!

Emu Ridge Eucalyptus C New

New Natural Range Logo


We are still in the process of changing over labels and getting our new packaging but for now this is much better than what we had. For now we are printing the labels ourselves, but we will very soon have a much more professional and hardier label to compliment our products. Please be patient, it takes time. Keep an eye out but we will be sure to let you know!

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New Natural Range Products