Emu Ridge goes Totally Wild!


Emu Ridge are very privileged to have been shown on Totally Wild which is a childrens adventure and wildlife TV show! The national TV program starred Larry and Bev Turner and of course our unique Eucalyptus Distillery! The program on Channel Ten showed how we make our Eucalyptus Oil  and included Larry’s new Forage Harvester. If you happened to miss the episode you can find it here

We hope the Channel Ten crew enjoyed their day at Emu Ridge a few months ago. We had the pleasure of providing Emma the Presenter, Maddie the Producer, Glen the Camera man, and Savvy on Sound some great local produce for their lunch for a big day of filming! We hope you enjoyed watching Larry make our Eucalyptus Oil and Kangaroo Island, and it was the inaugural filming of our new mechanical harvester! Exciting.