Tribute to Luna

Luna approx 19 months old. Still loved sleeping in her basket during the day and having 3 bottles a day. We have some very sad news, Luna was laying with us in front of the fire quite happy. When we go to bed it is time for her to go outside, she was looking a bit down just before we put her outside. An hour later Nicole heard thumping noises under the verandah and went outside. Poor Luna was having a seisure of some kind.


Well Maple is 2 weeks older and you can see that she now has hair, she has settled into 4 hourly feeds during the night and day. She weighs 350gm’s. Afew minor setbacks with a bit of diaorea and blood in her poo but she is putting on weight and doing great. Catherine will be glad when she sleeps through the night, she just needs to get a bit bigger and stronger.

Catherine and Maple

Catherine is a French Canadian Wwoofer who is helping us out at the moment, she immediately fell in love with Maple and to help out a fellow Canadian she is taking really good care of her. She is doing really well. Chatherine feeds and toilets her approximately every 2 hours plus during the night. She is just starting to get hair the best way to keep her at the right temperature is next to our bodies. So Catherine is finding out what it feels like to be pregnant!


Some visitors from SA with guests from Canada called into our distillery and admired Luna, not long after they left they returned with this tiny little girl, she is a Tammar Wallaby her mum was hit and killed just up our road and the visitors were taking a photo when the pouch moved. They bought in the Wallaby who was named Maple being Canadas emblem. She weighs 300gms and has no hair and is about 4 months old.

Luna and Nicole

We have wwoofers stay with us they work for their food and board and they get to experience the Aussie way of life, Nicole is from Germany, she came for 2 weeks and I think now she has been here for 4 months! Luna has grown to love her and Nicole looks after her. She is very spoilt and still has at least 3 bottles a day. She will be 18months old so should be weaned. We will wait till summer comes.


Luna and Sandra. Sandra, thankyou for your kind donation towards the rearing of Luna, we really appreciate it. To rear 1 kangaroo is about $1,500.00. There is no funding available being a carer it is something I do out of love. Thanks Bev and Luna x x


Hi some sad news little batman died. We tried everything but to no avail, very unusual. Luna is doing great she is having 2 to 3 bottles a day and living with the wild roos at night but enjoying her human environment by day. Sandra a German visitor getting a kiss from Luna


Batman has had a few ups and downs he got sick and has some antibiotics which have fixed him up thankgoodness. He is lapping milk now and growing fast as you can see. He doesnt like being toileted and gets grumpy at me. He is eating some solids. Luna is doing well.

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