All Natural Easter Eggs


I love these ideas if you’re wanting Natural food dyes for deep, rich, earthy coloured Easter eggs! Aren’t they beautiful? Anything from wine to onion skins can be used as an all natural dye. All you need to do is put the eggs in boiling water with your desired “natural dye” and boil away for 8 – 10mins. Your natural dye could be coffee, wine, red cabbage, spinach leaves, grated carrots, beetroots, onion skin, cranberry juice or anything else that you fancy. Great way to get the family together over Easter and create something different.


Another great idea if your wanting Natural food dyes and earthy Easter ideas these are beautiful.  Find the instructions here.

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You will find other great ways to naturally dye your eggs here!

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The above picture  is from McCormick and it is a very handy cheat sheet for Easter and mixing colours.

Marbled Eggs,  also know as dinosaur eggs are very cool to you can use food coloring or natural dyes, beetroot juice works well. Boil the eggs, roll and make cracks all over the egg, pop a teaspoon of vinegar and color into a ziplock bag, mix it all around and pop in the fridge for 1/2 hour, take out and peel the eggs, very cool!

Curried Eggs dyed with beetroot juice. Boil the eggs and peel them, sit in the beetroot juice for five minutes, cool, cut in half and make curried egg mixture. Lots of ideas that can be adjusted to what you have in the pantry!

Happy Easter 🙂