When life’s strong winds come blowing…


When life’s strong winds come blowing…

What a wonderful metaphor for those hard moments in life. It’s all about learning and adapting and change. Letting go can be very hard and often the hardest type of change, but to know that something can be born from letting go can make it all the more easier.

All businesses go through hard times, even here at Emu Ridge. The Eucalyptus distillery was created out of necessity as the sheep industry proved impossible for the Turners. Creating something from nothing with a young family on an Island would be a tough gig for anyone, but the Turners soldiered on and grew their business into the amazing tourist attraction and oil producer it is today.

The picture of the quote it very fitting for Emu Ridge. It looks like a Eucalyptus tree blowing in the wind, and quite funny that we used to be called Windy Ridge too!

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