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What does Kangaroo Mean?

Where did the word “Kangaroo” come from?

I wouldn’t dare say this was true but wouldn’t it be funny if it was! Does anyone know?

Kangaroo Island’s native kangaroo

Yes, there are kangaroos on the island. The Kangaroo Island kangaroo is a sub-species of the western grey kangaroo, and is native to the island. If you visit us at Emu Ridge you will often find them laying around out the back of our shop, we hand rear orphans and then set them free so they know its a safe place to be and they also invite their friends which is great!

How did Kangaroo Island get its name?

Captain Matthew Flinders, and his hungry crew members, discovered Kangaroo Island on 2 March 1802. They found no inhabitants but were compensated for this by the discovery of what they needed most of all – fresh food! In his journal Flinders recorded, ‘the whole ship’s company was employed this afternoon in the skinning and cleaning of kangaroos. After four months’ privation they stewed half a hundredweight of heads, forequarters and tails down into soup for dinner, on this and the succeeding days, and as much steak given, moreover to both officers and men as they could consume by day and night. In gratitude for so seasonable a supply, I named this south land KANGAROO ISLAND’.

The human history of the island, which started many thousands of years ago, is rich and colourful. At the same time it is also full of suffering, endurance, privation, success, failure, courage and bravery. Its Aboriginal occupation ended about five thousand years ago and was not renewed until the early 1800’s when escaped convicts, from New South Wales and Tasmania, whalers and sealers kidnapped Aboriginal women from the mainland and forced them to live with them on the island.

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