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Upgrading our life & Business at Emu Ridge

Larry and I are proud of what we have achieved since our inception in 1991. We love what we do, but there comes a time when you realise you’re getting older and its time for some changes!

We believe its time to have a better quality of life and to enjoy our hard work and not let our business consume us.  Its time to make life easier for us our family and our staff!

(And don’t worry we are both still working! Hopefully not quite as many hours as we have been once everything is in place. You can’t get rid of us that easily!!)

We were recently able to access the Kangaroo Island Commissioner’s Building Better Regions Funds In-Business Grant  which contributed to 50% of our recent business review. We haven’t reviewed our business properly for over 20 years!! We were also lucky to have the invaluable expertise of Andy from AL Assist complete our review for us, covering all areas in our business with a view to identifying opportunities for efficiency through automation and better business management systems. The review also discussed succession planning for our future with our kids in our business and retirement etc. Things that are always on on the “gonna do” plan that never get done!!

We are very happy to have already implemented many changes, such as a POS (Point of Sale) inventory management system and improved online order and mail systems. We can already see the benefits from implementing these changes, with better performance and productivity. We hope our online customers see an improvement too!

It has been a challenge for all of us! (so apologies if you get sent a few extra emails than you should!! Please bear with us over this transition thanks!!) Its been great to learn new systems, stimulating our minds and hopefully our performance and productivity in the future.

Our Manager Ella

Ella, our manager, has enjoyed the challenge involved in the setting up of our new systems, incorporating inventory management for our retail shop and e-commerce activities and the integration of our accounting system, to become fully streamlined. It’s great to be able to see everything at a glance. This will also help us look after our online customers better and improve time management.

Father and son effort here! Tristan and Larry working hard. Its been a time consuming exercise bar-coding all of our products, but worth the effort as scanning saves time!

My Sister Coralie and Daugher Mel going cross-eyed counting stock ready to barcode!

They reckon its time for a drink! (It had been a very long day and night!)

I hope you have enjoyed watching us grow over the years!


18 Replies to “Upgrading our life & Business at Emu Ridge”

  1. Jocelyn Johnstone says:

    Congratulations Bev, Larry and Team. A very time consuming effort you are currently undertaking but I’m sure the overall benefits will be totally worth all your extremely hard work. You all do such a fantastic job in providing such wonderful products. As always well done and thank you <3

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Thanks for you kind words regards Bev x

  2. Meg says:

    Congratulations Bev, Larry and all, you have done a fantastic job and your growing professionalism,without losing the personal touch, has been great to see. May the new regime work well and give you that much needed time to enjoy the fruits!

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Thanks Meg 🙂

  3. Jaffrey Drinkwater, says:

    Congratulations on what you have achieved. All the best for the future of this excellent tourist attraction.

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Thanks Jaffrey 🙂

  4. Laura Hepworth says:

    Well done to all the team! You are all so amazing and a well deserved rest for Bev and Larry because you both deserve it 🙂

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Thanks Laura, remember you are welcome anytime x

  5. Barbara & Paul Head (UK) says:

    Congratulations & very best wishes for the future

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Thanks Barbara and Paul, much appreciated. Regards Bev and Larry

  6. Shauna Black says:

    Congratulations Bev and Larry and your great team on your hard work and constant innovation. We are proud to have you representing the Authentic Kangaroo Island brand.

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Thanks Shauna 🙂

  7. Mark Field says:

    Have you got on top of the Ferrell cat prob yet ??

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Hi Mark, thankyou. Unfortunately it is still an on going problem. Government spending alot of money on it at the moment https://www.naturalresources.sa.gov.au/kangarooisland/plants-and-animals/pest-animals/Kangaroo-Island-Feral-Cat-Eradication-Program
      Kind regards Bev

  8. Julie (Urthly Organics) says:

    It so fabulous to be able to purchase your eucalyptus for many years to come. Congratulations on such a beautiful essential oil that turns my product into something else.

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Thankyou Urthly Organics 🙂 Kind regards Bev

  9. Graeme and Kathy Ricketts says:

    Congratulations Larry, Bev and team. Awesome effort. All the very best for the future.

    1. Emu Ridge says:

      Thanks very much Graeme and Kathy 🙂 Cheers Bev

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