Skin Repair Cream – All Natural

With the healing effects of Neem Oil and Emu Oil. This Cream is especially good for Eczema and Psoriasis it also will help all skin types to recover from dry conditions and sun burn. The benefits of Emu Oil help to sooth inflammation and aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines. Neem Oil is Natures’ own little miracle, exceptional healing and soothing qualities.

Available in 100ml size.


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With the healing effects of Neem Oil and Emu Oil. This cream is especially good for Eczema and Psoriasis and it also will help all skin types to recover from dry conditions and sun burn. The benefits of Emu Oil help to soothe inflammation and aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines. “”Neem Cream”” is produced in a rich base and a little bit goes a very long way.

Neem Oil is Natures own little miracle, exceptional healing and soothing qualities.

Available in 100ml size.


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22 reviews for Skin Repair Cream – All Natural

  1. Rita

    Fabulous company. Impressed with the Skin Repair Cream with Emu Oil and Neem. As I have very sensitive skin, this cream was 10/ 10. I love it because it’s a local company with local products( Australia).

  2. Jill

    Emu Ridge is a fantastic place to visit and their products are wonderful. I use Skin Repair with emu oil and neem and when I followed up with an online purchase of Eucalyptus Honey Sweets the process was easy and delivery was very quick. Love their products.

    • Emu Ridge

      Hi Jill, thank you so much for sharing this with everyone & for taking the time to write us this lovely review. We are glad you are happy. Take care. Kind regards Jess

  3. Graham Butt

    We visited Emu Ridge whilst we were on holiday and really liked the skin repair cream we bought. It works for me better than any other product I have tried. I have continued buying it via online order and the post has been prompt service. Thank you

  4. Barb P

    Thank you for your email, but why wouldn’t I trust you with my business when your products and service are top class.

    Your Skin Repair Cream is wonderful and has helped with my on-going skin condition.

    Having had breast cancer it is difficult to find a good deodorant and the one I have been purchasing from you is the best.

    With my most recent order I got some eucalyptus oil and have just opened it to put some in with my washing. I couldn’t get over the perfume. Being a fan of our beautiful country and the smell of gum trees I was staggered at how you have managed to put that exact smell into a bottle. It is fantastic. I have now put a few drops into my air freshener and now I have the wonderful smell of gum trees in my lounge room.

    Thank you so much. You will have another order from my shortly

    Kindest regards, Barb

  5. Noel Gear

    Your 100% pure EMU oil & all natural SKIN REPAIR cream are fantastic
    I have sensitive skin problems & find that the products above very soothing

  6. Andrew Ballard

    Extremely happy with the emu oil skin repair cream which has really helped with my Sun damaged skin. A local natural range of quality products, keep it up!

  7. Shelley

    Online shop very easy to use.
    Inlove with your SKIN REPAIR CREAM with emu oil and neem
    Fantastic on my eczema!!

  8. Sharyn Hannah

    I love the skin repair cream, I use it every night on my face, also on a rash on my leg which has totally cleared up, really good product. Was lovely visiting you at KI too.

    • Emu Ridge

      Hi Sharyn, thanks so much for taking the time to review the Skin Repair Cream and for your lovely feedback. It is a wonderful product for the whole body and so happy to hear it has helped you. We hope you get to visit again someday 🙂 Thanks, Ella

  9. Shirley Gourgaud

    Skin Repair with emu oil and neem is the best night cream I have ever tried. Nothing can beat this product for moisturising in dry conditions. You have put together an excellent combination of ingredients

    The skincare range is beyond peer. It does what it claims. The range of ingredients show that a lot of thought has gone into producing an excellent product

  10. Lidgett

    My whole shopping experience has been excellent from my first phone contact. My questions were answered in an informative and friendly manner. The diversity of products was a surprise . I am happily testing several including the eucalyptus shampoo bar which smells and feels superb. Postage was prompt and securely packaged. I look forward to exploring more products. Thank you to all
    My favourite product i think so far is the skin repair cream which is lovely and keeps my skin moist all day.

  11. Vivienne

    I love your products and and I hope that I will again experience your wonderful country. The whole family loves your soap because it feels comfortable and smells good and the skin repair cream because it’s the only one that has worked on mine and the kids dry hands. I was very happy when I learned from you that you are sending packages to Sweden.

  12. Barry

    The Skin Repair Cream has improved backs of hands after years of sun. I visited with a Probus group from Christchurch. Enjoyed the lunch and the tour to learn about the Oil making process. I bought some cream and have gone back for more as it is very beneficial.

  13. Barb Wilde

    Love the skin repair – I use it ever night on my face – hoping it will stall the signs of aging a bit!!!
    Our visit to Emu Ridge was great and very informative about the history and the products. We even got to have a yarn with Larry

  14. Veronica Spry

    i am extremely happy with the customer service i got from the lovely staff at your shop and my favourite product is the Skin repair cream. I use it as a moisturiser on my mature skin and love it. i now buy it twice a year which is awesome value!!

  15. Tamika

    I absolutely love the skin repair cream, it works amazingly for my 18 month old son who has severe reactions with food chemical intolerance’s. He gets an awful red rash around his mouth and bottom small amount of this cream clears him up almost instantly, also works wonders for his eczema. Would highly recommend this skin repair cream over the steriod creams given by doctors, so gently on the skin its affordable and a small tub goes a long way

  16. Joy

    I love the Skin Repair which is the first cream I have tried that prevents cracked quicks on my fingers, and it doesn’t stay greasy. The next is Face cream which has no sunscreen in it and it is nice to use.

  17. Leanne

    I use the Skin Repair Cream each night after cleansing my face. My face is very sensitive and I have had no issues with the cream. Really great ingredients, good for people with sensitive skin

  18. Tamika

    Great online shop very easy to use and find your way around.
    Skin repair cream has been fantastic on my little 9 month old baby boys eczema.. i would love to see if theres other products from you suotable for sensative skin such as soaps ect.

  19. Anders

    I find the Skin Repair Cream very useful for my skin problems.

  20. Judy

    Congratulations on your well run and friendly business.
    The product Skin Repair with emu oil & neem is very restorative for the skin, seems to deeply moisturize and repair sun damaged skin.

  21. Helen

    I have used Emu Ridge Skin Repair for 4 years now, better than any of the expensive creams on the market & I love buying from a family run business.

  22. Joy

    I love the face cream and skin repair cream. Face cream is nice, good price and doesn’t contain SPF, and the skin repair cream has prevented skin cracks on my hands in winter after years of using other products that did not do this.