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RuzRoo Bookmarks


RuzRoo Bookmarks


What a perfect gift for anyone! Made in Australia from genuine Kangaroo Leather.

You can choose from either a Kangaroo or Koala and they come in dark or light brown.

**If you wish to just purchase the Bookmarks on their own then please contact us from our contact page as we can send them in an envelope which is cheaper rather than a parcel. The website at the moment only charges for parcels.**

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Emu & Kangaroo Leather Bookmarks

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Weight 0.013 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

Kangaroo, Koala


  1. Gina

    I purchased a leather bookmark in Australia over ten years ago. It travelled everywhere with me, and marked the page in hundreds of books. I recently lost it, and just had to replace it immediately with your leather kangaroo bookmark! I love it so much.

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