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  1. Two years ago, I received my first bottle of Eucalyptus oil from a friend. It proves to be the best (purest, most stable and best smell) eucalyptus oil I have ever used. On my shopping tour two days ago, I bought the shampoo and conditioner bar, just for the light weight to travel with. I just tried tonight, they are supper brilliant!!!! especially after blow drying! my hair touch like silk!!! I am so glad I am still on the island and I will come and buy some more tomorrow morning!

  2. Good morning,
    Your website is easy to use, your products are incredible, and your communication is outstanding. Thank you. Look forward to receiving my products.
    Warm regards Brigitte

  3. I have only used the Fragonia & Neroli face cream so far, and I am very impressed. It sinks into the skin rapidly and makes a very good foundation and night application. My parcel was extremely well-packed and a fast delivery.

  4. Amazing products and very reasonably priced. My favourite product is Eucalyptus oil which is very high quality
    Great products and great service from this family owned business.

  5. The Eucalyptus hand cream is a great product to help with dry,cracked hands-but the body wash is very good as well
    The Kangaroo Island products are of an excellent quality and my family have tried a few of the products (hand cream, body wash,lip balm & lollies)and are impressed.

  6. I absolutely love using your Eucalyptus oil for EVERYTHING. However, my favourite oil would have to be lemon myrtle – the smell is divine and reminds me of my mum’s house. I also love receiving the newsletter info, and hearing what the farm/family is up to. Keep it up.

  7. The products at Emu Ridge are excellent quality, natural ingredients and are made right here in SA. What more can you ask for!
    My favourite product is their All Natural Hand & Nail Cream. It smells so lovely and really moisturises.

  8. I like the Fragonia & Neroli Face Cream, it feels nice to use and is a good moisturiser.
    Excellent online service, prompt and well packaged delivery.

  9. Each time I have visited I have always found the staff friendly and helpful.
    When I have ordered over the phone – likewise and when my last order was damaged by Australia Post – I was contacted by a staff member to let me know this and was assured a new order was on the way – this was much appreciated.

  10. I absolutely love the skin repair cream, it works amazingly for my 18 month old son who has severe reactions with food chemical intolerance’s. He gets an awful red rash around his mouth and bottom small amount of this cream clears him up almost instantly, also works wonders for his eczema. Would highly recommend this skin repair cream over the steriod creams given by doctors, so gently on the skin its affordable and a small tub goes a long way

  11. Have ordered eucalyptus oil, emu oils & rubs & have found quality to be excellent. As for the honey, well, it’s amazingly good so we don’t need to check the supermarket shelves again ! Ordering & delivery has been a breeze…….

  12. Shampoo and Conditioner works really well with my demanding hair and lasts a long time. And the bar it is so much better for the environment than a sturdy plastic bottle. I definitely will buy again.

  13. Thanks for the parcel Bev & Co. It arrived in Townsville in 6 days. The lemon myrtle is great. Mel really likes the Emu Oil. Catch ya Jo

  14. Fregonia and Neroli face cream. This product has a good “feel” to the fingers, keeps my face moisturized and smooth. Has a delightful fragrance too!

  15. Hi Tricia,
    Thanks for your email. We liked your product when we visit your business in September 2017 and since then Have been using the Barrier Balm. It is a great product and we all like it at home.
    Cheers, Mudit

  16. Thank you so much for the superb packs I received promptly from your online shop just prior to Christmas 2018. I cant remember the name of the products but there were 2 or 3 items in each bag which were very classy looking for gifts. I bought them as gifts for each of my 4 daughters whom I don’t buy a great deal for at Christmas anymore due to the 8 grandies. Ill be purchasing from you again this coming Christmas. I love Emu Ridge products and presentations…..

    • Hi Anne,
      Thanks very much for your wonderful comment. We look forward to hearing from you again in the future and hope your daughters loved the gift. Thanks, Ella

  17. Greetings Ella, The shampoo that I purchased when we visited you during our stay at Stranraer is absolutely fantastic. It has almost cleared up a slight scalp infection that has been worrying me. I look forward to going back to using it! Good luck, Regards, Bryn.

  18. Thanks so much for the gift – it is very much appreciated. The order arrived today and in great condition. I’ve been so looking forward to the eucalyptus & honey lollies especially as I was on the last dregs in the packet I’d bought on my Kangaroo Island visit in January with the John Howie/Travelrite Music Cruise group.

  19. I called to confirm my online order as it was the first time I used online shopping in your website. The lady on the line was very helpful to check for me immediately and confirmed the purchase had got through and the products would be on the way, The Australia Post is very good to inform me the status of the parcel.

  20. Two products I love are Skin Repair which is the first cream I have tried that prevents cracked quicks on my fingers, and it doesn’t stay greasy. The next is Face cream which has no sunscreen in it and it is nice to use.

  21. We visited last year and was very impressed. We bought a few things and will continue to do so. Customer service very good. Our favourite product is the Hand wash because we use it a number of times a day.

  22. Emu Ridge is so happy to help and post things out. My orders always seem very personal. And Im happy you don’t send too many emails advertising etc!! I like using a family owned business and the Eucalyptus oil can been used for such a variety of uses.

  23. Since we have been using the massage oil for or pains & strains it has helped to keep swelling down create a more comfortable endurance.

  24. I purchased some items as a Christmas gift for my Auntie who loves your products. Staff were extremely helpful offering me a choice of patterns for the heat pack that I chose. Speedy postage and arrived beautifully packaged. Thanks!

  25. Love the shampoo bar! The conditioner also is amazing, although quite expensive for the size bottle (100ml), and the fragrance is divine. Re the eucalyptus oil – I didn’t like the smell to begin with – it’s quite different from the familiar supermarket brands. Following advice from Bev, I bought some Emu Ridge lemon myrtle and added that to the vinegar cleaner recipe together with the euc oil. Less euc is more in this case, and I love the combo. Using it to clean everything in my house! Postal service was excellent also.

  26. You company produces a variety of natural products of great quality. People with allergies and sensitivity (like myself) can benefit by using them. Thank you!

  27. Repair cream, I use it each night after cleansing my face. My face is very sensitive and I have had no issues with the cream. Really great ingredients, good for people with sensitive skin

  28. Love the various Emu Ridge products and appreciate the speed with which they arrive after being ordered online. An excellent South Australian business.
    Mary. Country SA.

    • Hi Mary, thanks very much for your kinds words. We really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. Thanks again, Ella.

  29. Oh Hi Bev, I really love the massage cream. One of my friends bought it for me when she was there and I use it in my Reflexology Clinic. I’m going to be on KI in March 2019, travelling with an American friend who is visiting. We will be sure to drop in and say hello.
    Regards, Julie

  30. Love the Ligurian bee honey especially as it is only found on KI, also love the eucalyptus honey sweets, we took 4 packets on a 10 week caravan road trip, they were a great pick me up on the long drives

  31. Really love the shampoo and conditioner. I have extremely dry hair due to medications.
    My hair feel lovely and soft.Highly recommend.

  32. Eucalyptus hand & body lotion is non greasy & softening. Beautiful scent- not too strong. Happy to support this business as the products are superior to many overpriced high profile brands.

  33. We love your products and bought some other stuff when we were there. It is the best lip balm I’ve ever used in my 68 years, it actually suppresses cold sores, as soon as I get the tingling I put it on, especially in the dry winter with the westerlys blowing

  34. We have been visiting Emu Ridge Distillery for years and buying the skin cremes
    We love the skin products because they work,they are easy to apply and smell divine
    The products represent real value for money
    Be of our favourite gifts to give

  35. After using face cream for a couple of days day and night and only using a tiny amount I had noticed an improvement in my skin

  36. I felt the service was very good. Its very hard to get 100% strength products so Emu Ridge definitely good. Tea tree oil – Cant reach toes to dry them so use tea tree, and stop fungus on toe nails.

  37. The banksia oil diffuser. Ideal for gifts when travelling overseas. Very good prices. Outstanding service and delivery was within days.

  38. Congratulations on your well run and friendly business.
    The product Skin Repair with emu oil & neem is very restorative for the skin, seems to deeply moisturize and repair sun damaged skin.

  39. Like the body mousse. Has a really lovely smell and love it on my skin. I received my order within 2 days. Was so quick.

  40. The face cream – lovely fragrance and not greasy, works really well. Hand cream also very good, moisturises extremely well.

  41. Maine Beach Body Mousse. I have very dry skin, especially my hands and I find this product to be an excellent hand cream for overnight to leave my hands soft and hydrated. It is also good value for money.

  42. Eucalyptus Honey Sweets. Never had a cold or sore throat since enjoying these sweets. Everyone travelling to Kangaroo Island should visit.

  43. Lip Balm – It just seems to work better than other conventional ones. This is my first online order but we visited the shop in 2009 and purchased products at that time as well.

  44. Thanks for getting back to me about my order. We visited Emu Ridge in January 2009. I’ve been trying to find a picture of the baby kangaroo you had in the shop in a little basket. All he wanted to do was sleep and I kept petting him! If I do finally find it I will email it out to you.

    It has actually taken me all this time to use up the lip balm and other items we bought when we were there. The lip balm is the best thing I’ve ever tried for my lips and I was going to panic if I couldn’t reorder it.

    We absolutely loved every minute of our trip to Australia, including Kangaroo Island, and wish we could visit again. It’s a long trip to get out to you all so it probably won’t happen again as we are getting older but we have great memories of your beautiful country and amazing people. FYI, now that Starbucks sells a Flat White, I can always dream.

    Best regards,

  45. I have used Emu Ridge Skin Repair for 4 years now, better than any of the expensive creams on the market & I love buying from a family run business.

  46. Wild Bush land Eucalyptus Hand and Nail Creme. Leaves the hands with a very nice feel, once hands are wet it doesn’t have a slimy feel, very pleasant fragrance.

  47. The website was easy to navigate, the product was despatched quickly and the product was as advertised. I have been using the Emu Oil for a couple of weeks so far and it appears to be a good product.

  48. Ordered from Canada and the exchange rate was very good. Also the delivery cost was reasonable and took less than 2 weeks. Very pleased with the whole process and the products.

  49. Great products! If you get a chance to visit Kangaroo Island, definitely worth stopping into the store. My favourite product is the emu oil and eucalyptus lip balm. So glad I can now order their products online.

    • Hi Carrie, thanks so much for your kind words, we really appreciate you taking the time to write something and we look forward to hearing from you again in the future. Kind regards Bev

  50. I have used a few of the body products and love the clean fresh smell. Going to try the shampoo and conditioner next. Always super fast delivery.

  51. I purchased a leather bookmark in Australia over ten years ago. It travelled everywhere with me, and marked the page in hundreds of books. I recently lost it, and just had to replace it immediately with your leather kangaroo bookmark! I love it so much.

  52. Hard to pick – the honey is just so beautiful & fragrant. The eucalyptus drops are just perfectly sweet but not too sweet. The eucalyptus oil is just so fresh & amazing. hard to pick one.

  53. Just wanted to say that I love the products I bought from you recently.

    The eucalyptus is so good, I have been using it in the wash, in my vaporiser & also as steam inhalation today because I have a cold. It really helps. I also love those eucalyptus drops – very delicious! It helps to suck on one if my throat is feeling scratchy. I’ll be using the chest rub tonight too!

    I have saved an extra line on its own just to mention the amazing honey! I have tried lots of honey, but yours is so aromatic – almost tastes like sweet blossoms. It is delicious in porridge & in my tea.

    I’ll definitely be re-ordering when I use up my supply of my new favourite things. So glad Nyree mentioned your business & glad that an Australian owned family business can still manage to operate – hope you guys stick around. Where would I get my essential supply of eucalyptus, drops & honey from?!

  54. Have recently purchased this hand-cream whilst on special.

    I usually do use good brand hand-cream regardless, yet, this is such a lovely and high quality product.
    1. You apply a small amount and after a short period is absorbs so easily into your skin ( hands ) leaving them silky smooth without any residual.

    May purchase a few more tubes +++ as gifts for friends and try some of the other Maine Beach products.

  55. I truly believe that the sunscreen has an effect of repelling insects. Although I have no firm data to confirm the effect, it is still a great sunscreen. My wife loves the hand cream because it works and has a great fragrance.

  56. We ordered banksia pods with some oils and they’re simply fantastic. Processing our order has been really easy and fast, thank you so much for you kind and professional service!

  57. Hand cream (Kangaroo Island) smells wonderful and once soaked in leaves hands silky smooth (and not greasy). Best hand cream on the planet in my opinion. Makes hands feel a million dollars, fragrant, smooth and silky. JJ

  58. I have 2 – the face cream and the skin repair cream. Face cream is nice, good price and doesn’t contain SPF, and the skin repair cream has prevented skin cracks on my hands in winter after years of using other products that did not do this.

  59. For people looking for eucalyptus and honey product there is no better place or online site to be your go to number one.

  60. I first started The result using Eucalyptus Oil many years ago, this was after a visit to Kangaroo Island. The resulting comments from visitors to my home, proved the benefits of using this product for all my domestic needs, floors laundry and personal items. One comment being, “How fresh your home smells as we walk in”, Buy the booklet on the many uses and you will not be disappointed.

  61. KI bushland body creme. Being wheat sensitive it is the only one i can fond that doesn’t break my skin out. Very soothing.

  62. The ordering process is so quick and easy, and I always receive the items in good time, always well-packed so never any damage. I love browsing the shop on the website – everything is well-displayed. Keep up the great service.

  63. The hand and nail cream is devine as is the body lotion. I buy it as a gift for my sister who loves the product and as a gift to our overseas visitors.

  64. Kangaroo Island moisturiser – decadent and luxe with a strong scent that lasts for a while and replaces the need for perfume. Scent is reminiscent of Australian bush.

  65. I was looking for Native Australian animals for a school project and this was the cheapest and only place I could find native Australian animals from an Australian company. Thank you the kids enjoyed looking at these animals.And have made some fabulous anmals of their own.

  66. I am very happy with the product & the instructions that came with it. I am also happy with how quickly it arrived in the post. Some further feedback includes as follows.

    1. It would be great if future products either give the expiry date or give the information “No expiry date for this one”, so I do not need to request it.

    2. This one is general feedback only, as I was happy with the very safe arrival of my product from Emu Ridge. In the past, I have dealt with companies who insist on posting items by express because they feel pressured by other customers to receive items within a day. My personal preference it that the product is delivered safely as Emu Ridge has done, including a card left in my post box to pick it up from the post, because I was not at home when the parcel arrived. So thank you, Emu Ridge, for posting my product by normal mail and respecting my preference to wait as long as it takes for a safe delivery rather than finding it lying around on common property because it was assumed I was an inpatient customer who wanted an Express post.

    3. Thank you for allowing me to pay offline. Just a reminder to pass on information to other NSW customers (can do via your website) to pay through St George Bank (who will take it for free) and definitely not through Westpac (who will charge $15.)

    Please stay the way you are and please always make all products you have be made in Australia where ever possible. That is the reason I ordered it from you instead of buying it retail.

    Thank you. Kind Regards, Gina.

  67. I was in Australia last january where I discovered your products. Now that I am back in Switzerland it seems to me that I’m always on holidays. Thank you for this

  68. I bought a couple of the Banksia Oil pots earlier in the year to give to visiting family; they loved them. We are going to visit them in England at Christmas and we have been asked to bring one over for another friend so decided they would be perfect gifts for friends we visit, hence buying a few. Love them.

  69. We would like to thank you for sending our goods. They arrived in good condition.
    Looking forward, to when we will be putting in our next order.
    Thanking you
    Bob and Tania

  70. Hi. Coming from the other side of the world, Denmark, we visited you last year in October. It was nice to meet you and to buy some soap and lotion. It was a pleasure to get in contact with you again and you beeing able to send us some more of your products – though it took very long time to come to Denmark and we had to pay extra toll. It was worth it.

  71. Emu Ridge Honey is the best I have tasted and I love the honey and eucalyptus cough lollies. I buy online and it is so quick and easy. Great people to deal with.

  72. I have purchased the Wild Bushland Eucalyptus hand & nail creme and the body mousse. I love the perfume and texture of these products.

  73. Hello! My husband and I were just in Australia for a little over a month. We spent a couple of days in Kangaroo Island (at the Stranrear Homestead – what a wonderful spot) and Graham was kind enough to stop at your store on the way to the airport, so that I could pick up some KI eucalyptus oil. I wasn’t sure how much room I would have in my suitcase so only picked up a handful of items. But I really wanted to give some of your products as gifts, so I was happy to see that you do indeed ship to the US.
    I am happy to support your business and hope to visit again in person!

  74. I bought the honey eucalyptus candy as a present for my Japanese father in law. He said it is the best he has had. It is a quality candy.

  75. My wife and I found Emu Ridge on a holiday many years ago. We have been loyal customers ever since. I use eucalyptus oil all the time for everything I can think of. I would not consider washing clothes without it. My late wife was a soap maker and she found the unique scent very marketable. A very special home grown product that cant be beat.

  76. I have now completed an order for the soap I wanted (after buying two bars in July when we visited). It is the best thing since sliced bread and it fits in my soap holder (I drive trucks so I am away from home a lot).
    Thanks again Mark

  77. I discovered Emu Ridge Oils snake repellent recipe on Facebook and decided to try it out.
    I ordered the oils, and from time of order to delivery, I was kept updated.
    The oils arrived, beautifully and securely packed.
    The service has been friendly and extremely helpful.
    I will buy from these lovely people again!
    Thankyou, Emu Ridge.

  78. I found out about Emu Ridge on a vacation to Kangaroo Island and I have been extreamly happy with the products and the friendly service I have gotten from them.
    thank you!

  79. I first bought the eucalyptus oil many years ago while visiting the island, during my honeymoon. I love Emuridge eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil. Since 2005 I purchase on line every year (since I live in Italy).
    I would love to come back!

  80. Hi Bev,
    I absolutely love the skin repair cream, especially after working in the garden and in the winter months. Can’t wait to try the Lemon Myrtle essential oil with honey for my bronchitis.
    Kindest regards Erika 🙂

  81. Just love your little essential oil wood pots. Beautifully handcrafted and so sweet. Perfect sitting next to my bed – a put a few drops of lavender and petitgrain essential oil to aid a restful sleep. Thank you, so unique and so beautiful how the little pots draws the oils to fill the room with a lovely fragrance of choice. A wonderful bonus to know that they are locally made. Big Smiles! Cara

  82. After visiting Kangaroo Island and purchasing your eucalyptus soap we became converts. It is the only soap we now use and your mail order service is fantastic.
    We also love the honey and eucalyptus lollies which are always in the car and are great when sore throats come along.

  83. Thanks Emu Ridge for your fast response to my order
    Just received my new pot of Fragonia and Neroli face cream,I adore it !
    Trying this time, Skin reair Cream which is so creamy and soothing.Wondeful for winter chapped skin in cold Victoria
    Thanks to for your easy ordering system makes on line shopping a breeze
    Do you ever ship overseas ?
    Some of the products would make great gifts

  84. Hi, I have had a patch of psoriasis behind my left ear approximately 7.5cm square. I used the Skin Repair Cream for only 3 days twice a day and it has since resolved and I have no sign of it anymore. “Love the stuff”

  85. Hi just wanted to tell you the hand cream I had won is so heavenly I really love it my hands are becoming softer thankyou so much

  86. Thanks Bev, I did receive your parcel in post yesterday. Love the scrub… smells so good! Thanks for this lovely gift

  87. Thank-you for the lovely gift of my Lip Balm, it’s gorgeous and I’ve had to fight my daughter off from claiming it for herself..

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