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Eucalyptus Oil

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88 thoughts on “Eucalyptus Oil

  1. I love using the eucalyptus oil for cleaning, the house smells amazing afterwards. I’ve used it for years. On line ordering is so quick and delivery hsppened a few days later.

    • Hi Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts about our eucalyptus oil and our service. We really appreciate it and we look forward to hearing from you in the future. Kind regards Bev

  2. My favourite product would be the Wild Bushland Eucalyptus Hand and Body Creme, because it is just heavenly!
    I also love the Eucalyptus Oil for my cleaning and colds

  3. I purchased the Eucalyptus Oil in the aluminium container. I love the scent and it is absolutely perfect for cleaning and laundry. It cleans and disinfects very well. Just one swipe will do. Your online shop is super straight forward and user friendly. Easy to browse your different products.

  4. Emu Ridge produces high quality products that are well priced. I have been using the eucalyptus oil as an antiseptic solution for viruses, cuts, abrasions, and general household cleaning for a couple of years now and won’t use any other brand.

  5. Emu Ridge produces high quality products that are well priced. I have been using the eucalyptus oil as an antiseptic solution for viruses, cuts, abrasions, and general household cleaning for a couple of years now and won’t use any other brand.

  6. Love your Emu oil and eucalyptus oil . Also the eucalyptus honey sweets are very effective for a sore or dry throat
    very lovely customer service

  7. I bought eucalyptus oil when on a visit to Kangaroo Island a couple of years ago. I needed more so went online and was very happy with the purchase & the fast delivery. Thank you!

  8. Very good and easy to use website and fast delivery. we love to use your Eucalyptus oil for just about anything.
    been a customer for 3 or more years now! keep up good work

  9. Emu Ridge’s Eucalyptus Oil is the very best quality for the very best price – I find it indispensable for laundry and general cleaning – pairs wonderfully with soap to get almost any stain (or stench ) out of just about anything – and nothing can beat a steam treatment with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a basin of hot water, towel over the head and basin, for a miserable head cold. The 1 litre bottle represents amazing value, and an investment in healthy living.
    saw an advertisement somewhere stating that you were SA’s only remaining eucalyptus oil distillery WELL DONE!!

  10. Your Eucalyptus Oil is the best. I love supporting a small business and this smells great. Flu’s – use it, washing – use it, cleaning – use it…
    I love the products I have purchased and used from the Emu Ridge store, in store and on line. I have found all I’ve used to be of top quality. Owners and staff are a pleasure to deal with.

  11. I love your pure eucalyptus oil. I use it in my rinse washing water and my clothes smell amazing, fresh and clean and I know there are no nasty chemicals, great product

  12. Amazing products and very reasonably priced. My favourite product is Eucalyptus oil which is very high quality
    Great products and great service from this family owned business.

  13. Everytime i order my goods come fast and always in secure packaging. Your Eucalyptus oil is unreal as it is so useful for many things. Please keep me updated on any new products or promotions.
    please keep up your EXCELLENT customer relationship

  14. I LOVE the Eucalyptus oil as I use it a lot for stains etc Works wonders..
    I visited your shop last year and found it a great experience. Well Done

  15. I purchased the Emu oil for my mother for her arthritis and she absolutely swears by it.
    The eucalyptus oil I use for cleaning as i try and move away from the more chemically based cleaners.
    I have a very sad addiction to the eucalyptus and honey drops as they’re pretty delicious.
    It’s so important to support local Australian owned businesses and I like to do my bit in making sure that our local manufacturers/producers survive. I will continue to support Emu Ridge as they produce a quality product and one that is fully Australian owned.

  16. The products are wonderful i clean everything with the eucalyptus including my carpets and spot clean my lounge to, i also love the eucalyptus lollies great for coughs and a sore throat. Wonderful place will definitely be back.

  17. My husband and I visited your distillery 4 months ago and we were introduced to your amazing eucalyptus oil!
    I use the Eucalyptus oil for just about everything! It also smells great!!! I also love the eucalyptus and honey sweets; they are sooooo yummy!!!!!Thank you for making such wonderful products which I will keep ordering in the future!

  18. I bought Eucalyptus Oil and am very happy with this product. I would recommend Emu Ridge products as they are of a very high quality and the service was excellent.

  19. I bought some gift packs of emu oil, tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil and I tried the product when I got arthritis pain, it really helps to ease the pain, so I bought a larger size for myself and my family online.

  20. We have a septic system and rely on rainwater so we use a high efficiency washing machine and eco washing powder with no chemicals. A teaspoon/capful of eucalyptus oil per load makes the washing smell good, keeps the machine clean and (reputedly) kills mould and bacteria. I love this natural product. One litre lasts us a year.

    We visit Eucalyptus Ridge when we can – it’s a great place to visit – but mostly I purchase on line. The service is excellent.

    It’s crucially important now to use natural products. Cutting down on chemicals is one small way we can contribute to the on-going battle against environmental pollution. Not all products labelled ‘pure’ are, in fact pure. Eucalyptus oil from Emu Ridge is 100% pure: you can smell (and feel) the difference. Please extract anything else from my comments to use as a testimonial on your website.

  21. I visited your company the first time as a tourist in 2004. A phial of eucalyptus oil have been helping me since this time against cold. This year I used the last drop and found your webpage to order a new one. Thank you very much.

  22. I mainly purchase the eucalyptus oil by the litre. I use it for so many things and I know the quality is superb. Also, I like to support small businesses, and after travelling to Kangaroo Island, fell in love with the place. Happy to support the business, and thankful for their personalised customer service and purchases are received in good time.

  23. I recently purchased some Eucalyptus Oil and Pot Pourri. The oil is high quality and the pot pourri is prettily packaged and smells beautiful. The native leaves and flowers make it special.

  24. We use a drop on the back of our tongue for stopping a cough, and always do the same when on any public transport/air craft/cruise as a preventative measure to kill off nasty germs.

    • Hi Anthea,
      Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately being a small family owned business and in line with our current production capacity, we don’t have any retail outlets outside of our own shop here on Kangaroo Island. We do not wholesale any of our products or sell in bulk. We are however able to offer the majority of our products online with competitive postage costs to anywhere in the world. Kind regards, Ella

  25. Australian Made Eucalyptus Oil. Use it for cleaning and laundry. Also love Lemon Myrtle oil, a couple of drops in floor washing water leaves the house smelling fresh.

  26. Favourite Product – Eucalyptus oil because its used for all sorts of cleaning/laundry jobs around the house and property. And cos it smells of the wonderful Australian bush.

  27. years ago someone brought me a bottle of this emu ridge eucalyptus oil. It was like gold. So powerful, it cleaned everything, lasted forever, smelt the best. Its powerful stuff. A little bit goes a long way. I’ve always gotta get some when I go to KI

  28. Eucalyptus oil because it smells fantastic and has many uses eg: use it in the wash great in a spray bottle with water for cleaning and for colds 🙂

  29. I made up the potion you told me about. It was great. I got one mozzie bite on my leg, but it was before I used the lotion. Thanks for telling me that. I now have a good supply, as I didnt use much.

  30. tea tree and eucalyptus. i am from the states and my friend visited your farm and brought me some oils. i could not believe the difference in quality. i was so happy when you started to ship to the states. i will always buy from your place.

  31. Use eucalyptus oil everywhere. Now have all the family using it also now we can guarantee it is Australian. Tea tree oil goes all over the world with me as the best antiseptic.

  32. The pure eucalyptus oil is my favourite. I love the smell n I use it throughout the house for cleaning,washing, disinfecting, and as an aromatherapy oil.

  33. Best eucalyptus oil I’ve ever found. It smells ‘real’ not manufactured. Best of all it works for all cleaning, washing, disinfecting, etc. I love it n will use no other.

  34. Eucalyptus oil. I know this is pure oil, it’s also locally produced; sustainable, medicinal grade (only need a couple of drops for chest rubs, inhalation etc) a cap full in water for cleaning/ sterilising etc. gets rid of marks on floors, rugs clothing.

  35. I have been using the eucalyptus oil and the tea tree oil for more than 3 years now. There are so many uses for both, they are all natural and smell very fresh and Australian. Recently I have purchased some value added products which are also9 wonderful. Thank you all at Emu Ridge.

    • Hi Danie, thanks for your comments we really appreciate it. Eucalyptus oil of course is our most important product as well and we are glad you are happy with our service. We are always here to help. Kind regards Bev

  36. Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus Hands&Nails Cream for its fragrance and freshness.
    100% Pure Australian Eucalyptus oil: it’s very efficient as decongestant for colds!

  37. I’m looking forward to the delivery. I use and love your oil since my husband and I where on your farm while our honeymoon 1994.

    I love the oil for everything in the household or as first aid in case of a cold ( even for my cats). I wouldn’t miss it anymore. Thanks for delivering even to Switzerland.

  38. I regularly add eucalyptus oil to my wash to prevent stains. It is more effective than spot cleaning before the wash and the lovely scent is a bonus. I have asthma and do not use cleaning products which is fine because eucalyptus oil is fantastically versatile as a cleaning agent around the house. Your online service is great. Really fast and efficient and backed up by ‘real people’!

    • Thanks Danie we appreciate you taking the time to leave this message. We are very happy to have you as one of our online customers. Regards Bev

  39. I have used Eucalyptus Oil on and off over the years. However, it wasn’t until we visited Emu Ridge and I bought a bottle, it became an essential part of my first aid kit and cleaning supplies. Love it and love the freshness it brings to my home. And considering we live in the bush it is appropriate. The online ordering is efficient and delivering is prompt. thank you.

  40. I use Eucalyptus oil for too many purposes to list here, but am always excited to receive my 5litres of the beautiful stuff from this business. There is never any hassle with the ordering or receiving of the order, and it is always packed with care and love. highly recommend this business and their lovely eucalyptus oil.

  41. Have been using Eucalyptus Oil for many years now. Have purchased at the shop as well as online and never have had a problem with doing Direct Debit or the postal system. We use the oil for breathing issues as well as cleaning, getting glue off or just as an aromatic aroma..(usually buy the 5 litre plastic bottle).

  42. We are extremely happy with the products bought from Emu Ridge and are using them regularly.
    We will be happy to reorder as we reach that stage.
    We also look forward to visit your place in future.
    With Best Regards to All..:)

  43. When on my last trip to KI, I had a sore throat and had been coughing for several weeks. I called in to Emu Ridge and they gave me some eucalyptus lollies and added a few drops of eucalyptus oil to them. Within sever hours I noticed the difference with the cough disappearing totally within several days. I highly recommend the company and product to all users. Thank you.

  44. We visited you earlier this year and bought some of your products.
    I have to say I have used your eucalyptus oil for all my cleaning ever since and it is amazing. I cannot use commercial cleaning products because i have Asthma.
    I use your oil in water in a spray and it cleans everything beautifully and actually helps my breathing.
    Your glass cleaner recipe is BRILLIANT.
    I now order from you online.
    Thank you Marlene Coulson WA.

  45. Hi Team

    For some years now we have been ordering Eucalyptus Oil online and getting you to deliver it to a Queensland address for us to collect, on our next visit.

    This system has worked brilliantly and we are able to bring this oil from there to NZ without any problems.

    It is a great product and my husband uses it in the Men’s sauna at their Breakfast Club, plus I use it for most cleaning purposes!

    Thank you for such great and efficient service.

    Kind regards
    Diane Fortune

  46. Bonjour,
    Je recommande les produits de Emu Ridge,
    Cette entreprise familiale élabore des gammes de premières qualités, fabrication artisanale bio.
    L’essence d’eucalyptus est excellente et pratique pour de multiples usages !
    N’hésitez pas – Le sérieux est garanti à tous les niveaux.
    Don’t hesitate to order !
    First quality products,
    I use to order from France, and I am very satisfy !

  47. I’ve been buying your Eucalyptus Oil for nearly two years. I add it to the water when washing floors, but my favourite cleaner is one of your recipes from the Recipe Book – mixing it with pink Handy Andy and water. I have it in a spray bottle and use it for anything and everything. Also useful in the oil burner if we feel congested through winter, and I also make a chest rub incorporating the oil. One of the most useful products available. So glad I can get it easily online. Thanks.

  48. I have been buying your Eucalyptus oil ever since our visit a few years ago. My son who is a cook adds it to his clothes when washing because of the odours etc that build up from cooking fat etc. I use it for washing floors to keep a fresh smell in the house despite a dog inside!
    I much prefer to support small and family run businesses else we will have no real choice in the future.

  49. I love your Eucalyptus Oil – having been to Kangaroo Island many times we always stop in to restock – unfortunately with no trips planned I had to resort to buying online and having it posted – what a wonderful service – fast delivery of the precious oil. We use the oil for many things – disinfecting, removing sticker glue on glass, air freshener to name a few. What a wonderful and natural product – Thank you.

  50. Each time we visit the island, we restock our supply of eucalyptus oil and have mail ordered if we run out before next visit. We use for a myriad of jobs, it is a great product. Thanks Emu Ridge for your friendly service and taking the time to keep customers satisfied.

  51. Love Eucalyptus oil.

    Use it as a cleaning agent as I have a lung condition and other cleaning agents not allow me to breathe.

    Love the washing liquid

  52. Hi, I used the snake repellent 2 weeks ago after having no success trying Scott’s wheelie bin cleaner (contains phenyl/phenol). I’d read that some people had success using the phenyl. In the meantime I purchased the ingredients from emu ridge for the snake repellent (my big guns). So when the snake (30cm juvenile eastern brown) reappeared 2 weeks ago after disappearing for two weeks (probably under some timber steps all along) I got the big guns out. I unfortunately got some of your repellent on the snake’s side as he poked his head out in-between two sleepers. He then retreated back under the timber steps and I continued to spray around the area (decked out in boots/jeans/jacket/safety gloves and pressure pack). That was on the Saturday at my shack near Mannum, when I returned the following Friday the snake was unfortunately “very dead” and I could even see where the repellent had caused a large wound (chemical burn maybe). The ants and flies did the rest. So now I’m topping up my ingredients in readiness for the next visitor, if and when they arrive or as a preventative spray just before Easter. It’s not my intention to kill them as I think they’re an amazing creature, I think red-bellied blacks are beautiful critters (I’m not frightened of snakes, just their venom) so next time i’ll spray the area without spraying directly on the snake.
    Thank you so much for posting this repellent, it’s been a great help. I don’t feel so helpless anymore.
    Regards and best wishes

  53. I love to use Eucalyptus oil on a cotton ball to keep my house smelling fresh. Place it in a vacuum cleaner as a freshener. Or place a few drops on the Vacuum Cleaner bag.

  54. To keep cats away from my house and garden, I place Eucalyptus oil on cotton balls and put them around my garden.

  55. Eucalyptus oil is fantastic for cleaning grease stains or any other stains from my suits. I just put Eucalyptus Oil on brown paper, surge with iron until stain removed.

  56. Little hint I found in book:- It’s easy to clean perspiration stains on the inside edge of a hat – just rub it with eucalyptus oil.

  57. Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I sent a bottle of your Eucalyptus oil home. I just lost my voice and since I’m working as an actress now, I really need it. So I poured some oil in boiling water and took a couple of deep breaths – tadaaaa! Voice is back. Well, not perfectly, I still need to be careful, but I won’t have to cancel any shows, because I have plenty of oil left!

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