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92 thoughts on “Emu Oil

  1. I use Emu daily on my sun damaged skin. All raised dry skin patches shower off after a few days. Also, the top of a very dark raised wart came off gradually over a few days. A marvellous product. Will take advice from other Reviews and try it for arthritic joint pain.

    • Hi Fay, thanks so much for sharing what you use your emu oil for, yes if you read the other reviews it is a very diverse product.
      Kind regards Bev

  2. Emu Ridge is where I buy Emu oil, I use it as a lubricant for rubbing into my sore shoulder joints. It is such a fine oil that my body absorbs it quickly and easily. Then before I wash my hands I like to rub my face/elbows with what’s left on them. Naomi

  3. I have been using Emu Oil for around 5 years. I just couldn’t live without it. I use it on my skin every day. After recent surgery on my leg it was fabulous in healing the scar tissue. Thank you Larry Bev and family for such wonderful products. I will always be a happy customer and promote your products wherever I can.

    • Hi Pam, Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts so that others can see how good Emu Oil is by real people. We appreciate your time.
      Kind regards Bev

  4. Emu oil for me has been a very effective aid for treating my osteoarthritis in knee and neck injury, back and shoulders following vehicle accident strangely a day or so after rubbing this product in the pain and inflammation settles right down allowing me to cease tramadol and norflex and anti inflammatory drugs I really believe emu oil is a magic ointment that does work give this a try you might be pleasantly surprised it also doesn’t have any scent or burn your skin like most ointments and doesn’t make you feel sick like voltaren gel can after excessive use

    • Hi Nigel, so glad that Emu Oil is helping you, it is an amazing product we know! Thanks for taking the time to let others know how its helped you we really appreciate it.
      Kind regards Bev

  5. I give my small dog approx teaspoon of Emu oil every morning on her breakfast kibbles have done so for prox 5 years she loves it and keeps her healthy. She won’t eat capsules.

  6. I purchased the Emu oil for my mother for her arthritis and she absolutely swears by it.
    The eucalyptus oil I use for cleaning as i try and move away from the more chemically based cleaners.
    I have a very sad addiction to the eucalyptus and honey drops as they’re pretty delicious.
    It’s so important to support local Australian owned businesses and I like to do my bit in making sure that our local manufacturers/producers survive. I will continue to support Emu Ridge as they produce a quality product and one that is fully Australian owned.

  7. Emu oil is first thing for 20 years which has eased my itchy face, have tried everything else possible, can now sleep without itching.

  8. I purchased the emu oil for the scar with my knee op after discussing it with you and I use a little on a mark on my face very happy had a great tour and talk when there in feb this year keep up the great work.

  9. Hi Bev
    I thought you would like to know that my order for the emu oil is for my 85 year old mother who has really bad arthritis. She has found it to be so soothing and the smaller jar I purchased for her in April is almost empty. I use your eucalyptus oil based cleaning recipe now all through the home. No more shop purchased cleaners for me. Huge thanks to team Emu Ridge for producing such wonderful products.
    Regards, Lynne

  10. Please note that your emu oil is brilliant. It has cleared up my young adult son’s eczema caused by his kitchen hand duties. I saw his skin just now via WhatsApp. I checked in with him before writing this note to you. Also, your packaging was great! Big thanks from all of us. God bless you mob! Cheers, Tim Howie

  11. The Emu Oil has helped my wife to take away the pain in her mouth & relieve inflammation from teeth & gum ulcers. It has also helped with my scalp from psoriasis & dandruff.

  12. I bought some gift packs of emu oil, tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil and I tried the product when I got arthritis pain, it really helps to ease the pain, so I bought a larger size for myself and my family online.

  13. Excellent service from the staff. Product was received within 3 days.
    Emu oil is a great moisturiser for face and body, it’s very hydrating not oily and absorbs very quickly. Totally recommend it.

  14. We visited your business during a short tour of the beautiful Kangaroo Island and I purchased Emu Oil product which was excellent for my sensitive sun damaged skin which is prone to eczema. The staff were very helpful and friendly.

  15. Have used emu oil for years to keep my joints active – I’m a 72 year old mad keen snow skier.
    Trustworthy supplier of pure emu oil at good price. Quick receipt of product after ordering on website.
    Highly recommended.

  16. I have visited your store and witnessed the emus are pasture raised, therefore I trust your product is of the highest quality and it isn’t the most expensive compare to other stores. The healthiest fat from one of the most natural shops, emu oil is the best topical and internal supplement. To me, emu oil is like a healthy national treasure in Australia.

  17. We discovered Emu Oil on our vacation last year to Australia. Fell in love and brought home to share with friends. The oil is light but makes such a difference to your skin. Just ordered a 2nd round!

  18. My favorite product is Emu oil, which I use on a daily basis. My skin is very dry and sensitive, and hardly tolerates any cosmetics. For a long while I couldn’t find anything working so well.

  19. My emu oil arrived today. Thank you for the two surprises–the lip balm and soap. I will use both. I am actually going to share some of the emu oil with friends. It has really worked for my arthritic pain. Expect an order from me come February.
    Happy holidays!

  20. We are using Emu Oil for skin conditions, arthritis pain, muscle stiffness and anything else I can think of…….wonderful oil, love it!!

  21. First found Emu Oil when on a cruise visiting Kangaroo Island. That small bottle has been travelling with us and very handy for all sorts of skin complaints and sore muscles. Great on my husbands legs where he has circulation problems. We have now purchased for grandchildren who have eczema and more for our home.

  22. I have had a quiet year on the shopping, but it was good to see your email today and be reminded that I need my Emu Oil. I have currently been using it on a knee I damaged when I tripped over a lifted paver in the footpath. Emu Oil is a great anti-inflammatory. I have used nothing else except the initial ice packs!

  23. Do you add anything to your Emu Oil?
    To calm any fears about getting the real deal, what makes yours better than anyone else out there and how do I know I’m getting a good quality product? I’m in the skin care business and I currently use a “medical grade” Emu Oil, which they say, it’s how its processed and what kind of food the Emu is eating all makes a difference in the quality. Can you please help me with this? Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Melissa, Thanks for your inquiry. In Australia our rules for emu oil are very strict, all of our oil must be 100% pure. Emu farmers make sure the emus have a very good diet and are free range, that’s why they are higher in omegas than any other country that farms them. Also omega 7 and vitamin K. On the property where our emus are grown, they roam free in the mallee scrub eating natural grasses, grains and insects whatever they find, this land has no sprays or chemicals used on it, no hormones are used, The emu farming association also wants all Australian Emu farms to supplement with grain, hay, almond husk for fibre, natural protein additives, vegetable oil and a vitamin and mineral mix. All ingredients are natural. To keep the omegas hight. There is only 12 emu farms in all of Australia. Ours are processed at Barumel processing in Victoria. I hope that this helps. Kind regards Bev
      PS also for your interest pure emu oil over time because of the 2 fractions in the oil do separate if they are sitting on a shelf for a long time, so you need to shake back together otherwise it won’t work as well. As you would have read in the warm temperature it is runny in the cold it is solid like coconut oil, it changes. Some country’s do separate the oils fractions to sell clear. This is not good. I hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to ask any other questions.

  24. Hi my name is Cindie Goode ,I just had to thank you for your wonderfull product Emu Oil . I had a car accident ten years ago and am still suffering from muscle and ligament damage as a result . My daughter gave me a ten ml jar of emu oil I had forgotten about it until, I was in tears one day ,to sore to walk out to feed my rescue ponies .Hubby saw the oil in the fridge and said ,I found this in the fridge why not try it .OMG ten minutes later I was almost pain free I had rubbed it in all the sore places down my right hand side .I immediately got on line (after I had fed my ponies lol ) and bought a 250 ml bottle off of your site .i rub it in before bed and when I get up THANK YOU SOOO MUCH I can now function again .I am due for a hip replacement and it really helps me with that pain too ,all by rubbing it in in the areas I need relief the most .I have taken so many strong pain killers and anti inflammatorys my stomach can’t cope any more but now I don’t have to worry so much .My family now have a laugh with me and say we should all buy mum more Emu oil for Xmas so she can fill the bath and soak in it as they have not seen me this active for years .( before my accident I was endurance riding ): ONCE again I thank you for this wonderful product and will continue to to purchase your products .xxxx

  25. Hi Bev:
    What a wonderful surprise I had today when my emu oil and eucalyptus oil arrived with a pouch of eucalyptus honey sweets enclosed. Thank you very much.
    What a nice tasting sweet, or if I translate that into American English, what a nice tasting candy. I think I could easily become addicted to it. Even though I have lived in Auckland, New Zealand for 41 years, lollies or sweets will always be ‘candy’ to me.
    I am enjoying using the emu oil. I am adding it to the moisturizing cream I make. I have very dry skin so I have experimented with different oils to see what works best for me. I reckon my skin drinks moisturizer, then asks for more a few minutes later. By adding Jojoba and emu oil to my recipe, it provides a longer lasting moisturizing quality that I need.
    I am also using the emu oil on my husband’s leg. He has a Baker’s Cyst which forms behind the knee and causes pain and stiffness in the knee. Our doctor recommended anti-flamme cream to rub on the area where the cyst is and paracetamol for the pain. That didn’t have much effect.
    A few weeks later I received an email that talked about the uses and benefits of emu oil and decided to give it a try. When we went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago, he said the cyst was a quarter of its size. My husband’s knee still hurts, but the pain has diminished somewhat. So the emu oil seems to have had a beneficial effect.
    Thank you for your great products.

  26. Your Emu oil is great, my hip pain & arthritis pain has been reduced by 80% & this was after just a few days of use. I will be ordering more before I run out. I have told many people about it, I know at least one so far will be phoning for some. It arrived here in 5 days, picked it up at the post office, how easy is that & I can move easier & with less pain. I am waiting for a hip replacement, so my continued wait on the list at hospital has made life a lot better for me . Thank U. June @ Redcliffe. QLD

  27. I use it for muscular aches etc. Seems to help.
    I like to support our Aussie small businesses and found your product was helpful. Love the suggested recipes for glass cleaner etc. Thanks for lots of ideas for use of your products.

  28. I live in Alice Springs and my skin is ultra dry. Emu oil keeps my skin in excellent condition. It is also brilliant at healing scratches etc. While I really like the healing qualities of Emu oil the honey is also something worth getting as well.

  29. Recommended for severely inflamed tummy, serious diahroea. It helps, but it has also shrunk my skin cancers, I’m extremely happy. I’m very happy with the product, and very happy with the service. It arrives promptly once ordered.

  30. The emu oil hand cream is very good. I have tried many creams to hydrate my dry hands and none work as well as the emu oil.

  31. My favourite product is the high quality Emu oil with its many health benefits. The outstanding quality of the products match the unbeatable customer service of this small family farm. I am grateful to have found them!

  32. I have purchased a variety of products over the years and the EMU oil is the only thing that has ever worked to relieve my mother’s neuropathy! Thank you!!

  33. Love your face creme, the one with neroli et al. It’s light enough, and feels great on the skin. Very happy to have source for Emu oil, as well as reasonably-sized bottle for clove oil — which I use as base for cleaning spray.

  34. The Emu Oil. It’s all but cured my husbands tennis elbow which was quite bad and it keeps eczema that he has under control. I’m currently using it on my face after having swelling and blisters from a treatment for sun spots on my entire face. My skin has healed so very quickly, it’s been amazing to witness! We’ve already recommended it to family as we super love this oil!

  35. Just had a shoulder reconstruction so lot of pain and stiffness to deal with. Emu Oil has given such relief, even my surgeon encouraged me saying he had heard this many times.YES it works.

  36. I had read some really good reviews about emu oil for oral use and also as a body moisturiser, as I have recently had a major surgery I’m hoping that it will be really good on my scar I have only been using it for 2 weeks easy to take orally have it first thing in the morning with a bit of orange juice and after a shower I put it on my face and rub into my body feels really really nice. Love the fact that it is pure there is no additives .

  37. My husband has found the emu oil successful in reducing the pain in his knees. Information and courtesy received when phone ordering was most helpful and with success of the product will continue to purchase direct from your company.

  38. My husband uses Emu oil as it helps with a condition that he has in his wrist. Very helpful and caring staff who give of their best with every order. These are delivered well packed and as quick as the mail service will let them be!

  39. We bought a bottle of Emu Oil from your store in Kingscote during our holidays last December. We loved the product very much as it is very effective in treating psoriasis and eczema.

  40. I found out years ago about the benefits from Emu Oil from a business friend who was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. The Doctors were so intrigued by her remarkable recovery they asked what she was doing. Taking copious amounts of emu oil both internally and externally with physiotherapy. She told me they were going to do trials with other patients to see if it could help them also.

    She also told me that there was some research being done on mouth ulcers and cancers. I have Lichen Complanus in my mouth which can be very sore at times. I was told by my dentist that there was nothing that could be done for this, so I decided to try Emu Oil. I used this three times a day for months. I have to tell you, the dentist wanted to know what I had done to clear this up. So I told him: EMU OIL.

    I have been free from this for years, but unfortunately it is back again. For the last week I have been back on the Emu Oil and one side of my mouth has improved greatly. Hoping it wont be long before I have a positive recovery again, thanks to Emu Oil.

    One other thing. While my youngest granddaughter was staying with us a few weeks ago I noticed she had Impetigo around her mouth. I put Emu Oil on it which soothed it for her. Every day she asked me if she could have some more put on around her lips as it stopped it from hurting. Within a week it had almost disappeared. Thank you again Emu Oil!!!

  41. The website was easy to navigate, the product was despatched quickly and the product was as advertised. I have been using the Emu Oil for a couple of weeks so far and it appears to be a good product.

  42. Lors de mon voyage en 2012, je suis venue chez vous avec notre groupe.j’avais ramené de l’huile de massage et ne pensait pas en retrouver. Voilà chose faite.
    Très bon produit et la vente en ligne est super facile. La livraison a été rapide quand je pense que je suis en France, à peine une semaine, le top. Produit super bien emballé.
    Merci et je recommande vivement le site mais surtout de visiter votre fabrique artisanale familiale.

  43. I bought Emu oil when visiting and applied to an egg-sized bruise. The bruise completely disappeared after a week which usually take many weeks. I have also been using it on my husbands psoriasis. Thank you.

  44. I visited Emu Ridge on a tour and bought a little container of emu oil. I used it on my dermatitis (arms and legs) and any inflammation. I love it and had to buy a huge bottle online because I ran out so quickly. The online ordering was easy and I received my oil the next day! Great service.

  45. My mother is now using your product for her arthritis and finds it easy to use from your 500 ml pump pack, and is extremely happy with its results

  46. Shortly following a recent delivery of a litre of emu oil and a bottle of eucalyptus, I strained a muscle in my back. Pain and spasm followed. I began taking three teaspoons of oil per day and massaging the sore area with an emu oil and eucalyptus liniment. I also chose bed rest and within within two days could straighten my spine and walk without pain. What a fabulous anti inflammatory – I took no other!
    I also made a gift of liniment to a neighbour who has a broken arm, suggesting that it might be useful in reducing her hand pain. She noticed improvement immediately.
    Another friend had a medically induced burn on his hand which was slow to heal. One application of emu oil made a huge difference and he happily went home with a small sample.
    Robyn (70 years.)

  47. I like the emu oil as it is 100% pure and the reason I bought from you in the first place. Since then everything else has been excellent.

  48. Absolutely love it. It has helped me so much with a skin rash when the doctor couldn’t. I keep it near my computer and use it on my dry hands as well. Wish I got a bigger bottle.

  49. I have been using the hand cream containing emu oil for about the last 3 years after purchasing some when we visited on a tour. Before that I used a well-known skin-repair cream but still frequently suffered with cracked skin on my fingers, especially in winter. Since using the emu oil cream, I have not had a single crack on my fingers. It also soaks in well – the other one I used would be slimy when next I washed my hands, but not the emu oil one. I couldn’t believe it – it is a fantastic product.
    I was also searching for a face cream without SPF, so tried the Emu Ridge one and have been more than happy with it, plus it is much less expensive than the product I used previously.

    • Hi Joy, thanks so much for taking the time to let us and our customers know what you think about our products, we really appreciate it. Thanks regards Bev

  50. Ive only bought the Emu oil to ingest and put on my skin which is a beautiful moisturizer. ..not too oily. The benefits of ingesting it will no doubt benefit me in the long run.

  51. I have been using emu ridge pure emu oil for at least 10 years. The product is my daily moisturiser for my face and hands. I am proud to say that people comment on how young my skin looks. Comments like you don’t have any wrinkles, I am 66 and it’s great for the ego when people think you are in your 50s because your skin looks so good. Pure emu oil is the only thing I use on my face.

  52. I tried your facial repair and hand cream while visiting your facility. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with both of them. Especially the hand cream. Even after washing floor with ammonia and water my hands were still soft and the cuticles were no longer dry and cracking. I had my friends try it upon return to US and promptly put in an order for 5 of us. Quick service and Bev was great in helping me fill my order. Very pleased.

  53. Hi Bill thanks we really appreciate your testimony, it will certainly help we have other customers say that is has removed age spots, goodluck 🙂 regards Bev

  54. Thanks Susan that is fantastic to hear and thanks for letting us know Im sure this will be very helpful to others. Regards Bev

  55. A lovely friend of mine seeing my twisted rigid neck (terminal cancer tumours) thought some Emu oil might just soften the skin and give me some relief. She slathered her sample bottle over my lumps and bumps and whilst we chatted she noticed I was turning my head to talk to her.
    Before long I was nodding, like and Emu? And feeling much more comfortable. Since then I have finished her oil that she bought while on holidays on Kangaroo Island and I have ordered more. My oncologist said go right ahead as this oil is anti-inflammatory so out of some grim times there are some lovely little moments of joy for which I thank Emu Ridge and the poor emus.

  56. My husband has a terrible allergic reaction to Salvation Jane, if just goes near it he’ll get a rash. We had tired everything but nothing would relieve the itch and irritation until he tried emu oil and to our disbelief the annoying irritation and itch went away! We swear by emu oil it is fantastic for so many things and order in regularly online from Emu Ridge.

  57. My husband and I love Emu Oil from Emu Ridge. We have horses and rub Emu Oil on their hooves a day before cutting them. This makes them nice and soft and easy to cut, just like butter! We also rub it on their hooves to stop cracking and on the pump (frog) of the hoof, this helps the blood circulate in their hooves and legs better.
    An older horse we had for years used to have huge trouble walking around it looked so painful, he had arthritis in his legs. We wondered if the emu oil would help, after all it is used on humans for arthritis. It made a huge difference, in only a few hours I could tell he felt less pain as he was walking much freeer.

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