Good Ol’ Aussie Damper


Good Ol’ Aussie Damper

A great day for a batch of Damper today. For our international friends Damper is the traditional bush bread of Australia.
In colonial Australia, stockmen developed the technique of making damper out of necessity. Often away from home for weeks, with just a camp fire to cook on and only sacks of flour as provisions, a basic staple bread evolved. It was originally made with flour and water and a good pinch of salt, kneaded, shaped into a round, and baked in the ashes of the campfire or open fireplace. It was eaten with pieces of fried dried meat, sometimes spread with golden syrup, but always with billy tea or maybe a swig of rum.

Here at Emu Ridge, we love doing things the old Aussie way, we even make our Eucalyptus Oil the same way they did 100 years ago! Why change something that works so well! It’s important to keep those traditions alive, it makes up our history and we are very proud to tell our visitors about our history.

So, if you find yourself camping on Kangaroo Island, give the Damper a go.

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